Where to Place a Bug Zapper?

Do you enjoy spending time in your backyard in the hot summer beside a pool while listening to your favorite music? The moments feel more special when you are surrounded by a group of people you love the most.

However, that beautiful time could be disturbed by nasty pests and mosquitoes and all those little insects that are attracted to light. That’s why many people prefer to use insecticides and chemical sprays to keep the insects at bay. But what actually happens is, insects still invade your space as these products are not effective enough in killing those big and terrible mosquitoes. In fact, most of these products are futile in such spaces.

Hence, we all need a bug zapper that can effectively kill those insects as soon as they get attracted to the light. I know many people are a bit skeptical about using bug zappers because they think zappers are dangerous. But actually, they are not.

Now the biggest question is, if you have a good quality zapper at home, then where to place a bug zapper so it can easily and efficiently kill all the mosquitoes and insects?

Let’s find out more in this detailed article.

What is a Bug Zapper?

Before we move to the actually point, I think it is very important to discuss what exactly is a bug zapper.

The bug zapper is a device that kills all the insects and mosquitoes near you. it performs the function by using a high-quality UV light that attracts flies and insects. The product also contains wires that are responsible to transmit the high voltage and then electrocute them when the insects come in contact.

It also has a fitted tray at the end where all the dead mosquitoes are collected. This way, you can simply kill insects from your surroundings and later throw them away to keep the zapper clean.

What is a Bug Zapper

Where to Place a Bug Zapper?

After knowing about zappers, you must be curious to find where to place a bug zapper where it can effectively kill all insects and mosquitoes. Well, the fact is, bug zappers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you are placing a bug zapper in your garden, patio, or backyard, then make sure it is placed far from people and at least 15-20 feet away so it doesn’t annoy or irritate everyone sitting beside it.

It’s also important to note the position unit which is around 5-7 feet from ground level so you can enable it to allow more efficiently. The product works more effectively when you place it outdoors because this is the main area where most insects fly and crawl.

Where to Place a Bug Zapper outside

Positioning Your Bug Zappers Outdoor:

The next question that confuses most people after buying a bug zapper is, how to hang or position it in the backyard or garden.

When you hang the bug zapper in your outdoor area like the garden or patio or maybe on the tree in the form of bird feeders then you would probably make the product fairly inconspicuous.

Moreover, it must be protected from harsh weather conditions and direct rain. You can place it on a tree by using a shepherd hook that can keep it balanced and well-positioned. You can buy these items from your nearby hardware or home improvement stores.

We all know that bug zappers work with electricity. Proximity to the electric power source is also the most important factor to consider for its functioning.

I know outdoor power sockets are not found easily, so it might be challenging to find them for using a bug zapper. That’s why you can consider using an extension cord to make things easy.

Also keep in mind that the electrical cords blend with either the grass or sometimes the ground, so it must prevent any trips or falls.

Can You Place Bug Zappers Inside Home?

Yes, you can. But bug zappers are intended to be put outdoors mostly around the garden or patio. However, if you want to use them inside your home, then make sure you are putting them away from your food sources and kitchen.

They comprise an ultraviolet light that quickly lures mosquitos away from people and attracts them onto the metal grid. Make sure you put the gadget in a higher position inside the home. Find some decorative hook or another thing to hang it so the device can perform effectively. If you don’t have any other option, then it’s better to find a table to keep it.

The Best Bug Zapper for Your Home?

Another concern that makes people more worried is, what is the bug zapper that kills mosquitoes and insects quickly. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

You can try Buzz-B-Gone which comes with high-quality LED light. It is a powerful and scentless product and only relies on light and electricity to perform its function.

You cannot only use the product outdoors but also indoors as it is designed for every place, and every need! If you are interested to explore everything about Buzz-B-Gone, I would suggest you read this article and learn all the features of Buzz-B-Gone that make it an exceptional zapper to consider.

buzz b gone

Pros and Cons of Bug Zappers:

  • Best at killing all bugs and mosquitoes
  • Chemical free
  • Harmless product
  • Works better than bug-repellent sprays
  • Easy to install
  • Works in long term
  • Weather friendly product
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Sometimes kill the wrong bugs

Final Thoughts: Ready to Invest in a Bug Zapper?

Bug zappers are currently the hottest product available in the market. They are excellent in performance, user-friendly, and can be used both inside the home and outside as well.

Compared to those inefficient sprays that have lots of chemicals and are even dangerous for everyone, the bug zappers are an extremely beneficial and reliable product that works in the long run without causing giving any headaches or issues.

Once you activate it with a single press of a button, they will be ready to kill all the insects with their LED light. After a few minutes, your area will be free from those nasty insects, pests, and mosquitoes.