FIXD vs BlueDriver – Which is the Best Car Scanner?

The illuminated check engine light of your car probably indicates some issue and needs immediate attention. This means you need to get ready for a trip to the mechanic’s shop and spend tons of money on even a minor issue.

But what if I tell you that now you can run the diagnostics of your car easily on your smartphone? Yes, you don’t have to pay your mechanic for minor repairs as FIXD and BlueDriver tools along with their apps are here to provide detailed assistance.  These tools are OBD2 scanners that help figure out the technical and general issues of your car.

If you have never used them but planning to buy one for getting detailed diagnostics of your car, then make sure you read the article till the end. Once you read it, you can finally decide which is the right tool to buy so let’s explore everything in this detailed review of FIXD vs BlueDriver.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is a modern and innovative device that helps figure out all the problems of your car within seconds. With this perfect combination of hardware and software technology, you can easily extract and access all the details about your car.

The best part about FIXD is, that it offers the same kind of information that you probably get from your professional mechanic who charges you a hefty amount.

That’s the reason, people who used FIXD considers it a state-of-the-art wireless mechanic. You can always stay in sync with the present condition of your car. It is easy to plug into the OBD2 port of your car.

Once you set it up, the device will start sending comprehensive general and technical details with the help of a software application installed on your phone. According to the manufacturers of this device, FIXD helps save $1000 on car repairs.

What is FIXD

What is BlueDriver?

BlueDriver is another wireless car diagnostic tool that helps you maintain and fix your car without going to the mechanic and spending tons of money. 

This Bluetooth device has also taken the internet by storm as it proved highly beneficial. You can constantly stay in sync and know all the complex errors of your vehicle. With these Bluetooth devices, you can simply keep your car in a shape.

What is BlueDriver

FIXD vs BlueDriver – Comparison Table:

Now that you know the basics of these devices in FIXD vs BlueDriver review, it’s time to make a comparison between them.





Gives full engine surveillance report

Access real-time airbag alerts

Supported languages

Supports 5 languages

Supports English only

Supported vehicles

All brands included the ones made before 1996

Works for only selected car models

Reliable and trustable



Apps and software

Doesn’t select every device

Select every device regardless of the models




Car monitoring



Number of vehicles



Live data



Key Features of FIXD:

Some important features of FIXD are:

  • Offers real-time monitoring
  • Automatic reminders for changing oil
  • Freeze frame for checking alerts
  • Retrieve stored readings
  • Complete analysis of error readings
  • Suggest corrective measures for car
  • Information on the transmission.

Key Features of FIXDKey Features of BlueDriver:

Let’s find out some amazing features offered by BlueDriver in this FIXD vs BlueDriver review:

  • Gives important airbag alerts
  • Track when the next maintenance is due
  • Produce data on transmission
  • Freeze framing the information
  • Monitor anti-lock braking
  • Recommend essential measures
  • Testing emissions

Key Features of BlueDriver

Pros and Cons of FIXD:



Send reminders about maintenance

Limited functionality

Compatible with Android and iOS

Incompatible with Windows

Compact and user-friendly

Doesn’t support ABS or SRS systems

Saves money on car repairs


Economical solution


Can be connected with 5 cars at once


View reports on your phone


Pros and Cons of BlueDriver:



Send notifications codes to the phone

Incompatible with diesel cars

Easy to generate reports

Setup instructions are not clear

Generate and share codes & reports

Not compatible with cars before 1996

Excellent interface

Doesn’t connect with iPad pro

Wide range of solutions for your car


Compact and portable


Affordable for all


Safe and effective


FIXD vs BlueDriver – What Makes them Unique? Understand Differences!

If you are planning to buy these car scanners, it’s important to learn what elements make them unique and what are the common differences between them.

  • If you are an expert driver, I would recommend you to use the FIXD scanner. It is straightforward, lightweight, and even best for beginners. It suggests corrective measures, real-time reporting, and a lot of other things that make your diagnostic experience easy.
  • BlueDriver also offers some interesting diagnostic features, which include SRS airbags, climate control, and more. It can also generate repair reports. And both of these features are not present in FIXD. It also comprises an estimator feature that evaluates the costs of car repairs before you even take the vehicle to the mechanic.
    But on the other side, FIXD car monitoring and TPMS features are great for car owners which are missing in BlueDriver.
  • Another element that makes FIXD a preferred choice is, that it can be connected with more than 5 cars at once. However, BlueDriver can be connected with one car only.
  • You can even experience the mechanic hotline feature with FIXD premium. The device will help you connect with the right mechanic who can deal with the problem efficiently.
  • You can connect FIXD with almost every car even with those that are made before 1996. However, BlueDriver is not compatible with old cars.

What Makes them Unique

Your Top Pick?

By now, I am sure you can easily decide which is the best car scanner tool in this FIXD vs BlueDriver review. You can evaluate major differences and also study their features in detail before buying them.

However, if you want expert suggestions and customers’ choices, then FIXD is probably a top pick for every beginner and professional. It is easy to operate, comes with a lot of amazing features, and is also quite cost-effective for every budget. On top of that, it is compatible with every model of car. Its premium version has a lot of interesting features that you won’t find in BlueDriver.

I hope this detailed comparison of FIXD vs BlueDriver will make your buying decision easier. Happy shopping…!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FIXD is a wireless diagnostic tool that helps users identify and resolve issues with their cars. It combines hardware and software technology to provide real-time monitoring, maintenance reminders, and detailed analysis of error readings. FIXD can be connected to multiple cars and is compatible with various car models, even those made before 1996.
BlueDriver is a Bluetooth diagnostic tool designed to help users maintain and fix their cars without a mechanic. It provides features such as airbag alerts, maintenance tracking, and emission testing. BlueDriver is compatible with selected car models and offers an estimator feature that evaluates repair costs.
FIXD and BlueDriver differ in several ways, including their compatibility with car models, the number of supported vehicles, and available features. FIXD can be connected to multiple cars simultaneously and is compatible with a wider range of car models. In contrast, BlueDriver only connects to one car at a time and supports selected models. FIXD offers car monitoring and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) features, while BlueDriver provides SRS airbag and climate control features.
FIXD is recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly interface, straightforward setup, and detailed error reading analysis. It offers real-time monitoring, maintenance reminders, and corrective measures, making it easy for beginners to diagnose and resolve issues with their cars.
Yes, FIXD is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, it is not compatible with Windows.
BlueDriver is not compatible with diesel cars or vehicles made before 1996.
Your choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. FIXD is a popular choice for both beginners and professionals, as it is easy to use, has a wide range of features, and is compatible with various car models. However, BlueDriver also offers unique features, such as SR’s airbag alerts and repair cost estimation. It is important to compare their features and compatibility with your car before deciding.