ScreenKlean Review – Is that Efficient Enough to Make Your Screens Spotless?

Let me ask you a question.

Do you all have some gadgets like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or pretty much any gadget with a screen? Well, yes! I know that’s a quite rhetorical question in today’s growing era where survival without these technologies is impossible.

Honestly, you wouldn’t be reading this ScreenKlean review if you didn’t have your phone or a laptop. Since these gadgets have become an undeniable part of our lives that surely offer so much ease and convenience, you understand the importance of perfectly cleaned screens of these gadgets.

Using tissues or cloth for wiping down the screen can sometimes leave marks and blemishes that look impossible to clean. So, what’s the easiest solution to clean all the dirt and debris? Let me introduce you to some better technology called ScreenKlean that aims to clean the screens of all your gadgets and make them completely brand-new.

So, in case you haven’t heard about this innovative product, this detailed review might help you a lot in understanding its functionality, features, and other important elements.

What is ScreenKlean?

ScreenKlean is one of the best cleaning products that incorporates a high-quality patented carbon molecular cleaning technology that offers perfect cleaning with every wipe. It’s a great alternative to conventional cleaning methods that often leave marks and blemishes on your screen.

The product has already replaced cleaning rags, micro-cloths, and liquids due to its incredible features. Like Peeps eyeglass cleaner, this product also features carbon molecular cleaning technology that captures and eradicates all the oil, dust, dirt, fingerprints, and other abrasive things. And as a result, gives 100% cleaning with no mark or damage.

This amazing tool is unique and multi-purpose, which makes it compatible with all screen types. ScreenKlean also fights bacteria and other germs. The best part about the product is, NASA extensively uses it for professional and high-quality cleaning.

what is screenklean

So, How Does the Product Work?

CarbonKlean, the manufacturers of this magical tool, have engineered a very powerful carbon cleaning molecule in the product, that you need to wipe across your device’s screen carefully.

Once you use the product for your screen, it immediately attracts all the dirt, smudge, and dust particles. After that, it grabs and holds onto those particles and then removes all the impurities from your screen.

how-does-screenklean work

What Makes it Different from Other Sprays and Cleaning Products?

There are tons of features and factors that make the product unique from the traditional sprays you use at home. Here we have conducted a brief comparison that helps you understand its performance and effectiveness.



Other Sprays

Attracts oils and dust



Leaves screen crystal clear



Needs repeated wipes



Damage devices?



Fights bacteria and germs






Long-lasting cleaning



Worthy of cleaning other items



Features that Make ScreenKlean an Effective Product:

Due to its plenty of features and benefits, ScreenKlean has become the biggest hit in the market.

  • Carbon Molecular Technology:

ScreenKlean never leaves your screen with scratches and other damages since it features patented carbon molecular technology that gives excellent and long-lasting results.

  • Eco-Friendly:

The product doesn’t harm your environment as it’s not like sprays that unclean your environment. Its pads are also reusable so you don’t have to dispose of anything.

  • Small and Compact:

ScreenKlean product is quite small, portable, and compact. You can easily keep it in your pocket or purse. Also, it’s available in plenty of amazing colors.

  • Replaceable and Rechargeable:

The best features about ScreenKlean are the device pads are replaceable and rechargeable. Its pads can clean your screens 150 times. Once cleaned, you need to recharge it by putting back in the case.

  • HD Clear Screens:

You can get crystal clear HD screens after using the gadget once that aims to clear all the dirt, dust, smudges, and blemishes.

features of screenklean

Pros and Cons of ScreenKlean:

If you are planning to buy ScreenKlean, have a look at a few of its pros and cons so you can decide if it’s the right product for your gadgets or not.



Patented carbon technology

Pads fall off sometimes while opening

Small and compact


Clean dust, oil, dirt, and grime






Small and compact


Affordable and reliable


Long-lasting cleaning


Ideal for different gadgets


How to Use this Gadget?

Using this gadget is very easy. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to enjoy the perfectly cleaned screens.

  1. First, you need to unpack the product.
  2. After that, slide its carbon brush over the screen you want to clean. Once done, you will get a glossy and clean screen after only 2-3 moves.
  3. Put the device back for the next time.

Make sure the screen is already dry before using the gadget. Moreover, do not use before or after any kind of solution on your screen.

how to use screenklean

Price of ScreenKlean:

Its price is another considerable factor that makes the device ideal for every gadget. It’s affordable for every budget. With only $24.95 you can perfectly clean your devices 150 times, making it an excellent solution for every person who is looking for alternatives to sprays and other products.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Does NASA also use ScreenKlean?

Yes. The product features anti-static properties that help astronauts safely and efficiently remove all the dust and dirt particles from the lens. It guarantees long-term cleaning and also provides a supply to international space stations as well as space shuttle missions.

  1. How many cleanings we can get with these pads?

Well, it depends on the screen size and the number of cleanings. However, it aims to clean your gadgets 150 times. The replacement of these pads also depends on the amount of dirt accumulated on your screen. If the screen is extremely dirty, then the cleaning pad will get more recharging.

  1. Does the product also work well for TV and large computer screens?

Yes, you can use the device for any size of screen. If you are cleaning a large screen, then it’s recommended to recharge the carbon pad multiple times so it can offer a glossier and cleaner look.

  1. Is it harmful in any regard? Or leave scratches?

No, it doesn’t leave any scratches and damages like micro-cloth or other sprays. They are not harmful in any way or never damage the quality of your display.

  1. Where to Buy the product?

The product is available at different popular retailers, but it’s recommended to buy it from the official website only. They offer an original product with huge discounts, especially on bulk deals.

Final Thoughts:

As I am an avid user of different gadgets, keeping my screens free from all the dirt and dust is my priority. If you are also someone who is conscious about screen cleaning, then this is the ultimate product developed for people like us. Once you will use the gadget, you won’t believe how efficiently it cleans your screens and leave absolutely no mark or blemishes behind.

It’s small but easy to use, and above, doesn’t punch a hole through your wallet; so why throw money on ineffective and unverified products when you have the biggest hit available?