GoDonut Review – Best Universal Mobile & Tablet Holder Stand?

We are all hooked on our tablets and phones for different reasons. Sometimes we need to video call our long-distance bestie, follow a recipe on YouTube, use social media, and attend an official conference.

As much as we enjoy doing all these activities using our tablet or phone, at some point, we want to prop up the device somewhere so we can communicate effectively while managing other things at the same time.

But unfortunately, for most people, this looks quite challenging because the phone slides back and does not stand properly at the desired angle. To sort out the issue, now we can take advantage of an innovative device called GoDonut that claims to help you swipe social media pages easily, video calls your friends, or follow a recipe comfortably while setting your phone at your desired angle.

This also claims to be the best universal mobile & tablet holder that gives your device the stability it needs. So, let’s find out everything in this detailed review and know if the GoDonut device is the best holder stand for your phone? How many features does it contain? And what’s its price?

GoDonut – An Overview:

GoDonut is an innovative, useful, portable, and universal stand for your phone and tablet. As the name implies, the stand looks like a doughnut and actually looks very cute in appearance. It is a durable, small, handy, and waterproof stand with no assembly issues. You don’t need any setup to initiate it’s working. This means you can carry it anywhere and can even place it in your bag.

The gadget features enough weight to keep your device in place as well as prevent it from sliding or flipping over. You can have the complete freedom to enjoy everything on your device without any worries of propping, falling or holding. You can watch videos from your desired angle as it has multiple edges or slots for proper adjustment.

godonut overview

How Does the Gadget Work?

As mentioned above, the gadget features no complex functionality or operations. It doesn’t need any kind of assembly; therefore, you can start enjoying its benefits right after unpacking. Moreover, you don’t need any installation before using the advice.

All you need to do is, fix your phone on the device, and twist it a bit to adjust it according to your desired angle. The device features grooves or edges that will guide you.

Features of GoDonut Gadget:

Thousands of people believe that the GoDonut is the most intelligent and useful device. The reason is, it has a lot of incredible features that make it ideal for every need and person.

  • It is 100% Durable: The GoDonut device can last for a lifetime when you take good care of it. This is made out of high-quality rubber that increases its longevity as well as prevents it from breaking.
  • Safe and Convenient: Since it contains no toxic chemicals, you can use it around kids and pets. You can also place it in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.
  • Different Angles: The device features 3 different grooves. This means you can adjust your phone in multiple angles such as 45, 70, and 90 degrees.
  • It is Compatible: It supports almost every device such as LG, Samsung, iPhone, Vivo, and others. It has a circular surface, which means you can adjust it according to your phone’s structure. Plus, it is very shallow and won’t block your access to use full screen.
  • Simple Design: GoDonut has a simple design and construction. It is round in shape and light in weight. You can even put it in your pocket. The device comes in various amazing colors such as blue, black, green, red, pink, and others.

features of godonut

Who are the Ideal Customers for GoDonut Gadget?

GoDonut gadget is ideal for every person who wants to use the phone without holding it all the time during video calls, watching tutorials, or using social media.

Though it is great for:

  • Students
  • Office use
  • Business owners
  • Mothers and family time
  • Digital note-taking
  • Cooks

What Makes it Different from Other Phone Holder Stands?

GoDonut features all the qualities that you need in the phone holder stand. It is easy to use, compact, lightweight and involves no assembly. The device is not only stylish and functional but available in different colors and finishes such as clear, metallics as well as glow-in-the-dark.

Another quality that sets it different from others is, the GoDonut device is stackable and is created with minimal recyclable packaging with eco-friendly materials.

what makes it different

GoDonut Pros and Cons:

Do not forget to look at a few amazing pros and cons before buying GoDonut:




Incompatible with phone cases on

Unique ergonomics

No space for charging cable

Different angles support


No assembly needed




100% safe


Can be carried anywhere


Affordable and reliable


See What Customers Say:

Trusted by thousands of customers and a 4.4 average rating on Amazon, GoDonut is winning hearts each day. According to one happy customer S.J Solano:

“I love this stand! The design is very sturdy and stylish, the color is bright and attractive. This is much better than other stands I’ve bought in the past that are flimsy/not versatile. I will be buying more for my family members and gifts!”

Where Can You Buy GoDonut?

GoDonut device is available everywhere on Amazon, Walmart, and other reputable retailers. However, if you want to enjoy an original product with some amazing offers and discounts, then it is recommended to buy it from an official website. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with its features or functionality, then you can refund the whole amount in 30-days.

Price of GoDonut Holder:

If you want to buy the GoDonut original stand, it’s available for only $19.99 on the official website. However, if you want to choose from other types, then you need to visit the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is GoDonut a safe gadget to use?

Yes, GoDonut is 100% safe. It doesn’t have any sharp edges or neither its made of toxic chemicals which means its completely safe to use even for kids.

  1. What if I am displeased with the performance of GoDonut?

No worries, if you are not happy with the GoDonut device, you can simply return it. The gadget comes with 30-day money back guarantees. However, we are sure that you won’t need to do it since it offers 100% satisfaction.

  1. What are some key features of this gadget?

There are plenty of features that make the device unique. It has great ergonomics, easy to use design and construction, compatible with every device, affordable for all budgets, made out of no toxic chemicals, and available in several colors.

  1. Does GoDonut gadget also work with phone case on?

No. its better to remove the phone case before using gadget, as some devices cannot stick properly to the right angle with the case on.

  1. Can I use it for iPad too?

Yes, sure. Its compatible with iPad and iPhone devices as well. The gadget is portable and tough which means it is best for every device regardless of its size.

Should You Buy it?

If you want to enjoy your digital communications perfectly, then GoDonut is the right device to consider. It can make your life incredibly easy. Especially if you are fond of taking selfies or watching long tutorials then this is the device that can offer you multiple benefits at the lowest prices.