FixMeStick Review – Safe for Your Virus-Infected Computers?

Is your computer acting strangely for the last few days? Or maybe you are seeing some odd pop-ups prompting you to visit other website links?

If that’s the case and several unknown programs are starting on your computer, then these are certainly some red flags that you shouldn’t ignore, as they are indicating that there is big trouble coming your way!

Well, that’s what exactly happened to me last month and I couldn’t understand what was going on with my PC. I spent 3 hours dealing with the issue but unfortunately, couldn’t fix it!

Once I got it checked from my tech-savvy friend, I came to know about the terrible viruses and malware that were affecting the performance of my PC and giving me a constant headache. Luckily, that was the time when he introduced me to a device named FixMeStick. This small device aims to target all the viruses and malware on your computer and totally disinfect it from all kinds of dangerous threats.

So, after doing some research, I thought to try it once and see what happens. The results were not bad though, but it wasn’t an average anti-virus program I used before.

Read everything in detail and about my experience in this detailed review of FixMeStick.

Introducing FixMeStick:

The FixMeStick is your efficient computer rescue solution that’s best for computers under attack. This is a bootable, self-updating, as well as Linux OS-powered USB anti-virus solution through which you can easily remove all kinds of virus and malware infections from your Windows PCs and also your MacOS machines.

The device works effectively for PCs that have some damaged OS core files. Unlike your traditional and old one-and-done piece of software, this device aims to continuously update your data every time, including virus and malware signatures and also the product features.

introducing fixmestick

Tutorial: How to Use it?

The best feature of this intelligent device is, it doesn’t require any kind of installation or download. This simple device uses the USB port of your computer and works on its own.

Here are the methods to use it for removing infectious viruses from your PC.

  1. From Cold Boot Technique:

If your Windows or MAC Pc is heavily infected by some dangerous threats and viruses, it would ultimately result in constant lags. You may see a lot of annoying pop-ups as well as unlimited start-up messages. But the good news is, you can easily fix the issue by considering the cold boot method technique.

  • First, you need to plug your FixMeStick tool into the USB port on your PC and then boot it to the bios setup screen.
  • After that, you need to follow the boot or a preferred solution- visit start-up and then select your USB drive.
  • Once you are done, you need to press F10 for saving and exiting the bios setup screen.
  • In the end, you are required to follow all the FixMeStick on-screen guidelines so you can scan and fix it as soon as your computer starts booting into it.
  1. From Active Desktop Technique:

This method is recommended for most PCs. If your PC is infected by deep viruses, this method can help you a lot in recovering.

  • Connect your FixMeStick to the USB port of your PC.
  • Now just follow its autorun command or you can even click on the drive letter from your PC’s X Finder and then use its executable file to launch.
  • In the end, configure all the important options and then scan your PC to run for viruses.


Technical Specs to Note Before Placing Order:

Do not forget to check some of the important technical specs before you place an order for the FixMeStick device.

  • Compatible with all PCs, including Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 8.1, and 10
  • 512 MB Ram
  • Available in gold and silver colors
  • Also suits well with Intel-based Mac from 2006-2017 versions
  • Size: 5 inches in length, 0.5 in width, and 7 inches in height.

Features that Separate it from Other Anti-Virus Software:

FixMeStick device is considered a great alternative to Live CDs or other solutions. Here I have described some of the amazing features that set it apart from other virus removal programs.

  • Boots your PC from the separate external drive
  • No installation or download is needed beforehand
  • Performs a lot of scans you want
  • Available with a lifetime guarantee
  • Get free updates including viruses and malware
  • Cleans viruses and malware infections easily and quickly
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly cleaning process.


FixMeStick Pros and Cons:

Here is a quick rundown of some important pros and cons associated with the FixMeStick device:



Powerful bootable USB based antivirus

After testing it didn’t give 100% results

Easy to use for non-techy users

Can’t protect PCs in real-time

Water-proof and dust-proof


No installation needed


Installable on multiple PCs


Automatic updates


Free technical support


Affordable and reliable


Price of FixMeStick Device:

FixMeStick device is available in three pricing options. Here I Have mentioned all of them so you can easily decide which option suit you the best.

  • 30-day trial= $9.95
  • 1 year home with 3 PC license= $59.99
  • 2-year home with 5 PC license= $89.99

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to get started with FixMeStick?

If your Pc is using UEFI but still couldn’t load Windows properly, then locate your working USB port and then plug in the FixMeStick device. It will run automatically in seconds. But if it doesn’t, then it’s better to navigate to your new USB drive, as well as press the FixMeStick program.

  1. Can I use it only one time?

No. You can use it as many times as you want on the selected devices during your subscription time.

  1. Does it really helpful in removing all types of viruses?

Yes, it is. The device can help remove all the dangerous threats and viruses that other anti-virus programs cannot detect.

  1. How long does it take for the device to work?

It depends on the data or the number of files on your computer. So, the total time will be varied by the computer but according to most users, it takes 3 hours in scanning the entire PC.

  1. Where can I buy it?

Though the device is available at all the online retailers, but it’s recommended to buy it from the official website where you can get it in 45-day money-back guarantees and also avail of the offer of free shipping above $9.95 orders.

Is that the Right Computer Rescue Solution?

According to all the reviews and results so far, it looks like the right computer rescue solution. For some users, it didn’t give 100% results but it managed to remove all the external threats and restore the performance of their computers. So overall, it’s a worth-buying device that promises to give results according to your expectations.