DeChoker vs LifeVac – Which is the Best Life-Saving Device?

Choking, also known as partial air obstruction is one of the terrible medical conditions one can experience when food or liquid blocks the throat and a person couldn’t even breathe or talk.

Choking normally occurs in babies and kids when they place any foreign object in their mouth. However, this horrible condition is also getting common in humans. That’s the reason, the devices like Dechoker and LifeVac come into play and rescue anyone who experiences choking.

These devices help people overcome airway obstruction within seconds. Both Dechoker and LifeVac are used for the same purposes and come with the same features. Therefore, many people couldn’t decide which is the best device as they want something very quick and reliable that helps overcome the condition immediately.

Thus, I have described both of these devices in detail so you can choose the right one for you and your kids. Have a look below and find out which is the best life-saving device in this Dechoker vs LifeVac review.

What is LifeVac?

LifeVac is a safe, quick, and efficient device that allows you to clear your breathing passages and remove the particles stuck in your throat.

The device is wireless as well as non-chargeable. You can use it for a lifetime without even experiencing any charging issues. LifeVac comes with three masks and suction devices along with a user guide as well as some choking prevention tips.

When you experience it, place the mask on your face and nose. Once it creates a vacuum and no air is going out, push the plunger carefully and let the air vent out on its sides. Make sure you hold the mask firmly in one place so you can recover soon. Remember, LifeVac has saved 122 lives already and won the trust of hundreds of people.

What is LifeVac

What is DeChoker?

DeChoker also works like LifeVac and helps clear your air passageways while removing any food item or object stuck in the throat. You can use the device on both children and adults. But a child must be one year of age as it is not recommended for newborn or kids below 1 year. DeChoker is designed for every person who is experiencing problems like choking, regardless of any medical condition.

It features a very simple and compact design which makes it easy to store anywhere until you need it. But remember, Dechoker expires every 27 months. So, you need to order it passed the given timeframe.

What is DeChoker

DeChoker vs LifeVac – A Comparison Table:

If you are looking to purchase one of these devices, it is recommended to read everything about them first. Have a look below at this comparison table that can help discover many features and differences.




Shape and structure

Accordion shape

Syringe shape




Expiry time

None. Runs lifetime

27-week shelf life


1.01 lb

0.6 lb




Safe to Use



Features and Benefits of LifeVac:

Let’s discuss some features and benefits of LifeVac first:

  • Handy and Portable
  • It can be used when emergency services are not available
  • The oral cavity never gets damaged with LifeVac as it contains no tube or no pushing of the tongue
  • LifeVac is completely non-invasive, which makes it great for kids and adults
  • Always available.

Features and Benefits of LifeVac

Features and Benefits of DeChoker:

Many people believe Dechoker is a good device as it helped them recover from the terrible choking condition they experienced. Have a look at its features:

  • It is portable. You can carry it anywhere
  • It is wireless and non-rechargeable
  • It features a one-way valve that operates when you pull a plunger and obstruction is sucked from the airways
  • The device is reliable and affordable.

Features and Benefits of DeChoker

Pros and Cons of LifeVac:

In this Dechoker vs LifeVac review, it’s important to have a glance at the important pros and cons of LifeVac so you can buy it with confidence.



Suitable for every age group

Single-use only


A bit expensive

Safe to use


Remove obstructions immediately


No tube invasion risks


Trusted by hundreds of customers


Pros and Cons of DeChoker:

Now let’s move to the pros and cons of the Dechoker device:



Quick and very easy to use

Features a tube that can cause damage

Best for removing objects from throat

For single use only

Suitable for all age groups


Affordable for everyone


Used and trusted by many people


Dechoker vs LifeVac – What are Some Major Differences?

After knowing all the features and pros & cons of these devices in this Dechoker vs LifeVac review, we all know that they can be used for the same purposes. However, there are also some major differences found between them that help decide which is the right device to consider for you and your family.

  • Dechoker is a large syringe-like device while LifeVac is more user-friendly in shape due to its accordion-like appearance.
  • There is also a difference in their expiration. You can use LifeVac for a lifetime, however, Dechoker is only best for 27 weeks.
  • When it comes to safety, I would recommend LifeVac which has saved hundreds of lives so far. But unfortunately, Dechoker isn’t safe as it has got 13 failures, investigated by FDA.
  • Another point of concern is, that both of these devices are not medically approved and FDA registered. So, it’s better to rely on them during emergencies.

Dechoker vs LifeVac: What’s The Better Choice?

After knowing the features, benefits, pros & cons, and some major differences, I hope you can easily decide which is the right option for you. Well, according to my recommendation and people’s opinion, LifeVac is probably a better choice that has no records of failures or serious incidents. In fact, it saved 122 lives already.

Meanwhile, the two devices are best for emergencies. But if you want reliable, safe, and immediate results, LifeVac is a go-to option. Though it’s a bit pricey solution but is definitely worth the purchase. Above all, its design & construction and non-invasive feature further make it an ideal solution for choking conditions.

So, have you decided which device are you going to buy?