SmartDot Review – Is that Small Anti-Radiation Sticker Worth Buying?

Unlike the old good days, we all have become so much dependent on technology which mainly includes smartphones, tablets, TV, Wi-fi, and many more. These devices are always with us no matter where we go especially our smartphones.

We often buy them to make our life simpler, and surely all of them fulfill their purpose so well. But of course, we shouldn’t forget the fact that increased use of these gadgets is also harmful in one or another way. How?

These smart gadgets operate on electromagnetic radiation which is not visible to the naked eye. These short-wavelength radiations are harmful to the human body and cause lots of medical problems which even including cancer.

Unluckily, we cannot control the use of technology as they are making our life easier both at home and at work. But what we can do the least is, control the harmful radiations emitting from these gadgets. To combat the challenge, I decided to use a gadget called SmartDot- after reading so many positive reviews.

The gadget claims to protect us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. But does it really helpful? What are its features? And how does it work? Let’s read everything in my detailed and unbiased review.

What Exactly is SmartDot?

SmartDot is the most innovative and useful gadget designed to return and absorb EMFs’ exposure so you can keep your body healthy and free from all the rays. The technology has been invented for the purpose of returning non-harmful electromagnetic frequencies to your body when you are exposed to any gadget such as a tablet, Wi-fi, or phone. It simply retunes EMF as well as relieves all the major symptoms of electro-stress.

The device features a small magnetic adhesive component that sticks at the back of your phone or any gadget.

SmartDot can smartly entrain EMFs which helps change the protection level by neutralizing all the harmful frequencies. According to users, this is the only electronic device available out there that has been created intelligently to return EMFs. The excellent feature of this powerful gadget is, it operates without electricity or battery.

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How to Use the Gadget?

EMFs emitting from your gadgets is something not known by many users.

We are all clinging to technology without realizing any adverse effects it can make on our bodies. But thankfully, we can leverage the benefits of this latest gadget that repels and sanitizes all the dangerous radiations.

For using the gadget, all you need to do is peel its paper covering and then stick it to any wireless device or even to the compartment of the battery.

Select one device that you think is causing much more discomfort and electro-stress. You may feel difficulty in diagnosing which device is the main culprit as EMF radiations travel very far. Some of the common culprit devices could be your smartphone, gaming consoles, or Wi-Fi routers.

Once you decide on the gadget, attach this small techno patch at the back of the device. Though there is no specific way or place to attach the gadget, you can stick it anywhere especially if you are using the laptop.

How Does it Work?

Wondering how the small sticker protects you from tons of harmful EMFs? Well, have a look at its steps and find out how it works for your safety.

  • First, you need to unpack the product and take it out.
  • After that, carefully remove the protective film from your sticker.
  • Choose the device on which you want to stick it for reducing the emission of harmful waves.
  • As soon as you stick it to the device, it will start working

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Technical Specs of SmartDot:

Have a look at some technical specs of the SmartDot gadget:

  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Weighs: 1 Gram
  • Materials: Magnetic sheeting, Acrylic Vinyl
  • Colors available: White and orange

Some Key Features of this Intelligent EMF Sticker:

Several features make this device an intelligent addition to your home which serves as an excellent electromagnetic protector.

  • Compatible with all Gadgets: Whether you want to use the sticker on your phone, laptop, TV, or Wi-fi, it is perfectly compatible with all the gadgets.
  • Lightweight and small: It is lightweight, small, and self-contained. You have to worry about it after attaching it to any device. You don’t need to handle it again.
  • Made of non-toxic Materials: The manufacturers have implemented quantum technology in the device that acts as a harmonizer and provides protection against EMFs.
  • Most Effective Magnetic Safety: SmartDot gadget offers the most effective magnetic safety which reduces all the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Thousands of customers have used the product and rated it 5-stars.

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Pros and Cons of SmartDot:

Before buying the product, make sure you read its pros and cons carefully.



Works with every device

Not scientifically proven

100% safe, no side effects


No charging or electricity required


Gives non-stop performance


Easy to use




Where Can I Buy the SmartDot Gadget?

If you want to buy the original product with amazing discounts, then make sure you buy it from the official website of SmartDot where you can first read different reviews from real customers and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the SmartDot gadget safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use as it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals so you can use it easily without any worries of side effects.

  1. Why Should I invest in SmartDot?

SmartDot is a convenient gadget that provides complete safety from EMFs. It features universal compatibility, relieves electro-stress symptoms, and is also recommended by thousands of customers- which makes it a sound investment for all.

  1. Can I move the sticker from one device to another?

Well, it is not recommended in the first place because the glue of the SmartDot sticker is very firm. If you will try to remove it, there are chances of damage. However, if you want to do it once, make sure you don’t damage the adhesiveness of the sticker.

  1. Where should I stick the SmartDot gadget?

You can stick it to the different places. If you are using it on a phone, place it at the back of your device. If you are using it on the laptop, then add it to its display. However, if you are using it on the router, choose its upper part.

  1. Who are the manufacturers of the product?

The manufacturers are the EnergyDots company located in the USA, who have done lots of research for the development of this product.


With tremendous growth and development in technology, we are getting more exposed to EMFs emitted from gadgets that we use every day. So, if you want to increase the quality of life by being healthy and protected from harmful waves, then SmartDot is probably the best solution invented so far that alleviates electro-stress symptoms and keeps your mind and body at ease.