MaskFone Review – Don’t Spend Your Money on It Before You Read This

Are you tired of wearing those hard and stuffy face masks that don’t even let you breathe easily? Since we are still not living in a Covid-free era and thousands of people are suffering from it every single day, we are forced to wear masks while going out.

Without wearing masks, there is a great possibility to get infected and spread germs. But don’t we have a replacement for those ineffective surgical masks? Maybe something more versatile, easy to use, and reliable?

MaskFone looks like a more comfortable, reliable, and worth considering option as it’s not like your ordinary mask. It comes with built-in earbuds and a microphone that allows you to make calls easily while wearing a mask.

This means, the era of hard masks and muffled calls is over… now you have an option to count on something that promises to offer ease and convenience.

Let’s read out everything about this intelligent tool and learn what are its primary features.

What is MaskFone?

MaskFone is a new intelligent smart gadget that allows you to listen to your favorite songs and make calls with extreme clarity and smoothness while keeping you protected from germs, without even having to remove your mask. It’s a comfortable mask that lets you make calls, and offers comfort, and safety unlike traditional masks available in the market.

This amazing gadget comes with replaceable PM2.5 and N95/FFP2 filters. they are already stored in your microphone and earphones, which can be used without removing the mask. The product ensures maximum comfort and protection.

MaskFone is designed to boost the help of users, and improve their life quality, without restricting their daily activities. They can attend calls, listen to music, and protect themselves from germs and allergies.

What is MaskFone

Why Do You Need MaskFone?

With MaskFone, you can easily prevent inhaling foreign objects that exist in the air. There are lots of harmful pathogens, allergens, and irritants that cause various diseases. By choosing this outstanding solution, you cannot only suppress COVID-19 but also control pollutants much more effectively.

This amazing tool was developed to solve the incompatibility between your smartphones and masks.

You can buy two kinds of earbuds currently. Wireless and wired. This means you don’t have to go through unclear speech while talking because of a tangled wire, as you can also choose the wireless option.

You can enjoy crystal clear calls every time without any background noise. This means, that making calls with MaskFone is actually a better choice than making them through your phone.

Why Do You Need MaskFone

How to Use MaskFone?

MaskFone is very easy to use. Follow the below steps to avoid any inconvenience:

  • Wear the mask as you normally do
  • Plug in the earphones
  • Start making calls and enjoy

How Does this Mask Work?

MaskFone is an exclusive kind of face mask that is made of breathable fabric and allows the wearer to make phone calls as well as enjoy music without even removing the mask.

You just need to put it on, adjust it according to your requirement, connect your phone’s Bluetooth, and then put the earbuds on. After that, you can easily make calls, listen to your favorite music, and do much more… without removing the mask.

There are also a few buttons in the mask that let you control the volume quickly.

How Does this Mask Work

Jaw-dropping Features of MaskFone:

Have a look at some jaw-dropping features of MaskFone that make the product extremely beneficial for every person.

  • No Suffocation or Wetness:

You will have a great amount of space inside the mask due to which you won’t experience any wetness or suffocation just like the traditional masks.

  • Crystal-Clean Audio Quality:

The best part about using the mask is, that it features crystal clear audio quality and smooth chats. The product is built by music fans so they ensured that it’s perfect from every angle.

  • Locator:

The HubbleApp will be connected to your MaskFone which gives access to more than 70,000 Alexa features. You can use this app to locate your mask as well.

  • Replaceable Filters:

You are only required to buy this product once and then later on you can replace the filters to keep it fresh and updated.

  • Machine Washable:

Unlike traditional masks that give bad smell after washing, this amazing product can be washed in a machine as well. This means, you can keep it clean and fresh every time.

  • Odor Resistant:

Thanks to its smell-resistant fabric, this mask is odor-resistant and won’t give any smell even if you wear it for longer.

  • 12-Hour Battery Life:

The mask comes with a durable and effective battery that runs for 12 hours.

Jaw-dropping Features of MaskFone

Pros and Cons of MaskFone:



Connects automatically

Requires filter replacement more often

Available in 2 sizes

Requires washing after a few uses

Adjustable and breathable fabric

Limited stock

Remote controls


Crystal clear phone calls


Maximum safety from germs


Long-lasting battery


Compatible with all devices


Reliable and safe to use


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How long does the MaskFone take to charge?

It approximately takes 3 hours to charge the mask and then offers 12 hours of crystal-clear audio quality.

  1. Can I use the headphones separately from a mask?

Yes, of course. You can remove them from the mask and use them wirelessly on your own.

  1. How much does the MaskFone cost?

The product is affordable for all. You can purchase it for $49.99 with a 1-year warranty.

  1. Is the mask comfortable to wear?

Yes, the mask is completely comfortable for all as it is made of high-quality, soft, and breathable fabric.

Should I buy MaskFone?

A face mask has become one of the most important accessories to use in the times of Covid. Whenever you go out, always wear a mask to save yourself from harmful pathogens in the air. But the fact is, these traditional masks are not comfortable and reliable. Plus, you are always required to remove them for making calls.

But that’s not the case with MaskFone. It comes with earbuds with volume control features so you can enjoy clear calls and music whenever you want.

So yes! you should definitely buy MaskFone as it also comes with good air and light-blocking capabilities. If you are interested to buy it, make sure you purchase it from the official website where you can get an authentic product with discounts and a complete warranty.