Amaranth Vase Review – Does it Keep Flowers Fresh for Extended Times?

Who doesn’t love a pretty tabletop with fresh flowers decorated in a vase?

You can enjoy their magnificent presence and breathtaking fragrance for several days while managing your everyday activities.

But the saddest part is, that these fresh-cut flowers don’t last long no matter how much care you give them.

I know that a pleasant floral setting always uplifts your mood and environment. But if you are a flower designer or working in a local flower shop, you must know how hard is to keep unforgiving yeast from clogging the ends of the stem.

As a result, cut flowers don’t even last for a week. However, if you are a flower lover and want to keep your setting fresh & fragrant for longer, then maybe an Amaranth Vase is the right choice for you. It controls floral life without having you spend a lot of time or putting a great degree of effort.

But what exactly is Amaranth Vase? How does it work? And what are its features?

Let’s find out everything in this detailed review.

What is Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase is an innovative and brilliant upgrade, which is totally different than ordinary vases. It is the only practical crackproof and chip-proof choice that is specifically designed to keep your vase flowers fresh and alive for weeks.

This is a pretty vase that can easily withstand harsh mildew stains. The best part is, that it is so durable that it can even survive toddler knocks and pet bump-ins. 

By keeping your flowers in the vase, you can simply keep them vibrant, fresh, and fragrant, which only takes less than 3 minutes. So, your expensive flowers won’t wilt away or get damaged when they are decorated in this Amaranth Vase.

Another awesome thing about this vase is, that if it breaks accidentally, the company will send you another complimentary smarter vase.

What is Amaranth Vase

How to Use the Amaranth Vase?

This is not your ordinary vase that helps decorate flowers without doing any effort. It comes with a proper process, which is very easy to follow.

  1. Twist the Vase to Drain Water:

The core of the vase is designed to twist gently, which allows you to drain all the water inside. According to the makers of this product, the “twist and turn” element of this vase is straightforward and people with any strength issues can easily operate it as well.

  1. Cut the Stems:

Amaranth vase comes with an exposed base, due to which, it is very simple to cut the stems. You can even replace the water in your vase without having to remove the flowers.

  1. Decorate them and Enjoy:

According to the users who have been using the product, the amaranth vases can effectively enhance the longevity of flowers. All you need to do is, change the water and trim the stems regularly. After that, you can find out the visible differences.

How to Use the Amaranth Vase

How Does the Amaranth Vase Work?

Most of the flowers wilt away, get damaged, and die – just because of harmful bacterial infections. Thus, it is very hard to replace clean water every day.

Therefore, it comes with a gentle “twist and turns” design that gives easy access to flowers. It allows you to quickly cut the stems of the flowers, drain extra water, and then wipe away all the dirt.

The vase has a very patent-pending design which simply prolongs the life of the flowers.

How Does the Amaranth Vase Work

Key Features of Amaranth Vase:

If you are planning to buy Amaranth vase to keep your flowers fresh, make sure you read all the key features carefully.

  • Durable and Premium Materials:

The Amaranth vase is created from the combination of high-quality marble and thermoplastic. It comprises a stunning design which makes it extremely resistant to chipping and breaking. 

  • Fits Any Bouquet:

The vase is perfect for every size of bouquet. Whether you want to keep tiny flowers or huge garlands, it fits everything.

  • Best Gift:

The product is functional, entertaining, and useful which makes it the best gift for your dear ones.

  • No Mess:

Since the vase is unbreakable, it is less likely to produce any mess or dirt around.

  • Easy to Use:

The vase is also very easy to use. you just need to replace the water and trim the stems without even causing any harm to the flowers.

  • Twist and Turn:

You can easily use the vase with its twist and turn feature which allows you to retain the bottom of the vase and its delicate petals.

Features of Amaranth Vase

Pros and Cons of Amaranth Vase:



Extend the longevity of cut flowers

Only two sizes are available

User-friendly and safe to use

The large size can only hold 12-18 flowers

Made of shatter-resistant plastic


Lightweight and compact


Comparatively inexpensive choice


Maintain the freshness of blooms


Price of the Amaranth Vase:

The Amaranth Vase is very affordable for every budget. You can buy it from the official website for only $39.99. You can even buy one of their bundles offers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the Amaranth vase crack-proof?

Yes, the vase is shatterproof, crackproof, and chip-proof as it is made of high-quality plastic and marble.

  1. Why it’s better than an ordinary vase?

Amaranth vase is a much better choice than an ordinary vase. It comes with a twist and turns mechanism that drains the entire water. And keeps your flowers fresh for weeks. You don’t have to maintain it much like other vases. Just replace the water and cut the stems. The vase is also unbreakable and chip-proof as it is created with premium materials.

  1. Can I clean the Amaranth vase in a dishwasher?

No. You don’t have to clean it in the dishwasher. Just mix warm water and detergent and clean it by hand.

  1. Does it feature any return policy?

Yes, the vase comes with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

Should You Buy an Amaranth Vase?

Flower enthusiasts and local floral stores implement tons of techniques to keep their flowers fresh for a long time. Unfortunately, they couldn’t extend the life of flowers more than one week.

With the Amaranth vase, things are different. It helps you keep flowers fresh, fragrant, and alive for days and weeks. So yes! Amaranth vase is probably a great choice to consider if you want to enjoy the pretty smell and fresh presence of cut flowers.