Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie – What’s Most Effective Against Mosquitoes?

With tons of mosquito-busting products available in Australia, we often feel confused that what’s the most effective against these bugs and flying insects?

To keep yourself bite-free, nothing is more effective than using powerful bug zapping devices like Buzz B Gone and Ozzi Mozzie which are the current favorites in the market.

These insect killers can efficiently kill all the bugs, mosquitoes, and flying insects from your premises. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night in your bedroom, or just camping with friends under trees, these bug zapping devices can help you in all circumstances.

However, the point is, which is a more effective device that can instantly kill insects without having to pay exorbitant money? Let’s find out everything in detail in this Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie comparison.

Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie – Comparison Table:

Buzz B Gone or Ozzie Mozzie? Let’s find out what’s the best choice in this Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie comparison.

Product Features

Buzz B Gone

Ozzi Mozzie

UV light






Fast and effective



For Outdoors & indoors



Compact and portable




3-6 hours

14 hours

Noiseless and odorless



Mess-free solution



Reputable brand



What is Buzz B Gone?

Buzz B Gone is currently the favorite bug zapping device in Australia due to tons of amazing reasons. It is a small, lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly solution for campers. It’s not only effective indoors but equally beneficial outdoors.

Above all, it features high-quality UV technology that instantly lures insects and kills them on the spot. Once dead, they get collected in the holding container which can be emptied for the next use. It’s incredibly energy efficient and a versatile solution that can be used as a lamp as well as a mosquito repellant.

What is Buzz B Gone

What’s Special About Buzz B Gone?

There are lots of things that make Buzz B Gone very special among other devices:

  • Rechargeable Device:

It is a compact and rechargeable device that delivers excellent performance after a few hours charged. You can use it for 3-4 hours without any hassle.

  • Best for indoors and outdoors:

Whether you want to kill insects inside your home or remove them from your garden or backyard, it is best for every place.

  • Kills 10x More Mosquitoes:

Due to its high-quality UV technology, it can kill insects 10x better than other devices available out there.

  • Simple to use:

Buzz BGone is very easy to use. You can plug it into the electrical outlet and then use it for hours once it shows a green light.

  • Hangable:

The device comes with a hook at the top. This means you can either hang it on the wall or place it on the table.

features of buzz b gone

How Does Buzz B Gone Work?

Buzz B Gone features an innovative UV light technology that is designed to kill insects instantly.

When you plug this device into an electrical outlet, it will emit calming purple light. Now, this light will look like a source of food to mosquitoes, and they will immediately get attracted to it. Once they come close, the high-powered electric grid zaps and kills them on the spot.

Once they are killed, the mosquitoes will be collected in the holding container. This makes it a mess-free solution, free from all noises and odors.

How Does Buzz B Gone Work

Pros and Cons of Buzz B Gone:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • The battery runs for 3-4 hours
  • Works efficiently
  • Reliable and safe
  • Natural approach
  • No harmful chemicals involve
  • Affordable for all
  • Recommended by thousands of customers
  • Sometimes its light causes irritation
  • Limited availability in stock

What is Ozzi Mozzie?

Before the mosquitoes get the chance to attack and bite you, Ozzi Mozzie kills them efficiently without using any chemicals or pesticides. Yes, Ozzi Mozzie also operates on a bright LED light. It features an advanced and patented flash beam technology that protects you against pesky mosquito bites.

The best thing about Ozzi Mozzie is, that it can run continuously for 14 hours. To get the most out of it, make sure you charge it fully before using it.

What is Ozzi Mozzie

What’s Special About Ozzi Mozzie?

Learn what makes the device special in this Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie review.

  • Advanced Technology:

The manufacturers implemented a strong flash beam technology in the device that attracts insects instantly.

  • 14 hours of Battery;

Its battery runs for long hours. You can use the device for 14 hours after fully charged.

  • Rechargeable and portable:

It comes with a powerful micro-cable that charges the device and makes it effective for killing insects.

  • Whisper-quiet:

It doesn’t create any noise. This means you can use it in the nighttime for peaceful sleep without any buzzing around.

  • Protective Cover:

Ozzi Mozzie comes with a protective cover. This makes it a safe device even for kids and pets.

What’s Special About Ozzi Mozzie

How Does Ozzi Mozzie Work?

Ozzi Mozzie is a pretty straightforward device.

  • First, you need to charge it with a micro cable. While charging it will show a red light, and after fully charging, you will see a bright green light.
  • Press the button on the device and hear a “click” sound. The LEDs will turn on immediately.
  • Leave it operating for 2-3 hours for best results. And enjoy a mosquito-free environment.

How Does Ozzi Mozzie Work

Pros and Cons of Ozzi Mozzie:

  • Wide coverage
  • Patented flash beam
  • 14 hours battery
  • Safe for all
  • Effective results
  • A bit expensive
  • Not a renowned brand
  • Not many satisfied review
  • Not kills all the flying insects

Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie – Let’s Differentiate:

It’s time to spot little differences between the two products in this Buzz B Gone vs Ozzi Mozzie comparison.

  • Ozzi Mozzie features a very advanced patented technology that kills insects instantly.
  • Buzz B Gone comprises a high-quality UV light technology that kills mosquitoes by 10x
  • Buzz B Gone kills all the insects quickly including gnats, wasps, moths, and mosquitoes. However, the Ozzi Mozzie is only best for mosquitoes.
  • Another major difference is, that Buzz B Gone features a 600-v power. While Ozzi Mozzie features no such thing.
  • Ozzie Mozzie is a bit new so most people do not trust the device much. However, Buzz B Gone is a renowned brand and has tons of positive customer reviews.

Your Pick?

By now, you may have decided what device you want to purchase and what’s more effective in killing deadly mosquitoes. According to customer reviews and experiences, many people believe Buzz B Gone is an excellent device. However, Ozzi Mozzie features exceptional customer service. Despite its long battery hours, many users still have not witnessed desired results.

If you want to get long-term relief from insects, Buzz B Gone is a trusted choice. Moreover, it’s also available with 50% discounts on the official website. So if you want to make a reasonable purchase with money-back guarantees, you have good reason to buy Buzz B Gone.