How to Use Bondic? Is it Better Than a Glue?

Let’s face it – We all have broken items at home and we do our best to fix or repair them. Sometimes we get successful, while sometimes we just leave them because they don’t get fixed even with super-glue. As a result, we spend tons of money on buying new items.

However, no more disappointments or failures with Bondic. You have an opportunity to use Bondic that helps fix everything, yes! I mean EVERYTHING. From plastic pipes to wooden cabinets, and glass windows to items made of ceramics, Bondic is a complete solution for all temporary and permanent bonds.

Thus, before applying Bondic, you need to understand its proper procedure so you can make the most out of this product. Let’s find out what this product exactly is, and how to use Bondic.

What is Bondic?

Did you know Bondic is the world’s first liquid plastic welding product?

It’s a great alternative to the traditional glue you use at home. This liquid plastic welder product comes with LED UV light that activates to give quick repair and make efficient bonding based on your needs. Bondic is a waterproof as well as heat-resistant product that can fix and bond anything within a matter of seconds.

It is available in a liquid form and can replace your standard glue or super glue, even epoxy, and wood glue as well. People use the product for filling gaps, making molds, or replacing missing parts of something. You can even use it to seal pipes or wires to prevent any kind of damage.

Have a look at this detailed Bondic review before buying and learn if it’s the right product for your needs?

what is bondic

How to Use Bondic?

If you are interested in buying this efficient plastic glue for your home or work, then you would love to know how to use it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make quick bonds with Bondic.

  • Step 1 – Use Sandpaper:

Before you apply the liquid plastic welder, it’s important to use sandpaper as it will create a rough surface of that material. The reason is, the rough surface can help deploy the product efficiently.

This rough surface may ensure a great permanent bond to any object. Plus, if you want to make a temporary bond, it’s recommended to keep the surface smooth and soft.

  • Step 2 – Apply Optimal Amount of Bondic:

After using sandpaper, its time to apply an optimal amount of Bondic to any object you want to fix. Make sure you use a sufficient amount of the product at the exact area that needs to be fixed.

You need to ensure a small amount of Bondic on the material at what UV light can easily hit. However, if you need to attach two items with Bondic, then only apply the plastic welder at one of the two items.

  • Step 3 – Use LED UV Light:

In the third step, you need to use LED UV light so you can make a powerful bond. Remember, the adhesive won’t get hardened unless you apply an LED light on the exact broken spot. You also need to make correct positioning to the object and after applying the optimal amount of Bondic to it.

Hold the light carefully and make sure you direct it to the point where you have used that adhesive. Now you need to hold the UV LED light for 3-4 seconds. In case you applied a large amount of adhesive, it’s better to move the UV light around for a few more seconds.

  • Step 4 – Be Careful About Sunlight:

When you use Bondic, make sure you are very careful about the direct sunlight. The reason is, sunlight also has UV radiations that can greatly impact the bonding.

To make a secure, effective, and durable bond, it’s better to repeat all the above steps. Your bond will be much stronger when you apply a few layers of thin adhesive.

  • Step 5 – Bondic Adhesives:

Besides using bonding objects, it is also suggested to use a Bondic adhesive that works as a filler. This is a liquid adhesive that helps fill a mold with immediate dreary UV light. Using Bondic is a great way to get an ideal shape of broken items or missing pieces of any object.

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Some Core Benefits of Bondic:

There are tons of benefits to using Bondic. You can simply use the liquid plastic welder for multiple applications. Have a look below and discover some important benefits of Bondic.

  • Bondic can help fix anything applicable to any material.
  • Works as a portable 3D printer
  • No drying issues
  • Best for both temporary and permanent bonding
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Safe to use
  • Naturally insulates the wire.

core benefits of bondic

What Can Be Done with Bondic?

Now that you know how to use Bondic, and what are its benefits, its time to learn what else you can do with this magical product.

Bondic can help you remove a tight screw. The product makes it possible because we apply small adhesives and then allow it to cure and fill in the exact broken area. Once it dries, you will see the screw come out very easily and smoothly.

Therefore, the product is best for repairing damaged or broken electronic items and helping create new threads.

Bondic also helps to add insulation to multiple wires. You can use it to fix minor leaks as well as reduces strain on the item. Moreover, Bondic is also ideal in forming a connection between different items. You can create a strong bond in places that cannot be fixed by traditional super glues. That’s the reason, we can easily say that yes! Bondic is better than the traditional glue you use at home.

Ending Thoughts:

The need to use this highly powerful product is increasing each day because of its ability to fix things in seconds and offer excellent results. Therefore, the need to understand how to use Bondic, and how does it work is very important before buying it. I hope this detailed article will clear all the confusion in your mind and now you can buy and use the product more confidently.