Bondic vs Super Glue – A Detailed Comparison Guide

Are you also tired of those situations when you broke some item at home and find glues and adhesives to fix it but they don’t work effectively?

Well, don’t worry. You are not alone in this because it has become a common problem in every house today. Yes, whenever you break something like glass or vase at the house, you look for some durable glue to fix it before somebody finds out.

But unfortunately, most of us couldn’t do it successfully because the glues we get are simply not reliable and durable. Many people trust the effectiveness of superglue. While many people love using Bondic as it has lots of positive reviews and feedback so far.

However, if you are one of those who didn’t use any of them before, you might be interested to know which is the right choice. In today’s Bondic vs Super glue comparison, I hope I can answer your questions and remove all the confusion regarding both products. So, let’s dive in and learn what’s special about these magical products and which is a more durable choice.

Bondic vs Super Glue – A Comparison Table:

Let’s learn some quick differences between the two products in this Bondic vs Super Glue comparison table:

Product details


Super Glue







Bonding time

4 seconds

30-60 seconds

Can fix everything




A bit expensive

Very cheap







Travel friendly






What is Bondic?

First, I would like to clarify one thing about Bondic. It’s not glue. In fact, it’s a liquid plastic welder that can fix anything from glass to wood and fabrics to metals. When you expose the object to UV light after applying Bondic, it will turn from liquid to solid within a few seconds. You can read more details in this Bondic review before placing an order.

Many people say Bondic is the only product that works effectively even better than glue. But is it possible that a simple liquid plastic welder works better than thousands of years old super glue?

Well, you will need to read the review till the end to decide.


Notable Features of Bondic:

Bondic is an excellent product and a special adhesive. Have a look at some of the important features that make the product unique.

  • Durable:

Bondic is highly durable. Once you mend things with this product, they won’t break again.

  • User-friendly:

Bondic is also very easy to use. You can simply apply it to the broken item and then expose it to UV light for strong bonding.

  • Safe and Effective:

This innovative product is 100% safe and effective. It doesn’t stick with your fingers or irritate.

  • Clean and Mess free:

With glues and other adhesives, there are chances to make any mess due to spills. But Bondic is different. It gives clean bonding with no messy areas.

  • Versatile:

Unlike other materials, Bondic is very versatile. You can fix almost everything with this product. From ceramics to metals, and wood to glass, Bondic can cure every damage and breakage.

features of bondic

Pros and Cons of Bondic:

Have a look at some pros and cons of Bondic before you purchase it.



Fast and effective bonding

Need UV light to operate

Durable product

Not form bonds on specific materials

100% safe and easy to use


Effective on wide materials


Non-toxic and odorless




Heat resistant


Easy application


Affordable for all


What is Super Glue?

Now that we have learned everything about Bondic, its time to get some information about Superglue and find out why people choose this product.

Super glue is one of the easiest glues available in the market that people use for a variety of household purposes. It is developed for long-lasting and quick repairs and stands up to all wear and tear, unlike other sensitive glues.

super glue

Some Amazing Feature of Super Glue:

Super glue is also equipped with tons of features that make it an ideal product. Have a look below and see if that’s what you wanted?

  • Quick set up:

You can quickly set up super glue on the broken item without following any special procedure. However, it takes some time in adjusting.

  • Small and Compact:

Super glue is small, portable, and compact. You can even carry it in your handbag or backpack. It is very helpful during long trips.

  • Very Affordable:

Unlike big gadgets, super glue is a much more affordable product. Anybody can purchase it as it fits every budget.

  • Use it as a Filler:

If you want to use super glue as a filler like Bondic, then it’s recommended to mix it with baking soda.

  • Easy to handle:

Super glue is very easy to handle. However, you need some extra care and precautions so it won’t hurt your skin.

features of super glue

Pros and Cons of Super Glue:

Let’s read some important pros and cons of super glue before buying it for your needs.



Instant bonding

Sensitive to high temperature

Compatible with every material

Need extra care to use

Easy to handle

Messy when spills on hand

Compact and travel friendly


Very affordable


Differences Between Bondic and Super Glue:

Bondic and super glue are very different products but are used for the same purpose. Hence, there are incredible differences between the two.

  • The major difference is, Bondic is non-toxic. It doesn’t cause any harm to your fingers. However, super glue can sometimes stick with your fingers, and don’t easily remove it unless you wash it repeatedly. Moreover, it irritates as well.
  • On the other hand, Bondic is a bit expensive for many people but super glue is not. You can buy it even if you are on a limited budget.
  • Bondic can create instant and temporary bonds within 4 seconds. While super glue can create short & temporary bonds and take 30-60 seconds to form bonds.
  • Bondic needs UV light to operate. You can’t use the product without it. However, super glue doesn’t need anything. You can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Bondic is durable. While super glue is not as durable as you expect it to be.

Bondic or Super Glue

Bondic or Super Glue? What Would you Prefer?

Time to decide. You have learned the features, functionality, and differences between the two products. So, what would you prefer now?

If you choose Bondic, you will have to spend a bit extra but it is worth the investment. However, if you choose super glue, you need to be very careful while using it as it can stick to your fingers.

According to my experience, Bondic is a much better option due to its ease of use, safety, and durability. So, if you are looking for a long-term and durable solution, I would suggest you choose Bondic and fix everything without having to spend exorbitant money.