Bondic vs Lazer Bond – Which Works Better?

When some important item breaks at home or work such as your laptop, iPad, charger wire, or even shoe, you might look for glues and adhesives to fix it.

When you fix it with traditional glue, it might not give the same result as you expected. But when you will fix it with Bondic or Lazer Bond, you will get the desired results within seconds and what’s even more interesting is, nobody can ever notice that the item was broken once.

Bondic and Lazer Bond are such unique tools that help you in minor to major fixing or repairing. They work rapidly and can seal any surface including metals, wood, glass, or anything.

If you have to choose one but couldn’t decide what’s more effective then this Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison is for you. It will help you discover some major differences so you can pick the best tool.

Bondic vs Lazer Bond – What Are These Products?

If you have never used Bondic or Lazer bond, you must be curious to know what are these and what makes them special. So, let’s learn about their basic details first in this Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison.

  • Bondic:

Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that offers a permanent solution for all major and minor fixes. Unlike other glues, it’s not sticky to work with and never dries out. The more Bondic you apply to the broken item; the stronger bond will be made and the item will look much better than the previous shape.

Bondic requires Led UV light to operate. It is a non-toxic, multi-faceted, user-friendly, and heat-resistant product that works better than any glue you have ever used. Learn more about its performance and functionality in a detailed Bondic review so you can decide easily if it’s the right choice.


  • Lazer Bond:

Lazer bond is a special plastic resin that fixes things in minutes. This product also requires UV light exposure after applying it to the item. It will help in strong and permanent bonding.

It works on almost every surface including plastic, glass, and metal. It also holds up 350 lbs. after application.

lazer bond

How to Use Bondic?

Using Bondic is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is, stick to these below-mentioned steps for accurate fixing and repair.

  • For permanent fixes, harden the surface of the object where you want to apply Bondic. For a short-term solution, you can also use it on smooth surfaces.
  • Use a sufficient amount of Bondic to the broken item
  • Once you applied Bondic, expose the object to UV light. Make sure you do it for 3-4 seconds for hard bonding.
  • Use sandpaper to make the fixed area look smooth and untouched.

Interested to buy Bondic? You can learn how to use Bondic in detail before placing an order.

how to use bondic

Bondic Features:

Bondic has a lot of amazing features that make it the favorite product of users today.

  • Bondic is non-toxic
  • It is very easy and safe to use
  • It can fix things in 4 seconds
  • Received 100% customer satisfaction
  • Maintains powerful liquid nature
  • Never dries out
  • It is heat and water-resistant
  • Very affordable for every budget

Where to Buy Bondic?

You can buy Bondic from the official website where you can get it in complete guarantees and special discounts. Moreover, you can also select the type of Bondic based on your needs.

How to Use Lazer Bond?

Lazer Bond is very easy to apply. And one of the powerful bonding agents of all time.

  • First, you need to apply the plastic resin to the object you need to fix.
  • After applying the agent, you need to expose the area to UV light for 3-4 seconds. The bonding will get hardened once the glue is in position.
  • When you notice that it’s fully cured and fixed, it’s better to paint the area to make it look new.

how to use lazer bondd

Lazer Bond Features:

Some of the notable features of the Lazer bond are:

  • Lazer bond takes 3 seconds in curing things
  • It is solvent-free liquid resin, which makes it safe to use
  • It is a pen-shaped tube and features a small UV light at the end of the tube.
  • It works in hot and wet weather
  • The product is affordable and reliable
  • Gives durable bonding
  • Fast-acting substance.

lazer bond features

Where to Buy Lazer Bond?

If you are impressed with the features and functionality of Lazer Bond, you can buy it from Amazon. The product is frequently available in the market and people are buying happily for their needs.

Important Differences Between Bondic and Lazer Bond:

In today’s Bondic vs Lazer bond comparison, I would love to highlight some major differences between the two products. I have used both of them and got impressed by their features and functionalities. There are a few things that differentiate between Bondic and Lazer Bond.

  • Bondic is a very non-toxic product. It doesn’t harm your skin. But on the other side, the Lazer bond is itchy and irritating to the skin. It often causes respiratory problems as well.
  • Lazer bond liquid welder is pliable. It can easily hold more than 350 lbs. but Bondic is not a pliable tool.
  • Bondic is a quite flexible product. It gives results in 3-4 seconds. However, the Lazer bond takes fewer seconds to cure objects.
  • Lazer bond also needs liquid resin, which is costly for many people. But Bondic doesn’t have such an issue. Moreover, many people also claimed that Bondic is much more durable than Lazer Bond.

Conclusion: Bondic or Lazer Bond?

Now that you have read the comparison in detail, you can easily decide what’s the right choice for your needs.

If you go with Lazer Bond, you will have to be very careful as it irritates the skin. But if you go with Bondic, you don’t have to worry about anything as it is non-sticky.

If you are still confused, then I would recommend you to choose the one that many people are choosing. Bondic! This is an ultimate choice that never gives any complaints or issues. So, you can trust Bondic for both temporary and permanent bonds.