GlowBowl Review – Does this Toilet Night Light Actually Work?

You must have wondered that it’s quite hard to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night for a quick bathroom emergency.

Well, there is actually a scientific reason behind that. After waking up from sound sleep, when your eyes are exposed to the abrupt bright light, you will irritation because it causes a great decrease in melatonin. And as a result, you feel harder to sleep.

When you turn on the bathroom switch in a completely dark setting, your eyes do not have time to adjust to the sudden brightness of the light.

This definitely feels very inconvenient. Right? Well, don’t worry. There is a solution to this problem. you can get your hands on the new product on the market called GlowBowl which helps you find the toilet without having to flip the switch on in the darkness.

Let’s find out everything in detail about this genius product. How does the GlowBowl work and what are its features?

What is GlowBowl?

The GlowBowl is colorful lavatory light that automatically turns on when you pass close to the toilet.

With this amazing product, the LED motion-activated convenience would fully light up your toilet automatically, and hence, you can easily go to relieve yourself without missing your aim – and that too, without losing your sleep.

You can select from the 7 lively LED colors that help you make the area look radiant, bright, and easily visible. The product also comes with an integral air freshener that will probably make your visit calming to your senses while giving a fresh fragrance with every trip. I bet it’s going to be very enjoyable to visit the lavatory at night.

What is GlowBowl

How Does GlowBowl Work?

The Glow Bowl is your motion-activated toilet light that makes your loo trip convenient in the dark. The product is made of highly durable plastic that you can clean and sanitize easily with household cleaners. It comes with an extended bendable arm that simply illuminates 7 beautiful LED colors which are splash resistant and can also be replaced when required.

This LED light makes bathroom breaks fun for children as they can get to 7 different LED colors on every visit. You can even set this nightlight to rotate colors automatically after every 4 seconds. You can choose from 5 stages of light to dim and adjust the brightness levels.

How Does GlowBowl Work

How to Use this LED Product?

According to the customers who used the product, GlowBowl is very to install and use. By following three easy steps, you can turn your toilet bowl into a colorful and fragrant night light.

  • Install its air freshener into the GlowBowl product
  • Now attach the Glow Bowl light on the edges of your toilet bowl and then press long to activate its carousel mode. Once the light starts blinking, remove the finger from the color you want to see.
  • In the end, turn off the LED lights and see how your toilet bowl is turned into a fragrant toilet light.

Always remember that the GlowBowl product is highly light-sensitive and will only activate when it’s dark.

How to Use this LED Product

Some Key Features of GlowBowl:

Want to order GlowBowl? There are lots of features that make the product superior to others in the market.

  • Motion Detection:

You are not required to turn on the lights for using the bathroom. GlowBowl Fresh already comes with a motion detector that automatically starts to glow up your toilet while detecting the movement in the darkness.

  • Water Resistant:

This intelligent gadget is completely water-resistant. It won’t get wet and you can easily clean it with different household cleaners.

  • 24/7 Fragrance:

It comes with a built-in freshener that you can easily replace whenever you want. This offers a long-lasting fragrance for odor protection.

  • Kids Favorite:

Many kids and children feel afraid to use the bathroom at the night. But with GlowBowl, they can enjoy every trip due to its vibrant and strong colors.

  • Completely Visible:

The goal is to make the toilet completely visible in the dark. And GlowBowl can easily do it as it features 7 LED colors which can be adjusted according to your requirement.

  • Easy Setup:

The GlowBowl product is very easy to use and set up. It only takes a few seconds to install and enjoy different lights.

  • Hassle-free Cleaning:

As mentioned above, the product is very easy to clean. You can clean it with a different product to retain its shine and look.

  • Adjust Brightness:

Whether you need a bright light or dim, you can easily adjust the brightness by using its 5-stage dimmer.

features of glowbowl

Pros and Cons of GlowBowl:



Best value for money

May need battery replacement

Easy to use and install


Keeps your room fresh and fragrant


Easy to clean


7 LED colors


Adjustable brightness


Safe and effective


Affordable for all


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does its air freshener smell like?

Its smell is just like a field of lavender that has a cool breeze increasing the aroma. Your bathroom will smell the same once you install it.

  1. How many colors are available in GlowBowl?

GlowBowl is available in 13 different colors such as Aqua, blue, yellow, white, purple, red, and many more. If you cannot decide which color you want, set it on color-carousal mode and it will start rotating all the colors every 4 seconds.

  1. How can I change the color?

Press the button for a long and stop pressing on the color you want to see.

  1. What is the price of GlowBowl?

GlowBowl is affordable for all. Currently, it is available with a discount and you can only get it for $18.99, which makes it a fabulous gift for your loved ones as well.

Conclusion: Does it Work?

Yes. GlowBowl gadget is trusted by thousands of people today. Why? Because it has a lot of features and benefits that make it an ideal product for every kid, man, and woman.

If you have any doubt in mind, you can simply visit the official website of GlowBowl and find out how many people love using the product. So, just for a few bucks, you can easily transform your boring toilet into a fun, lively, and colorful place to relieve yourself.