5 Second Fix vs Bondic – A Comparison Guide for 2022

If you often deal with DIY projects at home that require fixing broken items, then you definitely need glue for managing every task. And while searching for the best glue, no other product can beat the effectiveness of 5 Second Fix and Bondic.

Both of these products are extremely popular and favorite choices of many people today due to their smart features, convenient use, and affordable costs.

You can fix almost everything using these glue types. From metal to plastic, and wood to ceramic items, everything can be fixed without having to spend tons of money. However, when it comes to choosing between Bondic and 5 Second Fix, many people get confused. They couldn’t decide what was the best choice.

If you are also in the same confusion, then don’t worry. This detailed 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparison can make things clear and help you make the right choice.

5 Second Fix vs Bondic – A Comparison Chart:

You must be curious to know the differences before buying Bondic or 5 Second Fix. Have a brief look at this comparison table and learn some major differences between the two products.

Product Details


5 Second Fix

Supported materials

Plastic, wood, metal, etc.

Vinyl, glass, wood, etc.




UV Light



Heat resistant












Drying time






Compare What Are These Products? 5 Second Fix vs Bondic:

Now that you understand some basic differences in the 5 Second Fix vs Bondic comparison table, let’s get to know about these products.

  • Bondic:

Bondic is the world’s first plastic welder tool that can bond, weld, and fix anything better than your traditional super-glue, and that too within seconds. It works on almost every material including ceramic, glass, wood, plastic, metal, and many more.

Learn more about Bondic in this detailed review and find out how it works.


  • 5 Second Fix:

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic welding tool that helps fix everything within 5 seconds. It works with UV light to harden the sealant and fix things.

5 second fix

Bondic Features:

After using Bondic, I would definitely say that this is the most powerful glue I have ever used. It offers both temporary and permanent bonding and works on every material. Some of its incredible features are:

  • Easy to use:

Bondic is very easy to use. It won’t stick with your fingers like super glue and when you will expose it to UV light, the product will harden in only 4 seconds.

  • It Never Dries:

Bondic never dries out. It’s not like your traditional glue that gets hard when unused for a long time. It won’t get hard until you expose it to UV light.

  • Safe and Effective:

Bondic is a safe and effective option. It won’t attach with hands and its also not made of toxic chemicals.

  • Fix Everything:

The magical product can simply fix everything. It works with every type of surface and material. You can use it even for fixing metals, glass, ceramic and other items.

bondic features

Bondic Pros and Cons:

If you are planning to buy Bondic, let’s read out some pros and cons first:



Work as a binding agent

Need UV light to use Bondic

Effective for a wide range of materials


Affordable and reliable


Easy to use and safe


Bondic can be sanded when required


5 Second Fix Features:

5 Second Fix has plenty of amazing features that make the product a desired choice for every person.

  • Liquid Plastic Glue:

5 Second Fix is a liquid plastic glue that hardens plastic into a solid form and features a capacity to hold 350 pounds which makes a bond harder and stronger.

  • Fix Things in 5 Seconds:

As the name implies, this smart product can fix things within 5 seconds only. With plastic glue and UV light, you can simply fix the cracks and damages in five seconds.

  • Water and Heat Resistant:

The product is water and heat-resistant. Once fixed, you can use the objects in water and it wouldn’t cause any damage.

  • Sandable:

It allows a smooth finish because of the clear bonding.

  • Easy to use:

Like Bondic, it is also very easy to use. Even kids can easily use it.

5 second fix features

Pros and Cons of 5 Seconds Fix:

Before choosing 5 Seconds Fix, its better to have a look at some pros and cons:



Everything can be fixed in 5 seconds

Doesn’t work well as an adhesive

Can fill cracks and seal open cavities


Safe and easy to use


Cost-effective choice


Works on every material


Major Differences Between Bondic and 5 Second Fix:

There are a few important differences between Bondic and 5 Seconds Fix.

  • The construction of 5 Seconds Fix is not so reliable, its LED light doesn’t work properly sometimes. Also, many people claimed that its batteries do not work efficiently. It is also not much flexible solution and works well for fixing small items like toys, belts, sunglasses, and others.
  • On the other hand, you can fix things only in 4 seconds. It gives permanent repairs both for minor and major damages.
  • Bondic is also quite effective for some low volt cables as well as broken casings.
  • Many people also claimed that Bondic is a stronger and more durable choice as compared to 5 Seconds Fix. It repairs things quickly that never gets damaged again.

5 Second Fix or Bondic? What’s Your Pick?

Now that you have read the comparison in detail and checked all the features and pros & cons. So, I hope you can easily decide what’s the right option for you. However, if you are still confused, and want some professional suggestions, then I would recommend you to opt for Bondic.

Its a more durable, reliable, flexible, and result-oriented solution than 5 Seconds Fix. Moreover, it has never received any complaints from users and almost got 99% customer satisfaction. It’s also non-toxic and harmless, which makes Bondic the ideal choice for every need. If you are planning to buy it, make sure you get it from the official website as they will offer you the original product with guaranteed satisfaction.