Fohm Review – An Attachable Bathroom Kit for Perfect Cleaning

We all prefer to use wet wipes, especially after using the public bathroom. Most of these wipes are designed to throw away as these are not flushable. But even flushable wipes cause lots of plumbing problems that lead to damaged pipes.

However, some of the wipes are not biodegradable. When you will flush them, they will linger into the oceans or landfills. That’s the reason, we continuously search for a solution that doesn’t cause any backed-up sewer lines or other problems.

Among hundreds of other products available in the market, Fohm is getting huge popularity due to its squeaky-clean nature. Unlike traditional wipes you use, Fohm dispenses a strong cleanser on the toilet paper and then turns it into a safely flushable wipe that doesn’t cause any allergy to even sensitive skin types.

If you are interested to use the product for personal cleaning, then this is the time to learn everything about Fohm in this detailed review that might clear all the confusions in your mind.

What is Fohm?

If you are someone who over-relies on wet pipes after using the bathroom then you definitely face a lot of disposal issues every time. Since most of these wipes are non-degradable, they always linger in landfills and hence make their way to oceans. This means there is a great problem for people who want to keep themselves clean without causing any damage to the toilet or environment.

However, the easy solution for them is to use Fohm. Yes, not foam, but Fohm. Although it works like a ‘foam’ but it is actually different in nature. It converts your toilet paper into a wet flushable wipe that offers perfect cleaning to your body. It is safe to use, effective in cleaning, and doesn’t cause any problem to your toilet, unlike traditional wipes.


How Does the Product Work?

If you have never used Fohm before, but heard a lot about the product, then it is important to know how it works before you decide to buy.

Fohm is basically a touchless dispenser that contains a bottle of cleanser. Since its touch, it’s 100% germ-free and hygienic. Especially during the pandemic, it helped people a lot in keeping themselves clean.

It works on a pH-balanced formula that contains sulfates, water, aloe, and citric acid. However, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol, or fragrance.

According to the manufacturers of Fohm, the product is quite similar to the baby wipes both in shape and functionality. This means it’s safe for your skin types and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

how does it work

How to Use the Fohm Dispenser?

Using the product is very easy. All you need to do is, hold the toilet paper under the sensor-operated nozzle of the unit. After that, it will automatically start depositing the large dollops of foam which are actually safe for skin, and then turn it into your regular wet wipe ready for wiping your body.

Once you are done using the wet wipe, you can easily flush it into your toilet without any worries of clogging pipes or damaging the toilet or sewer lines. It doesn’t pose any risk or worries both to your skin and environment, which makes Fohm a great product to use.

Notable Features of Fohm that Make it an ideal Cleanser:

There are lots of notable features that make it an excellent product to buy today. Have a look below, and I am sure that you won’t use those irritating traditional wipes again.

  • Gentle on Skin:

Since the unit dispenses foam on the paper and makes it wet, it is very gentle and soft on the skin. It doesn’t cause any irritation or redness.

  • Touchless Dispenser:

Its touchless dispenser makes it a hygienic choice especially if you have a large family using one bathroom. It operates with a rechargeable battery that can easily last for 4-5 months in one charge.

  • 3M Strips for Wall Mounting:

The product comes with 3M strips that enable the unit to mount on walls. It works well on laminate, tile, or painted walls.

  • Free from harmful chemicals:

This is another feature that makes the product ideal for use. It is free from all the harmful chemicals, sulfates, or parabens.

  • Fits into Every Bathroom Style:

It can be used in every bathroom style, whether modern or traditional.

  • Easy to Assemble:

Fohm is very easy to assemble and install on your wall. It only takes minutes to do it and the product is ready to serve.

notable features of fohm

Pros and Cons of Fohm:

Let’s get to know some incredible pros and cons of Fohm that further help decides whether it’s a good product to use or not.



Easy to use and install

Little expensive

Soft, gently, smooth foam


100% safe and hygienic


Perfect cleanliness


No harmful chemicals


Flushable wipes


Touchless dispenser


Suitable for all skin types


Saves money


Price of Fohm:

Well, Fohm is a bit expensive product, but believe me, its usage is worth the price. You can buy it for $69, and it lasts for months. However, you can also enjoy a 10% discount on buying 2 or more Fohm products by using their specific code.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Fohm attachable to any wall surface?

Yes. However, it works well for smooth surfaces such as tile, laminate, and painted walls. It is not recommended to use on wallpapers.

  1. Can I get the refill too when the dispenser is out of soap?

Yes, of course. The bathroom kit features pop-in and pop-out cartridges so you can easily refill them. You can buy the refill packs from the official website in the bundle form.

  1. Where to buy Fohm?

Fohm is currently available at different online retailers. But it’s best to purchase it from the official website that offers the product at discounts and a 30-days guarantee period.

  1. How long the battery works after getting charged?

The rechargeable battery works in the long run. It will work for more than 4 months with a single charge.

  1. Is it work as a soap?

No. it is a foam and you don’t need to rinse it off like a soap. Once dispensed on the tissue paper, then clearly wipe it off on your skin surface.

Ending Thoughts:

Fohm is one of the most trusted products available in the market that offers perfect cleansing without causing any damage to your skin, toilet, or even environment.

Moreover, Fohm is made out of highly effective ingredients that promise to offer perfect cleansing for all skin types without causing any allergy or irritation.

So, if you are interested to buy the products, make sure you read all the features carefully without spending money.