Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review – What’s All the Buzz About it?

Keeping your eyeglasses free from all the dirt and smudges is such a laborious task. Especially when you don’t find a soft cloth or a tissue, you feel more helpless.

As a result, people prefer to choose brand-new glasses as they come with no hassle of repetitive cleaning. But unfortunately, buying a whole new pair can cost you around $300 or even more if you choose designer frames.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to splurge that much and can easily make your existing eyeglasses a completely brand-new pair?

Yes, that’s possible. With Peeps eyeglass cleaner, you can simply clear all the dirt and smudges from the lenses with the help of its soft & smooth pads.

People who have already used it can understand how effective it is. But for those who are only inspired by its hundreds of positive reviews, this article is a great help as I have discussed everything about this hottest eyeglass cleaner in the market.

So, let’s find out what makes this eyeglasses cleaner so special and what’s all the buzz about it?

What is Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

Peeps is an innovative and pocket-friendly eyeglass cleaner device designed specifically to clean all eyeglass lenses regardless of their types or brands.

This is the first product invented that offers so much ease and convenience. This patented tool features a unique and revolutionary Carbon Molecular Technology for high-quality results. It also features advanced carbon microfiber pads that perfectly clear all the dirt and smudges on the eyeglass lenses.

Unlike traditional eyeglass cleaners in the market that are created with several kinds of chemicals, the peeps eyeglass cleaner is powered with carbon technology that naturally keeps your eyeglass clean. The tool is incredibly effective as well as won’t cause any damage to your lens.

You can use this tool to clean your eyeglasses over and over again. It is extremely long-lasting and delivers excellent results. Whether you want to clean fingerprint smudges, sweat, or facial oils, the device can efficiently remove everything in seconds. You can clean all the hard-to-reach corners of your eyeglass using this effective tool.

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How Does the Product Work?

Peeps eyeglass cleaner is usually available with a retractable brush that comes out immediately after pushing the handle on the side. There is a small opening from where this brush comes out which features a cap on it that keeps all the dirt and lint from sticking on the eyeglass.

You can use it easily by holding your glasses in one hand, and then slowly brushing away all the dirt, smudges, oil, and lint from the eyeglasses with your other hand.

The lens cleaner mainly presents on the opposite area of the brush which is also protected by a large plastic cover. It will slide from the cover and reveal two soft pads that will get recharged every time you insert them back.

Now slide these soft pads between lenses and then press down on them. Make sure you are holding the glasses firmly. These soft pads employed with carbon compounds can efficiently clean all the blemishes from the lens within seconds.

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What’s Special About Carbon Employment as a Cleaning Agent?

Carbon molecules are extremely good in absorbing excess oils and dirt that usually get stuck on the surface of your lenses. Therefore, it is quite essential for enjoying perfect cleaning. CarbonKlean, the manufacturers of this product says that the carbon they have been using is “uniquely formulated,” which can help you get rid of all the oils and dirt easily.

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Benefits and Features of Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner:

With all the buzz around this product, you must be skeptical about Peeps too. However, there are certain features and benefits associated with this product that makes you want to use it today!

  • Portable:

Its portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly. It won’t make the lenses dirty or foggy every time you touch them.

  • No External Power Needed:

The feature about Peeps is, it operates without any battery or power. The manufacturers made the product user-friendly and battery-free so it can work every time.

  • Long-lasting:

It’s durable and long-lasting, you don’t have to buy it every month and once you use it, you won’t need to change your eyeglass ever.

  • Affordable:

Unlike other eyeglass cleaners available, this product is affordable for all. You can make the most by spending a few bucks.

  • Remove Abrasive Particles:

Since it incorporates robust soft carbon microfiber pads, it removes all the dirt, dust, and abrasive particles quickly.

  • Clean Eyeglass over 500 Times:

It’s not a one-time used product, you can efficiently use it and clean your eyeglasses more than 500 times.

  • Best for all Weathers and Seasons:

The product won’t be affected by changes in temperature of seasons, you can use it every time of the year.

  • Available in Different Colors:

The product comes in several amazing colors, which makes it perfect for all genders and ages, and makes its design sleek.

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Pros and Cons of Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner:

After knowing its functionality and benefits, you might want to know some of its important pros and cons before spending your money.



Smooth and scratch-resistant brush

Pads fall off sometimes

Soft carbon microfiber pads


Makes biking, hiking, running easy


Efficient and durable


Travel friendly


Not affected by humidity




No recorded side effects


Requires no power or battery


Price of Peeps:

Wondering how much does it cost? Don’t worry, it’s extremely affordable for every budget. With only $19.99, you can enjoy perfect cleaning and long-lasting product available with certain amazing finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Peeps safe for all the lenses?

Yes, the product is fully tested and 100% safe for all kinds of lenses. The product is even used by NASA, Nikon, and Canon due to its impressive cleaning features, which makes it an ideal tool for camera lenses and touchpads too.

  1. How many times can I use the tool?

You can use it more than 500 times. When you think it’s time to replace the pads, you can directly buy them from the official website.

  1. Why should I choose this product among other cleaners in the market?

There are tons of reasons to choose Peeps among others. The major one is, it features carbon molecular technology that gently cleans your eyeglass without leaving any mark and doesn’t even expire. Moreover, it is also quite affordable and durable and approved by all the big brands in the market.

  1. Can I return the product?

Yes, you can return the product easily as it comes with 30-days money-back guarantees. You can decide whether you want the product or not during that period.

  1. Where to buy Peeps?

You can buy Peeps from several online retailers; however, if you want the product in bundles and huge discounts, then it’s recommended to purchase it from the official website only that also guarantees 100% original product.


Peeps is a portable, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly device that helps clean your eyeglasses regardless of their brands. So don’t waste your money on products that are not even verified especially when you have Peeps eyeglass cleaner available. So if you are planning to buy it, make sure you read all the features and functionality again so you could make the most of this product.