Bondic Review – Is that a Better Replacement for Glue?

I use to repair a lot of broken items at home. Sometimes it’s glass, while sometimes it’s a ceramic bowl. And the tool I use the most is super-glue as I thought its effective for fixing all the damaged items. But that assumption of mine totally changed it once I heard about Bondic that claims to fix everything you name.

From filling gaps to sealing products for water prevention, Bondic is the ultimate item that can help fix everything in a matter of seconds. First, I was quite impressed by its features and specs. Then I decided to perform detailed research about the product. After some time, I thought to give it a try. And the results were totally spectacular.

The funny part is, Bondic is never advertised as glue, but it’s a kind of liquid plastic welder that works on everything. If you are curious to know more about this product before using it, then read everything in my detailed review and decide whether it’s an effective product for everyday use or not.

What is Bondic?

Bondic is the newest product developed by a dentist based on the concept that is very similar to dental cement. You will receive the product in some small bottle that looks like glue, but it is much more powerful than that.

Once you will use it, you will find it the most useful and incredible solution for fixing regular items at home, unlike the outdated glue bottles. This is actually a liquid formula that is excellent for attaching different materials including wood and metal. And this is quite challenging to fix for your typical glue.

You can apply this powerful adhesive to the items that you want to bond together; when they are ready, you can apply the included ultraviolet light to maintain the liquid adjustment. This UV light is responsible for quickly drying out the liquid plastic welder, and as a result, your items will be perfectly bonded without getting noticed.

what is bondic

 How Does it Work?

The creators of this magical product have formulated a unique liquid-based formula that is non-toxic as well as safe for customers. To join all the broken parts of the item, the adhesive needs to be applied over the surface of your broken item.

You need to use the UV light tool which should use over the surface for approximately 4-5 seconds. After that, the adhesive will get hard. And then after following the appropriate steps, you can permanently fix the item without leaving any damaged marks. Unlike traditional glue, you won’t end up with messy fingers by using the adhesive because it doesn’t require using your hands.

how does bondic work

Helpful for Fixing Range of Items at Home:

Bondic helps fix a range of items at home. From minor repairs to crafts, it has a wide scope of applications. It is used for various purposes, such as:

  • Broken glass and plastics
  • Wood forming bonds
  • Repairing jewelry
  • Fixing different utensils
  • Repairing damaged wires
  • Making molded plastic shapes
  • Repairing eyeglasses
  • Can also be used as fabric glue

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How to Use Bondic?

Using this gadget is easy. Though it’s based on a few simple steps that need to be followed carefully:

  • Sanding the Surface:

Before using the product, you need to use sandpaper for rubbing across the surface of every item. When you finish sanding the surface, you can blow off the shavings. However, if you want to create a temporary bond, skip this step.

  • Application of the Adhesive:

Apply the perfect amount of adhesive on the item. Make sure you apply it to the area where the UV light can hit. If you are fixing two objects, it’s better to use the adhesive on only one of the two objects.

  • Point the light:

Hold the light in one hand and then point the UV beam where the adhesive is. Hold it for 4-5 seconds.

  • Repeat:

If you want to make a durable bond, repeat the steps. Remember, using thin layers of the adhesive is more effective than applying one thick layer.

Prominent Features of the Powerful Adhesive:

Have a look at a few amazing features of this gadget that make it an ideal adhesive for all the broken items.

  • The product is water and heat resistant
  • It is multifaceted, works on almost everything
  • It is tidy, clean, and efficient
  • Resilient and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals
  • Dries up quickly
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

features of bondic

Comparison Between Bondic and Super-Glue:

Since many people believe that super glue is more effective and easier to use, I created a small comparison to define what product delivers more ideal results.









Weakened in water exposure

Heat resistant

-40 °C to 150 °C

Maximum 93 degrees

Resistant to UV after hardening


Not known




Drying time








Not known

Starter kit

Bondic, UV light, case

Only glue

Filling and sealing


Not known

Moreover, you can use the product on absolutely anything. Your super-glue won’t fix broken glass, metal, wet items, and plastic, especially particular pipes. But you can use it to mend almost everything. You need to do the right amount of layering on all the broken stuff, and it will give you a reliable and permanent fixing depending on your needs.

Some Outdoor Projects the Adhesive can Fix:

Besides fixing items at home, the powerful liquid adhesive is efficient in fixing various outdoor items as well, such as:

  • Cracks in flower pots
  • Chips and holes in paving stones
  • Large holes in patio
  • Concrete lawn or ornaments repairing
  • Holes and cracks in swimming pools

Pros and Cons of Bondic:



Safe to use

Requires a lot of adhesives


Sometimes leak a little

Doesn’t cause mess while using it

Only works with UV light included

Fast and long-lasting


Easy to use


Works on almost everything


Dries quickly


Forms permanent & temporary bonds


Non-toxic, chemical-free


Where to Buy?

When you Google the product, you may find a lot of places that provide the starter kit at affordable rates. However, we believe that buying the product from the official website is a good idea. It offers a lot of incredible details that can prove beneficial for you and which might be missed by other retailers. Plus, you can get the original products at discounted rates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does the tube last?

Every Bondic tube contains 80 drops. It depends on how much the damage has been done and whether the item is small or large. For smaller items, you may need 1-2 drops, but for larger items, you need 10-12 drops.

  1. Can we use the product under or in water?

Yes, you can. This is waterproof and doesn’t cause any damage when used in or against water.

  1. What happens if it spills? Can you wash it off immediately?

You can wash off the liquid spills very easily with a soft wet cloth.

  1. Can we apply Bondic on any material including metal?

Yes, you can use it on almost every material including plastic, metal, wood, rubber, and glass.

  1. Is Bondic Safe to use?

Yes. Unlike traditional glue, it won’t stick to your hands or got uncontrollable. Children over 13-14 years can also handle Bondic easily.

Final Thoughts:

If you are the one who regularly fixes broken items around the house, then Bondic is an ideal solution for you that contains no harmful chemicals, easy to use, and gives quick results. Unlike traditional glues, it gives cleaner and more efficient bonds. The best part is, you can also purchase the refills when your first bottle gets finished. Once you try the product, I am sure that it would become a staple in your household.