Dodow vs Hatch – What’s the Best Sleeping Aid Gadget?

We all need peaceful and comfortable sleep to conserve energy and restore the brain’s power. It’s something we all do naturally without having to practice. Now imagine how many problems can arise all at once when you don’t get enough sleep after a long tiring day?

Whether you are experiencing insomnia or just stressed about general life problems, you need to give your mind a rest by completing 8 hours of sleep. No, it isn’t impossible today in the world of gadgets where every day we see new devices evolving in the market and making incredible changes in people’s lives.

You might be wondering how can some gadget or device help sleep every night? Well, that’s true. There are lots of sleep-aiding devices that can help fall asleep within minutes without having to put an effort. Two of the most popular devices are Dodow and Hatch. These sleeping aid gadgets have become an essential need of many people in Australia as they are getting peaceful sleep using these gadgets every single night.

However, the problem is, that many people couldn’t figure out the right device. Some people choose Dodow, while some people trust the effectiveness of Hatch. But don’t worry, today I am going to highlight some key differences in this Dodow vs Hatch review so you can decide which works best for you.

What is Dodow?

Brimming with efficiency, promise, and potential, Dodow is the most effective sleeping aid gadget in Australia that features two sleeping modes and helps 800,000 people fall asleep every day.

If you take 50-60 minutes in falling asleep, you will only take 20-25 minutes with Dodow as it naturally restores your sleeping pattern through a pulsating blue light that hits your ceiling and stabilizes your breathing pattern.

It’s a light metronome device that helps people dealing with insomnia or other sleeping difficulties by blocking out all the overactive thought patterns and offering comfortable, deep, and peaceful sleep within minutes.

What is Dodow

How Does Dodow Work?

Using this product is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to put in an extra degree of effort. Follow these steps and learn how does it work, and how to use Dodow?

  • Place the gadget close to your head, ideally at your bedside.
  • Choose from an eight- or twenty-minute sleeping cycle. Press one for the eight-minute cycle, and twice for a twenty-minute cycle.
  • Dodow will project a blue light onto your ceiling. Breathe in and out by following the slowly growing blue light. As the cycle begins, the light will move slowly and become a small dot. Your mind will be focused on the light and will relax from all distractions.
  • You will feel that you wake up fresh and more energized after a peaceful sleep.

how does dodow work

Features of Dodow:

Some noteworthy features of Dodow are:

  • It is a portable, compact, and safe device for every age
  • A good travel-friendly solution, you can keep in your purse.
  • Soft touch-sensitive surface
  • Remove stress, restlessness, chronic insomnia, and other issues with continuous use.
  • Fast, effective, and result-oriented solution
  • Made from safe materials, free from chemicals.

Features of Dodow

Pros and Cons of Dodow:



Easy to use

Only available on the official website

Affordable and reliable

Stock runs out quickly

Comes with two sleeping modes


Helps fall asleep quickly


Offers peaceful and long sleep


Non-intrusive blue light


Best for adults and children


Portable and durable


What is Hatch?

Hatch is another trustable brand in Australia that is popular for inventing different gadgets including sleeping aid devices. After the popularity of Hatch, they worked on the same technology Hatch Rest+, which is particularly for kids who can’t sleep early at night.

Hatch Rest+ is a three-in-one device designed specifically for kids and babies that help them sleep in a fun way. It features 11 soothing sounds, customizable night lamp, and different sleep programs that help your kid sleep peacefully and quickly. The device operates on different fun colors that help your kids learn about the right time to sleep. By using this excellent device, you can easily setup a sleeping routine for your babies and kids.

With its dimmable clock, mums can easily monitor feeding and waking time of kids that can also be adjusted according to your desired brightness level.

What is Hatch

How Does Hatch Work?

With Hatch, your kid can enjoy a perfectly customized sleep routine using your smartphone. You can have plenty of elements to choose from. For example, a wind-down, a reading light, a fall asleep routine, and a fall back to sleep routine in case you wake up in the middle of the night and then revert to your previous routine.

Hatch Rest+ helps you create a mesmerizing sleep environment for your kid. With a combination of 11 customized sounds, 10 attractive colors, and light intensity can make your kid sleep peacefully for hours and hours.

White noise, lullabies, rain, birds, and wind are some of the current favorite themes of Hatch users.

How Does Hatch Work

Features of Hatch:

  • Make your kids fall asleep better and faster
  • Offer deep sleep, and wake up fresh
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Night life settings for peaceful sleep
  • Work as a lamp and sound machine
  • Time to rise system
  • Audio monitor
  • Beautiful clock
  • Control with Alexa
  • Develop a better-customized sleep routine.

hatch features

Pros and Cons of Hatch:



Multifunctional device

Bugs in the device

Easy to use and safe

Reliant on app and internet


A bit difficult to operate

Flexibility to add multiple users


White noise feature


Nice looking clock


Customizable nightlight


Controlled with voice


8 hours battery time


Some Similarities Found in Dodow and Hatch:

Some common similarities between Dodow and Hatch are:

  • Both are used for optimized and better sleep
  • Both devices have touch-sensitive surfaces

Key Differences Between Dodow and Hatch:

  • Hatch features a range of programs for kids other than improving sleeping routine. However, Dodow only features a two-mode sleeping cycle, an eight-minute, and a twenty-minute cycle.
  • Hatch Rest+ works best for kids and babies. While Dodow is perfect for both kids and adults.
  • Dodow is a very easy-to-use device. Even kids can operate, whereas Hatch is a bit difficult. It has very complicated instructions and procedures.
  • Dodow relaxes your mind and body and also stabilizes your breathing pattern. But Hatch only relaxes kid’s mind and help him sleep timely.
  • Hatch Rest+ looks like a simple lamp. But Dodow has a circular shape that resembles much with a donut.

Dodow vs Hatch – What’s Your Pick?

Sleeping aid devices help people sleep peacefully and remove all the overactive thought patterns, stress, and worries. However, when it comes to choosing the best sleeping aid gadget, many people trust Dodow more than Hatch sleeping aid. The reason is, that Dodow is a more reliable and proven choice. It can be used for both kids and adults. Its soft, calming, and pulsating blue light calms breathing and relaxes your mind and body. However, Hatch Rest+ is only perfect for kids.

With its two sleeping modes, you can enjoy a restless and peaceful sleep faster as compared to fun yet confusing patterns of Hatch.

So, if you are looking for a sleeping aid gadget for yourself or kids that let them sleep without distracting them, I would recommend you to go for Dodow. But if you want to make your kids bedtime more enjoyable along with good sleep, it’s better to go for Hatch sleeping aid.