5 Best Gadgets for MS Sufferers in 2023

According to the recent analysis shared by the National MS Society, there are 2/3 of people in the world living with MS or Multiple Sclerosis. They experience difficulty walking, moving, traveling, and performing everyday duties – which leads to a difficult life, of course!

Multiple Sclerosis is basically a condition that affects your brain and spinal cord. This terrible disease is unfortunately a lifelong companion. It can develop at any age; however, it is most common in people between 20-30.

Symptoms such as movement difficulties in the arm, legs, and other muscles, spasticity, and fatigue further make life pretty difficult for MS sufferers.

Fortunately, most of the mobility-related challenges faced by MS sufferers can be easily alleviated by the use of advanced gadgets and devices that can offer relief in seconds. If you know someone who is living with this terrible disease, I am sure trying these best gadgets could definitely make their life easier.

Have a look at these best gadgets for MS sufferers in 2023 and find out how they ensure positivity in the life of a patient.

Best Gadgets for MS Sufferers:

Some of the best gadgets that can offer relief to MS patients are:

  1. Dodow
  2. Soul Insole
  3. Neck Hammock
  4. Kailo
  5. Aculief

Have a look below and discover some amazing features offered by these gadgets.

1. Dodow – Help Control Sleep Disorders in MS Sufferers:

Sleep disorders are quite pervasive in MS sufferers. They experience insomnia, nocturnal movement disorders, breathing difficulties, and rapid eye movement, which causes frustration and further creates discomfort in their lives.

To combat sleep issues, an innovative gadget like Dodow can help. The device is trusted by 850,000 people in the world who have experienced peaceful sleep at night. It claims to provide better and faster sleep naturally without creating any addiction in the patient. It is also very easy to use. Breathe in, breathe out, and sleep naturally.

So, if a patient is facing insomnia related problem and it’s creating more stress, then Dodow is probably a go-to device.


2. Soul Insole – Offers Arch Support and Foot Rehabilitation in MS Sufferers

If you know someone living with MS, you must know how terrible their life becomes due to mobility issues. The reason is, the patient experiences a lot of symptoms that affect all the parts of their body. Some symptoms include fatigue, difficulty walking, vision problems, muscle stiffness, problems with thinking & planning, and numbness in various parts of the body.

To ease the walking difficulties and mobility issues, Soul Insole is a #1 choice, approved by qualified athletic therapists. They offer great arch support, impact absorption, and help people with plantar fasciitis. A person can experience great balance with Soul Insole and take every step confidently.

A patient can use these adhesive supports in every kind of footwear including sneakers, shoes, boots, heels, and more.

Soul Insole

3. Neck Hammock – A Portable Device for Neck Pain 

Neck and back pain – the two most common problems that make life difficult for MS sufferers. To relieve that pain, most patients rely on therapies and medications. These treatment methods are good but they don’t offer quick and long-term relief. After a few hours, a person either experiences bad side effects or gets no relief at all.

However, a gadget like a Neck hammock has proven to be a great solution for neck and back pain in MS sufferers. They can cure the stiff sensation every time by using this reliable device.

A neck hammock is a portable device a patient can use every day. It comes with zero side effects and claims to give relief in 10 minutes. The best part is, a neck hammock is not only ideal for neck pain, but also works effectively for stress, poor sleep, high tension, and other related problems. It releases pinched nerves, improve posture, and eliminate head tensions caused by nerve damage.

neck hammock

4. Kailo – Get Relief from Acute Body Pain with a Non-Invasive Pain Patch

Multiple Sclerosis damage the nerve that affects muscle movement which eventually causes acute pain in form of spasms. Both arms and legs of patients shoot out involuntarily and they experience terrible pain like cramping.

When the patient feels such unusual sensations in his body, he wants something for quick relief. Unlike medications that cause side effects and take hours in relieving pain, the Kailo pain patch has proved much more effective.

Yes, many MS patients have used Kailo and experienced relief within seconds. Kailo is actually a non-invasive pain patch that offers a measurable reduction in pain. It claims to improve the quality of life and mobility of a patient. 97% of people are satisfied with its results, making the Kailo pain patch the desired product for everyone suffering from body pain.

It is an affordable, safe to use and user-friendly product. You can wear the pain patch on any area of the body that’s hurting. After a few seconds, your pain will start to fade away.


5. Aculief – A Wearable Clip for Headache, Eye Pain, Jaw Pain, and Others

Did you know 78% of MS sufferers report headaches in this condition?

And all they do is, take medicines and get several therapies to control the issue. However, these therapies are not much effective in giving complete relief from the pain. Besides, they also cause side effects that further disturb a patient’s life.

If you know an MS patient dealing with a headache, eye pain, toothache, jaw pain, migraine, or other parts of the body, then tell them about this wearable clip Aculief.


This is an award-winning doctor-approved product designed for headaches, migraines, and other types of related pains. You can wear this small and compact cooling clip between your thumb and index finger, and it will reduce pain sensations within minutes by utilizing the cold therapy technique. Learn more about Aculief in this detailed review and find out how it works and what are its features.

Final Thoughts:  

Challenged by a wide variety of physical, psychological, and neurological issues, MS sufferers experience much more than one could ever imagine. They experience a serious decline in their quality of life, which can be only improved with constant treatment and the use of advanced gadgets.

The above-mentioned assistive gadgets can help MS patients in a variety of ways. From controlling mobility issues to sleep disorders and pain relief to appearance enhancement, every gadget features wonderful qualities that help make their life better and simpler.

So, if you want to help someone with Multiple Sclerosis, order these gadgets today that improve both their mobility issues and cognitive abilities.