PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper – Comparison Guide for 2022

Taking pictures is a favorite hobby of many people today. Especially when it comes to events like weddings and parties, we tend to take as many pictures as we can just to store all the precious memories of our loved ones.

However, taking pictures is one thing, and storing them carefully in one place is another thing. If you are not storing them anywhere safe, you might lose access to view them again. Generally, many people save photos and videos on their smartphones or laptop. But these are also not safe options because anybody can steal your data or you might suffer theft, which is probably a concerning issue.

Therefore, choosing devices like PhotoStick and Picture keeper are the preferred options today as these small flash drive-like devices can safely store thousands of pictures in one place. but when it comes to backing up the data in the long run without wasting tons of money, then we all want something reliable and durable. And that’s where many people get confused between PhotoStick and Picture keeper.

If you are one of those who couldn’t decide the right option, check out this detailed PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper comparison before choosing any option.

PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper – What’s the Difference?

Every device is different from others in functionality and performance that making it unique. Similarly, there are also some differences between the two gadgets, let’s learn about each device first in this PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper review.

PhotoStick is the best option among all the data backup devices today. Its safe, effective, features efficient storage capacity and is easy to use. You can simply plug it in your computer or laptop port, and start transferring data with a single click. Also, you can sort out relevant photos and videos, unlike other traditional data backup devices.

You can read everything about the device in my detailed PhotoStick review where I have mentioned all its features that make the device unique and excellent.


Picture Keeper is another amazing device like a USB flash drive which is best for people who don’t want to back up their data using a traditional method. Just like the PhotoStick device, it is also portable and easy to carry anywhere. The best thing about this device is, it is very straightforward in use. Anyone can operate it without any difficulty.

picture keeper

Let’s check some differences in this comparison chart.

Product Details


Picture Keeper

Ease of operation

Very easy

Very easy

App requirement

No need


Support multiple accounts



Save photos from FB



Smart backup tech






Hardware interface



Storage space

Around 32,000 pics

Around 30,000 pics

Duplicate detection



PhotoStick Features:

Here I have outlined some notable features of PhotoStick that may allure you to buy it today.

  • Single-click Load:

It’s very easy to use. With a single click, you can easily load all the photos and data. You can even allocate data in a sorted way as well as recover deleted files.

  • Auto-scanning:

When connected with a PC, it immediately auto-scans the data and creates instant backups.

  • Compatibility:

The device is compatible with almost every device including desktops, android, and iOS.

  • Sufficient storage:

PhotoStick features sufficient storage such as 8GB, 64 GB, and 128GB that helps store 30,000 photos and videos.

features of photostick

Picture Keeper Features:

Now that you checked the features of PhotoStick, it’s time to learn some features about Picture Keeper as well.

  • Security:

One of the best features of Picture Keeper is, it offers great security. No one can get access to your data or steal anything without authorization.

  • Deletes Duplicate Files:

It immediately deletes duplicate files so that your storage doesn’t fill with the same items.

  • Works offline:

Picture Keeper can even work offline once you create an account for file security.

  • Compatibility:

The device easily works with both PC and mobile.

  • Instant Backup:

It also features an instant backup solution. All you need to do is plug the device, in and press ‘go’ to work automatically.

features of picture keeper

Pros and Cons of PhotoStick:

Have a look at some important pros and cons of PhotoStick before buying:



Easy to use, convenient

Space issues for large file types

Fast and reliable


100% effective and safe


Affordable and flexible


No data duplication


Best for personal & professional use


Secure and tested


Supports every file type


Pros and Cons of Picture Keeper:

Let’s have a glance at a few of the pros and cons of Picture Keeper:



Efficient storage space

Less flexible solution

Easy to use, even for kids


Works automatically


Secure and effective


Compatible with all devices


Supports all file types


Compact, lightweight, travel friendly


Some Major Differences Between the Two Devices:

The PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper review is not completed without highlighting the major differences.

  • With Photo Stick, you can easily transfer all the photos and videos, while in Picture Keeper, it’s easy to transfer file types as well.
  • The major difference between PhotoStick and Picture Keeper is, that PhotoStick is a more flexible solution for both mobile and desktop. However, Picture Keeper is less flexible with mobile devices.
  • If you are looking for a long-term solution, PhotoStick is a more reliable solution than Picture Keeper.
  • Users love to choose PhotoStick because of its popularity and other features.

PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper: What’s the Best Choice?

So, now that you have checked the detailed PhotoStick vs Picture Keeper comparison, I am sure that you can easily decide the best device for storing your photos. Well, I have used both devices, and I really liked them due to their quick and automatic functionality.

However, when it comes to picking the best choice, I think PhotoStick is relatively the best option. Though it has not so efficient storage but it is still trusted by thousands of customers. It’s very safe, fast, and easy to use. Moreover, it’s also an affordable option. If you were confused about the right choice, I would suggest you try PhotoStick once and then switch to Picture Keeper, you will find the differences yourself.

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