XY Find It Review – Lost and Not Found? Maybe This Simple Device Can Help

Misplacing your valuable items is always a frustrating experience. Sometimes you have time and energy to find them, but sometimes when you are in rush, it’s very stressful to look everywhere.

So, I believe in today’s fast-paced era, nobody has enough time to find their valuables. Personally, misplacing my things has always been an issue for me and makes me so annoyed.

To put a permanent end to this irritable situation, I thought to use a small Bluetooth device called XY Find It that is quite popular today among customers. After falling for all the gimmick devices that aim to track your misplaced items, I found this newest device quite useful. When I first used it, I was surprised by its applications and capabilities; which is why I decided to make it a permanent part of my life.

If you also get frustrated about your precious items being misplaced every time you need them, this small and portable device can make your life easier.

Let’s find out some incredible details in this review and know how does it work.

What is XY Find It?

XY Find It is a small, portable, and hexagonal-shaped Bluetooth-powered tracking device that can be attached to tons of items that are more likely to misplace. This tracking device comes with a lot of amazing features and specs. So, if you generally lost your items at home or work, then this tracking device can help locate them easily as it features track-able signals and sounds.

This incredible device works on the old concept of finding items with the help of sounds using Bluetooth technology, wireless internet, and smartphones. When you visit its official website, you will find out that manufacturers have mentioned different ways to use XY Find It. Whether you want to attach it to your computer, wallet, handbag, pets, camera, keys, or anything else.

The device is available in 5 beautiful colors such as silver, blue, black, red, and purple. This small item looks like a coined, and quite smallest enough to fit it in your bags.

what is xyfind it

So, How Can You Find Your Lost Items with XY Find It?

That’s one of the most commonly asked questions by interested users. They wonder how this small device works and help find valuable items that are misplaced.

Well, using XY Find It is very easy. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps to understand it better:

  • First, you need to attach it to the item you don’t want to lose
  • Install its official mobile app from an app store, or for the play store.
  • Create your account
  • Set the Bluetooth of your phone
  • Pair the XY Find IT, tracker, to your Bluetooth
  • Name your tagged item, and you are done!

So, if you have just lost your keys, just open the app and press “Find”. Your keys will instantly start beeping and create an audible noise. By following their sound, you can easily reach out to them. However, if they are somewhere very far, you can use the tracking signals to get them back.

how to find items with xyfind

Benefits that You Would Love to Discover:

XY Find It device comes with a lot of impeccable benefits that would further want you to use it. So, whether you are at home or work, you can find all your lost items within seconds. Have a look at some more interesting benefits:

  • The product comes with four hints. Far, Very Far, Very Near, and Here. Now between each range, you will find a difference of 10 feet so you could easily locate the distance of your misplaced item.
  • Comes with a range of more than 300 feet
  • Water-resistant, effective, and durable
  • Available with free app
  • Shows two-way performance
  • Available in different colors
  • Small, portable, lightweight, and very efficient

Important Features Associated with XY Find It:

Now after discussing its benefits and functionality, I will give you an idea about its plenty of amazing features so you could buy it more confidently:

  • Flexible: You can use this product for finding anything you have misplaced. Your keys, car, bike, wallet, purse, pets, or anything is findable with this device.
  • Best Accessory: If you love the idea of decorating things like your handbag with this device, you can simply choose it in various colors that complement the item.
  • Convenient: Probably this is the most important selling point of XY Find It. The device is very convenient to use. It allows you to keep items closer by sampling installing the app and connecting it with the item you lose.
  • Find Phone: This amazing product doesn’t only work for small items like keys, but it is equally beneficial in finding your smartphone. Tap the button on your tracking device, and your phone will simply emit a buzzing sound so that you can find it.

features of xyfindit

Pros and Cons of XY Find It:

Before you decide to buy it, do not forget to check some preliminary pros and cons:



Easy setup and simple to use

The tag is thick to fit into your wallet

Lightweight and small

Phone finding tune may not work

Loud enough tune to be heard

if your phone is on silent

Changeable battery


Affordable and reliable


Works on almost every gadget


Where to Buy it?

It’s recommended to buy the product from the manufacturer’s website which offers attractive discounts and deals on each purchase. Moreover, they also offer bulk products available with money-back guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does the gadget work?

The XY Find It gadget works with advanced Bluetooth technology to locate all your valuables. If the item you are looking for is located within 300 feet, then its app will make the item beep which you can follow easily and find out your misplaced belongings.

  1. What makes the product unique?

It delivers 100% guaranteed results, is easy to use, small, lightweight, portable, and available with money-back guarantees. It is also quite affordable than other similar products in the market.

  1. What misplaced items can I find with this product?

You can find almost anything. Whether you have lost your handbag, keys, phone, car, or even pets, the product is designed for finding every item that you think has more chances to misplace.

  1. What about its battery? Do I need to change it every month?

No, you don’t need to change it more often as its battery lasts 5 years. You can easily replace it without any professional assistance.

Should You Buy it?

You don’t need to worry about misplacing your items anymore. Whether it’s your cat, handbag, car keys, or even bike, you can find anything easily with the help of XY Find It. Since 1 million devices have already been sold and shipped, thousands of customers trust the reliability of this item. So, yes, reliable, affordable, and you should buy it now to make your life easier!