Woobles Crochet Kit Review – Is It Worth Buying?

This year I decided to limit my screen time and focus on some healthy and creative activities that help me explore new horizons. So, I tried my luck out in arts and crafts. After a couple of days, I realized, it’s an extremely fun and entertaining activity to do.

However, I felt difficulties at the start because I was never involved in any art activity before. But believe me, once I started to learn, I discovered a lot of my hidden talents. Crochets is probably one of those that I never tried before but right now; I am really in love with this activity. It inspired me more when I come across a Woobles crochet kit recommended by my very dear friend.

Unlike other crochet kits, it comes with plenty of features and amigurumi designs that look cute to the eyes. Above all, it is very easy to use. For beginners like me, I think it’s the perfect way to learn crochet.

If learning crochet always inspired you but you were unsure about how to do it, then don’t worry. Today I am going to write this detailed Woobles crochet kit review that will help understand whether it’s the right choice or not.

About Woobles Crochet Kit:

Woobles crochet kit review will get easier to understand when you read what actually is this product?

Woobles is the fastest growing company that creates beginner amigurumi crochet kits to help people learn crochets. The company offers everything in the kit that you need to get started. Every kit is available with cotton yarns of various attractive colors, stitch markers, plastic eyes, hooks, and much more.

By using these items, you can simply create cute stuffed animals such as fox, penguin, dinosaur, bunny, and many more.

You can buy immediate and beginner crochet kits that come with easy-to-follow guidelines and instructions. You don’t have to worry as you can learn crochet by watching the detailed video tutorials.

about woobles

What’s Included in Your Woobles Kit?

There are different Woobles kits available on the official website where you can choose according to your desired level. However, each kit comes with a lot of items such as:

  • Patterns as PDF downloads
  • Orange, white, yellow, green, black, and light green cotton yarn
  • Plastic safety eyes
  • A tapestry needle
  • Polyfill
  • A stitch marker
  • Crochet hooks
  • A cute drawstring bag for carrying items.

What’s Included in Your Woobles Kit

Features You’d Love to Explore:

Woobles crocket kit is getting popular due to tons of amazing features, such as:

  • Cute Plushies:

For people who love adorable plushies, the Woobles kit is probably excellent for them. It helps you create several cute designs like a fox, teddy bear, bunnies, and others.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions:

Have you ever found any crochet kit that comes with detailed step-by-step video instructions? If not yet, Woobles is here for you.

  • Different Bundles:

Woobles are not only limited to one bundle. You can buy unlimited bundles and different varieties based on your expertise and interest.

  • Multiple Items:

Each kit features multiple items. You don’t have to buy those ineffective hooks from the market, as the kit features everything.

  • High-quality Materials:

All the materials included in the kit, including cotton yarns are of high-quality, durable, and built to last.


What Troubled Me When I Used the Woobles Kit?

Well, we have learned that Woobles offer so much ease and convenience while crocheting. But there are a few downsides too. No, they aren’t big so don’t worry.

  • It requires a lot of concentration and attention. You must be focused while crocheting so you don’t make any mistakes.
  • You cannot view the pattern in its full form. Though there are instructional videos, but I still get confused. So, if a child is using the Woobles kit, he may need your help at the start.
  • Many times, I easily got lost in the stitches even though I spelled it every time. So, I would recommend my readers use a stitch marker for every round.

Different Bundles You Would Love to Try:

There are plenty of best-seller Woobles crochet kits that you would love to try. These kits are best for both beginners and intermediates.

  • What does the fox say bundle = $75
  • Birds of a feather bundle = $70
  • Lovebirds crochet bundle = $50
  • Easy peasy beginner bundle = $100
  • Smitten with kittens’ bundle = $50
  • Zero to hero bundle = $85

different bundles

Pros and Cons of Woobles Crochet Kit:



Easy to use, even for kids

Needs a lot of focus

Reliable, flexible, and durable

Confusing for beginners

Not messy or complicated

Must require a stitch marker

Cute animal designs


Easy to follow instructions


Available with different items


Budget-friendly choice


Bundles for basic and advanced levels


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are these crocket kids also good for kids?

Yes, these kits are appropriate for children of 12+ ages. Kids successfully created their favorite toys using Woobles crochet kit and improved their learning skills using video tutorials.

  1. What’s the best kit to buy for beginners?

Well, all the kits are great for both beginners and intermediate users. But I would highly recommend zero to hero and easy peasy beginner bundle as they are more user-friendly options.

  1. Is there any return policy offered by Woobles?

Yes, of course. Woobles crochet kit comes with 14 days return policy. You can return the package within this duration while paying your shipping fee.

  1. Where should I buy the kit?

Woobles crochet kit is available at every online retailer. However, I would recommend you to buy from the original website of Woobles so you can enjoy huge discounts.

Woobles Crochet Kit Review – Is it Worth-buying?

By now, I am sure that you have learned everything in this Woobles crochet kit review and you won’t be confused anymore about purchasing it.

According to my recommendation, the Woobles kit is worth purchasing. It helps you take your crochet skills to the next level. Plus, it is also very easy to use and comes with plenty of items that you need for crocheting. Moreover, it is a very budget-friendly solution for those who are short on money.

Once you purchase it, I bet this would be your favorite timepass activity!

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