Tvidler vs Q-Grips – What is the Best Earwax Removal Tool?

Have you ever felt that your ears are blocked up? Sometimes excess wax accumulates in your ears and often creates hearing difficulties. At the same time, you think to use cotton swabs to clear it deeply from the ear. However, the fact is, that a cotton swab is not safe to use.

Several medications and treatments also won’t work and may cause a lot of pain. Therefore, it’s better to consider some simple yet effective devices like Tvidler and Q-grips. These are the special earwax cleaners that do not penetrate deeply into the ear canal and hence never cause any injuries or pain.

They catch your excess earwax very easily, so cleaning your ears is no longer a big problem when you have these two tools. But the question is, what is the best earwax removal tool? Should you use tvidler or q-grips?

In today’s review of Tvidler vs Q-Grips, you may get the answers to all the questions stuck in your mind. Especially if you are confused about choosing these two, then this review will help you a lot in making the right choice.

What is Tvidler?

Tvidler is a safe wax cleaner tool that thoroughly cleans your ears from extra wax, dust particles, hair particles, and other dirt that can damage your inner canal. With Tvidler, you won’t experience any clogging issues again.

The advantage of using Tvidler is, that it reduces the risk of any harm or damage caused to the eardrums. Unlike other tools, this doesn’t push the earwax to the canals, however, it picks out the wax selectively from the ears by applying a safe cleaning method without causing any discomfort, pain, or irritation.

Tvidler efficiently extracts all the wax from your

ears and collects all the dirt and dust while holding it on its tip. It also clears all the dried ear wax from your ear canal neatly.

what is tvidler

How to Use it?

Tvidler is very simple to use. However, you need to understand it completely to make the most of it. You need to insert the Tvidler tool into your ear and ensure that its tip is fit properly without causing any discomfort. After that, you need to turn it clockwise or anticlockwise. Make sure you thoroughly caress the walls of the ear canals and also the outer layers of your ear.

Features of Tvidler:

Some of the features of Tvidler are:

  • Very soft for ears
  • Ear-friendly silicon tip
  • Prevents wax build-up
  • Reusable
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable and reliable

features of tvidler

Pros and Cons of Tvidler:

If you are planning to buy Tvidler, make sure you are aware of its pros and cons:



Easy to handle

Limited availability in physical stores

Washable and safe


Durable and long-lasting


Available in white and grey


Soft tip


Easily detached


Firm grip enabled


Doesn’t break or damage


Doesn’t cause any adverse effects


Very affordable


What is Q-Grips?

Q Grips is also one of the most frequently used earwax cleaners loved by thousands of customers. This is a spiral-shaped tip that is attached to the front of the end. The Q-grips tool is so short that it cannot penetrate deeply into your ear canal like a tvidler. However, due to its limited reach, it may prevent any harm and injuries to your eardrum.

Its spiral tips are comparatively soft, small, and easy to use.

What is Q-Grips

How Does Q-Grips Work?

Q-grips are also very easy to use. It is small, compact, and portable. A user can insert it into the ears and then turn the device on. You need to put it inside the ear till its tip so you cannot push it further. Make sure you use the tool for 2 minutes and then use it for another ear.

Features of Q-Grips:

In this review of tvidler vs Q-grips, you need to check out some important features first. It is a very trustable device that has received positive ratings from most of the users. Some of its features are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Soft and sturdy
  • Convenient to use
  • Small and compact
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Battery operated device

Features of Q-Grips

Pros and Cons of Q-Grips:

Like Tvidler, Q-grips also feature some pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at some pros and cons in this tvidler vs q-grips review.



Convenient than cotton swabs

Need battery to operate

Easy to use

Takes 2 minutes to clean earwax

Safe for even toddlers

Very small, doesn’t penetrate deeply

Features 3 methods of cleaning


Small, compact, and portable


Durable and reliable


Lasts long for years


Very affordable


Tvidler vs Q-Grips: Major Differences Between Tvidler and Q-Grips!

You must be wondering if both earwax cleaning tools have almost the same features and functionalities, then what’s the difference between them. What elements set them apart and what’s a better choice.

Some of the major differences are:

  • Q-grips is a comparatively very small device. Due to its size, it doesn’t penetrate deeply into the ear canal. However, Tvidler penetrates deeply into the ear and clears the wax from the walls of the ear canal.
  • Q-grips cannot clear all the earwax effectively. And hence you need to use another tool to clear the remaining wax.
  • On the other hand, many people have complained about Tvidler as well. They felt that it causes some irritation and discomfort to the ears.

So, what’s the Right Device to Consider for Cleaning Earwax?

Since both devices are trusted by thousands of customers, you must be wondering what’s the right device for cleaning your earwax?

According to my personal experience and customers reviews, Tvidler is a better choice. It’s comparatively bigger than Q-grips and penetrates deeply to your ear. This means it cleans the wax very efficiently, even better than Q-grips. Moreover, it is also available at 50% off currently. It is available online and its supply lasts for every customer.

So, these are some features and benefits that you can get with Tvidler. If you want in-depth cleaning of earwax, you should opt for Tvidler. However, if you want some regular or simple cleaning then the q-grips device is the right choice to consider as it’s small and can be used on a toddler’s ear as well.