Omega Data Cube Reviews – A Must-Have Storage Solution for Your Phone

Do you need more storage space on your phone or tablet? Is losing your valuable memories and important data keeping you up at night? With so many external and cloud storage options available, it can take time to determine the best fit for your needs. But look no further because we have the perfect solution for you – the Omega Data Cube. This innovative device not only provides ample storage space for your data, but it also charges your phone at the same time.

What Is Omega Data Cube? 

Omega Data Cube is a small portable device that helps you locate, sort, and store your data securely while charging your device. With a massive storage capacity of 256GB, one device can store up to 102,400 photos and videos. Plug it into your phone charger’s USB port, charge your phone as usual, and let it do the rest.

The device is compatible with all major operating systems, including Microsoft, macOS, Android, and iOS. Once your data backup is complete, you can easily access and view your files through the free Omega Data Cube app, which organizes everything into neat folders.


  • Security: With advanced built-in protection, only you can access your data. Plus, your data is safe from hackers and cloud-related losses since it doesn’t require an internet connection.
  •  Compatibility: The Omega Data Cube is compatible with all major operating systems and requires no complex installation or configuration.
  •  Time-Saving: You can create a backup while recharging your phone, saving you time and effort.
  •  Multiple Data Types: Omega Data Cube can back up more than just photos and videos – it can also store voice memos, music files, documents, passwords, and more.
  •  Flexibility: The latest mount technology allows multiple SD cards, so you can swap them out as needed.
  •  Customizable Backup: You can choose the data type you want to back up.
  •  Levels of Protection: Omega Data Cube offers three levels of protection: local backup, cloud backup, and endpoint protection.
  •  File Retrieval: If you accidentally delete a file, Omega Data Cube has built-in software to recover it.
  •  Increases Phone Efficiency: Omega Data Cube can improve your device’s performance by freeing up storage space.
  •  Free Mobile App: The Omega Data Cube app is free for Android and Apple users and requires no additional monthly fees.
  •  No Wi-Fi Needed: Omega Data Cube doesn’t require an internet connection to store your data.

Using Omega Data Cube 

The device is designed for ease of use and requires no technical knowledge. Plug it in between your phone or tablet charger, and it does all the work in just a few minutes.

How to Set Up and Attach Your Omega Data Cube 

To use the Omega Data Cube for the first time, follow these four steps:

  1. Insert the microSD card into the Omega Data Cube.
  2.  Connect the Omega Data Cube to a computer via a USB cable for initial setup.
  3.  Customize your backup settings.
  4.  Plug the Omega Data Cube into your phone charger’s USB port and let it do the rest.

Pros and Cons:


  • Extremely simple and easy to use without any technical knowledge.
  •  Portable and small enough to fit in your handbag.
  •  Speedy backups; one charge session is enough to transfer all your important data.
  •  It does not require additional hardware or software to work with all your devices, from smartphones to tablets.
  •  Easy to set up.
  •  Relatively affordable with greater space.
  •  30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only available on the brand’s website, not in any shops.
  • It works only on devices with Android 5.0 or higher.
  • It requires a connection with a computer for initial setup because of its zero dependencies. After that, no further setup is required.

Where to Buy Omega Data Cube?

The only way to purchase Omega Data Cube is through the company’s official website. We advise you to do so for two reasons: First, you enjoy generous discounts. Secondly, buying from the original manufacturer ensures you get a genuine product, not a copy.

To order the gadget, visit the company’s website, where you’ll find all the details about the product, including the offer discounts. It comes in different sizes available at varying prices depending on the quantity of content you want to save:

  • 32 GB of storage stores approximately 12,800 photos & videos.
  • 64 GB of storage stores approximately 25,600 photos & videos.
  • 128 GB of storage stores approximately 51,200 photos & videos.
  • 256 GB of storage stores approximately 102,400 photos & videos.

With this much capacity and such an easy and safe way to store everything, you’ll never have to worry about that “Storage Full” message again. And, even if your Omega Data Cube does fill up with data, you can purchase another SD card online and swap it in to boost the storage.

You can get free shipping in the USA. Get your Omega Data Cube today on sale for a limited time.

Omega Data Cube Price

Omega Data Cube is cost-effective and affordable compared to other storage devices available. It is a one-time expense without any subscription fee or monthly payments. Currently, they are offering a discount for customers depending on which version they buy for a limited time. The company also offers a 40% rebate on purchasing more than one device from the company’s official website.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Omega Data Cube is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product or find a fault, you can easily return it within 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy extra cables so that Omega Data Cube will work with my device?

No, you don’t need to buy any extra cables to work with Omega Data Cube. Your USB phone chargers, also designed as data transfer cables, which you already have, can be used with this.

Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions which I should know before buying?

Unlike the Cloud, it has no monthly fees or subscription charges. You only have to pay the purchasing cost, and it’s free for life, no matter how much data you store.

Do I need Wi-Fi for Omega Data Cube?

Omega Data Cube is easy to use and does not require Wi-Fi access at any time to download or store files. It is completely private and comes with no monthly fees.

Can the Omega Data Cube be used with any mobile phone?

It can be used with all major operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft.