Top 5 Gifts for ALS Patients

What are the best gifts for ALS patients that show you care? Well, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of gift to make their life easy. But yes, there are lots of useful items to give as a gift and convey a message that ‘I am thinking about you’ and ‘I really care about you’.

ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a terrible nervous condition that damages the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord due to which a person cannot control the movement of his muscles. It was named Lou Gehrig’s disease after a baseball player also got diagnosed with it.

As the disease progresses with time, muscle weakness got worse and spread to different parts of the body which develops problems like moving, swallowing, and even breathing.

Therefore, if you know someone with ALS, you need to pick something very carefully that they can handle easily and help make their life simpler.

Here I have mentioned some useful gifts for ALS patients that can offer some kind of relief in this journey, boost their mood, and improve their quality of life.

Some Useful Gifts for ALS Patients:

Have a look at some popular and useful gifts for ALS patients that can make their life a bit easier with this disease.

  • Kailo
  • Aculief
  • Obvi Protein
  • TheraICE Headache Relief Hat
  • XY Find It

Now let’s find out what makes them the best gifts for ALS patients and how they can improve their quality of life.

Kailo: Work Effectively for Muscular Cramps

Kailo – The Future of pain relief, is one of the most incredible gifts for ALS patients. This is a small non-invasive pain patch that claims to give instant relief in any part of your body. Since ALS patients feel muscle cramps in the back and legs, Kailo can work effectively in reducing those horrible effects of pain.

Whether the patient is feeling pain in the legs, shoulders, neck, back, knees, or elbows, this pain patch gives excellent relief within 50-60 seconds. Kailo is also very easy to use, the patient doesn’t need anybody’s help for applying. Learn everything in this detailed Kailo review, and find out its amazing features, functionality, and costs.


Aculief: Relieve Every Kind of Muscular Pain in Minutes

Back pain, headache, migraine, and muscular pain in different parts of the body frustrates ALS patients and they try to cure it using various therapies and medications. However, these medicines only work for a few hours and then again, the same painful condition gets on their nerves.

Therefore, Aculief is the best gift for ALS patients that is a unique kind of wearable device that helps relieve constant pain, especially migraine or headaches. It offers natural and quick relief from stress, head pain, migraine, and other parts of the body.

The best part is, it has no side effects and can be used for health imbalance, discomfort, stress, and annoying pain. The Aculief device is medically approved and tested and lasts forever.  You can read the full review here.


Obvi Protein: A Gift of Health

What could be a better gift for ALS patients than obvi protein, an absolute gift of health? It is one of the best health supplements available in Australia that work effectively for every part of the body.

A person suffering from ALS condition often feels helpless and cannot perform the voluntary movement, the reason is his muscles and connective tissues get weak.

So, when you give them a gift of obvi protein, you are giving them a complete pack of healthy nutrients that can support their connective tissues and muscles and also improve their gut health.

This protein powder is made of Collagen type 1 and 3 proteins that act as the building block of your skin, muscles, connective tissues, hairs, and nails. It is also available in 5 delicious flavors; you can choose the one that your recipient likes the most. Visit the official website here.

obvi protein

TheraICE Headache Relief Hat: Pain Relief Through Hot and Cold Therapy

If anyone around you or in your family is suffering from ALS disease, you have probably heard them complaining about constant head and neck pain. It’s because their muscles couldn’t move voluntarily and they need to put some effort to move their body, which results in pain in their neck and head due to stress on nerves.

However, that won’t be an issue anymore when you give them a TheraICE headache relief hat. This is one of the trending gadgets available in Australia that claims to relieve your headache within minutes. Whether it’s a minor pain or a throbbing head or neck pain, wearing this headache relief hat would be an absolute solution for your pain. It delivers both hot and cold therapy, so you can choose the method based on the intensity of the pain.

I am sure your recipient will feel happy after using it and must agree that this was the best gift he has ever received. Read the full review here.

theraice headache relief hat

XY Find it: Finding Things is No More a Hassle for ALS Patients

Moving from one place to another is a terrible thing for ALS patients, sadly!

Their muscles and connective tissues won’t support their movement and they feel horrible pain while moving their body. In this situation when they can’t move easily, finding their phone, keys, bag, or anything else, is more like a hell for them.

Yes, initiation and execution of movements are quite difficult for ALS patients so it’s not possible for them to move and find things due to their mobility issues. Well, no worries! XY Find it is the best solution to deal with these problems.

It is one of the innovative gadgets that help find misplaced valuables. It features a small Bluetooth device that helps track your lost items. The patient can attach the device to anything he uses frequently and connect it to their smartphone.

Whether they lost pets, a camera, keys, or a handbag, they can pair the XY Find it, tracker, to the device, they will hear a beeping sound that helps them to reach out to the item easily and quickly. Feel free to visit the official website of XY Find It to order yours.


Ending Thoughts:

ALS is one of the devastating diseases that can make anyone’s life hell. Fighting this disease requires a lot of courage, hope, and patience. You cannot help the ALS patients to recover from it, but the least you could do is, contribute positively to make their life a bit easier and better.

The above-mentioned gifts are the best options that can help relieve pain and might offer some ease and comfort in their painful life. So, if you know someone who is living with ALS, take a step forward and choose one of these budget-friendly and useful gifts that can offer them great peace of mind!