Hootie Review – Top Safety Alarm for Defense? Must Read Before Buying

As much as you want to believe that you are living in a safe world and nobody could harm you. But the moment you step your feet outside, there is a danger lurking around you. Carrying a handgun or other protection tools like pepper sprays may work well, but they are not comfortable to carry for everyone.

Therefore, you need to arm yourself with some portable self-defense tool, which serves as an alert that can be used in an emergency. Hootie is one of those tools that recently grabbed everyone’s attention due to its features and qualities.

I heard from many friends that it is remarkable and best for women. Especially when you are heading out alone somewhere, it could be the best protective companion and make you feel more confident.

Since I am quite skeptical about trying new things, I thought to give it a try first. And here are the results!!!

What is Hootie?

Hootie is a personal safety alarm device that is approximately the size of your car key.

It has tons of good features that can deter harassers and attackers and alert other people that there is an emergency situation around them. The device is best to use when you are going to some remote area or hiking. You can even take it to work if you are working in a male dominant or insecure environment.

You can hold this small device in your hands, clip it into your hoodie or attach it to your keys. The product is available with a carabiner that you can clip onto almost anything. It is small and light enough to so you can carry it easily & comfortably.

How Does it Work?

Hootie is a small device that a person can carry anywhere he goes. Its design and construction are very unique and easy to operate. It features a pull pin on the top. Once you pull it, the device will emit an alarm sound which is quite loud enough for people who present within the range of a 100-foot radius. When you make it 130db (which is as loud as a jet engine), it won’t be possible for anyone to miss this sound.

The device will start flashing a bright light at the center area and people can easily notice where you are and what’s going on with you!

The Hootie safety tool works as an SOS sign which becomes visible whether you are alone in some forest or have been harassed in the middle of the crowd. Its alarm and loud sound will continue to buzz for 30-40 minutes, and this is probably ample time to get help.

People also purchase clips that can be attached to the device they are currently using. You can either attach it to your purse, belt loop, keys, or anything you carry while you walk outside.

how does hootie work

What Makes Hootie a Better Device to Carry?

According to WHO, 1 in 3 women becomes a victim of harassment, molestation, and sexual violence. Other devices and tools are also dangerous to carry as you are not prepared to use them effectively.

Hootie is the only non-violent self-defense product that can be used by everyone and everywhere. If you don’t use self-defense tools correctly, they become your own enemy and might kill you. But luckily, Hootie is different from all such dangerous tools.

You don’t need any special permits before carrying it as well as it doesn’t require any special kind of training. The device is small, easy to use, discreet, and also TSA compliant which means you can carry it anywhere and activate it within seconds.

What Makes Hootie a Better Device

Features and Benefits of Hootie:

If you are planning to buy the product, it’s extremely important to know all its features and benefits so you could buy and use it with more confidence.

  • Features ear-splitting alarm with a noise of around 130 DB- sound.
  • Hootie comes with a highly powerful strobe light that instantly lights up when uncapping the trigger
  • The device is not water-proof, but it’s fully sweat-proof. You can carry it while jogging and it won’t sweat.
  • Hootie comes with a great long-term battery. With the alarm and light both on, it still works for 40 minutes without any hassle.
  • It has excellent design and construction as it’s made out of military-grade plastic which is impossible to break or damage.
  • It makes women feel comfortable and secure. They can go anywhere without any fear.
  • It is also available in different amazing colors such as red, white, green, blue, black, and others.

features of hootie

Notable Technical Specs of this Safety Alarm Tool:

There are some important technical specs associated with this safety alarm tool. Make sure you consider them carefully before buying.

  • Rechargeable battery= It uses 2 CR2032 batteries with a 1-year guarantee
  • Activation? = Pull its pin and siren sound will be activated
  • Lightweight and portable= Simple and easy to carry with keys, belt loops, or anything.
  • Dimensions=94 inches tall. 1.18 inches wide. 0.59 inches thick.

Pros and Cons of Hootie:

Some of the essential pros and cons of Hootie are highlighted as well so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not.



No chances of accidental injury

No low-battery alert system

TSA compliant


Requires no special permit


Easy to hide from attackers




Affordable and reliable


Long-term charging


User-friendly, simple mechanism


Wide Scope of Application:

Hootie is a specifically designed self-defense tool that gives an added layer of security whenever you go. It is ideal for different situations, especially:

  • When you plan a night out with friends
  • Go out for walking or jogging
  • If you are an avid hiker
  • Love going to remote locations
  • Strolling around your neighborhood
  • Working in a male-dominant environment
  • College students who have to walk back late at night

Situations When You Need Hootie

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I still need to carry Hootie if I already have pepper sprays?

Yes, Hootie is more effective than pepper spray or any other device. It helps attract people and scare off your attackers when the light and sound are fully on.

  1. Is it really a scam?

No, it doesn’t. Hootie is TSA compliant which means it’s fully secure and legit to use. It has already saved thousands of women from violence and harassment. This makes it a reliable, fast, and effective device for self-defense.

  1. Can it go off accidentally sometimes?

No. it requires two pounds of force for pulling the cap. This means you can easily carry it in your purse or attach it with your inner as it won’t go off with a simple pull.

  1. Can I use it if I am on a commute?

Of course. You can use it anywhere and anytime. It will make you feel more confident and secure.

  1. What is the price of this product?

It’s available in different deals and quantities. You can buy 1 for $29.99. but when you buy two, you will get 1 free for $19.99. Its price gets lowers when you buy two and get 1 free, for only $17.99. however, it further gets lower when you buy 4 and get 4 free at $14.99. Make sure you buy it from the official website to enjoy these amazing discounts.


Buying Hootie is a safe choice. It guarantees 100% security with its easy-to-use features and offers tons of benefits. Many people have already saved themselves from the outside attackers in different situations.

So, I think, once you will take it out with you, you won’t go without carrying it anywhere!

Moreover, the product is also backed with a 30-day guarantee period. Just take your time to test it carefully and decide whether you need it or not!