FIXD Review – Does it Help? What to Know Before Buying?

Once I was heading to work and my car stopped suddenly. My friend who was luckily traveling with me suggested using FIXD which claims to help identify problems better than the mechanic’s diagnostic checkup. He further told me that it shows a warning sign on your smartphone when you install its app which informs you if your car has any technical issues. 

I was quite impressed after knowing some of its features and qualities. I couldn’t stop myself to find out more about the gadget especially when there are so many frauds and scams revolving around the market.

Therefore, I thought to do a little research before using FIXD as I really wanted to know about its performance and functionality. So, after my detailed analysis, I finally decided to give it a shot to find out if the product is as exceptional as advertised.

To help all my readers, here I am today with a detailed analysis of FIXD that can do much more than your expectations. I have penned down some of its benefits, features, prices, and many other things so if you find yourself in any uncomfortable situation due to your car, you can simply use FIXD.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is the most innovative and reliable hardware-software combo which has been sold by a popular Georgia-based FIXD Automotive company. It offers detailed insights and actionable information about the technical issues of your car.

Its hardware is designed to feed information from the car to your smartphone through an app. If FIXD sends information about the issues in your car, you can simply hand over the details to your mechanic and he will further look into it.

The gadget serves as a perfect maintenance tool that helps remind you when your car needs some fixing.

It features a sensor that is durable and gives high-quality performance for the last time. When you plug it into your car, it will just work as your personal mechanic that is always looking into every technical issue. This means the device simply works your stand-by mechanic. The best part is it won’t lie to you and tell accurate details, unlike shady car operators that charge hefty amounts on minor repairs.

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How to Use the FIXD Gadget?

Due to its technical features, you must be thinking it’s hard to use the FIXD sensor. Well, that’s not true. FIXD is quite easy to use. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps before using the sensor for your car.

  • Step 1- Unbox the device and look for the OBD port of your car. Once you find it, insert the FIXD sensor. Remember the port is located somewhere below the steering wheels.
  • Step 2- In the next step, you need to download the FIXD app from your play store. Luckily, the app is available for both iPhones and Androids. The app is simple and free, won’t take enough space on your phone.
  • Step 3- In the last step, you need to fill out the registration form. You will be required to mention some basic details. After that, do not forget to record the number of your FIXD socket which will be usually mentioned on the label.

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How Does it Work?

Turn your dumb car into a smart one by using a FIXD sensor. You can read all the technical error messages on your phone without having to spend tons of money. It helps you diagnose all general and technical issues without requiring the help of professional mechanics.

Checking the health of your car is quite easy and straightforward with FIXD. You need to plug the sensor in the OBD-II port of your car and then pair it with your mobile app which you will initially install on your phone. The sensor will be powered by your car, it will be plugged in permanently and you don’t have to recharge it. The sensor will then connect and communicate with your smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Once you find any problem with your car, you can simply check the app. But if there is a serious issue with your car that requires immediate attention, then you will get a real-time notification on the phone.

It will tell you exactly everything about the problem, and give you an idea about the issue so you can take your car to the mechanic for quick repair.

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FIXD Pros and Cons:

FIXD is very easy to use. It offers incredible benefits but also has some notable cons that can be somehow surmountable.



Works well with every car

Incompatible with diesel or electric-

Monitors car for detailed maintenance

battery cars

Informs about the pending danger


Link multiple sensors with phone


Helps understand your car better


Affordable and reliable


Problems That a FIXD Sensor Can Detect:

FIXD sensor can simply help detect almost every kind of car problem.

According to the manufacturers of the product, the FIXD sensor can easily detect 6,800 maladies that are affecting the performance of your car engine. When your car experiences any unsuspected problem, the check-engine light will be turned on.

Many FIXD users mentioned that the app cannot find all the car problems, and only identify some major troubles. For example, it tells you when the engine oil temperature gets higher or when the O2 sensor stop working. If your car has even bigger issues, it will recommend you to take it to the mechanic.

The app also gives you an option to clear the check-engine light, especially in the case when the identified problem is not significant. With FIXD, you can clear other dashboard lights, such as TPMS, ABS, Airbag, Maintenance, or Stability Control.


Benefits of Using FIXD:

FIXD offers so many amazing benefits that are currently not offered by any other device in the market. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Monitor’s car maintenance timeline
  • Helps detect mileage
  • Deliver complete vehicle history
  • Offers multi-vehicle control


What Makes FIXD a Better Choice Than Other Devices?

Different reasons make FIXD a better choice than other devices.

I have previously tested similar devices for my car but unfortunately, most of them do not offer such privileges that are offered by FIXD. The gadget stands out by breaking down all the technical complications into easy and understandable language even for common people.

Unlike traditional devices that give you some kind of a code or description, the gadget sends alerts about the severity of the problem. It sends you the details of the consequences that can result in continuous driving without resolving the issue.

Choose the Price Packages that Suit Your Needs:

FIXD sensor is available in different pricing plans. You can choose from three FIXD packages.

  1. One FIXD sensor for $59.00
  2. Two FIXD Sensors for $88.00
  3. Three FIXD sensors for $118.00

You can choose from the above packages based on your requirements and budget.

Where to Get the FIXD sensor?

There are lots of online retailers that provide FIXD with reasonable shipping costs. However, if you want to buy the original product at special discounts, then it’s recommended to use the official website for buying FIXD.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Should I leave FIXD in my car all the time?

Sure, why not. The FIXD device can be plugged in your car all the time, it won’t cause any problem. The FIXD sensor won’t consume enough power when its not in use. But if you are planning to not use your car for 2-3 weeks, then its better to remove the product. The Fixd will not run down your battery just because you left it plugged in your car.

2. Is there any return policy for FIXD?

Yes, of course. If you are wondering that what should I do if the device doesn’t work, then I have good news for you. Its possible to return your device within 60-days, with complete money-back guarantees. The best part is, you won’t feel the need to return the product as it is packed with a lot of brilliant features.

3. Is FIXD an affordable device?

Yes, FIXD is affordable for every budget. You will need to pay $59 for FIXD. But it also sells a two-sensor bundle that is only available for $88, and through which you can save 50% on one of the units. If you need to buy three sensors, you will need to pay $118, which means you will buy two sensors at full price and then also get the third totally FREE.

4. What comes in the package?

FIXD comes with everything you need. Its packaging is robust and efficient that fully protects the inside things. You will find a FIXD device inside the package with complete instructions guide, information to download the app and return policy.

5. Is there any alternative to FIXD gadget?

Yes, there are certain gadgets available in the market as an alternative but they don’t work as excellent as FIXD. According to customer reviews, FIXD is the only device that offers quick notifications if your car experiences any issue.

Final Words:

FIXD is an easy-to-use and reliable tool that sends precise diagnostics to your phone. The device won’t actually fix your car but it will send you information about the technical issues so that you can seek professional assistance in a timely manner. FIXD car health monitoring system also helps you pick a garage that can assist regarding the problem.

So, overall, I found FIXD a reliable and handy solution for all my car problems. If you are also looking for something similar, I would recommend you to try FIXD which has already received 10,000+ positive reviews.