5 Best Photo Stick Reviews – What’s Your Choice? (Read Before Buying)

Memories are priceless. It’s always important to safe-keep them using different ways. But unfortunately, we all come across a moment when we capture tons of pictures of some memorable event, just to lose them during hard drive failure.

In another case, we often run out of storage capacity on our devices and as a result, we need to delete some of our favorite photos just to make enough space for other files.

Both of these situations are definitely very frustrating for us especially when we want to keep every memory with us. However, that’s no longer a difficult option. You have an opportunity to use the best photo stick devices that can help store photos, videos, and files all in one place without the fear of losing anything again.

The devices feature extensive memory and lots of other specs that make them a favorite choice of every person. But people feel a bit confused when it comes to choosing the right device for storing photos. They couldn’t decide whether they need Photo stick mobile or Picture Keeper as both serve the same function.

To clear this confusion, we have come across with 5 best photo stick reviews so that you can easily the one that best suits your needs.

Best Photo Stick Devices That Are Becoming Everyone’s Favorite!

Did you know these photo stick devices are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite choice today? They keep your files safe and offer tons of features without paying exorbitant money.

  1. The Photo Stick Mobile
  2. The Photo Stick
  3. Picture Keeper
  4. ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile 
  5. Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive 256GB

Have a look at the best photo stick devices and discover the best choice.

  1. The Photo Stick Mobile:

If you have ever run out of space on your mobile phone, you would probably know the value of external storage. Yes, you can purchase various devices and memory cards to cover the issue of memory. But they are not safe and come with very limited advantages.

The Photo stick mobile is not like this. It’s not your traditional flash drive. It helps you store all your videos and photos in one place while allowing you to find the relevant files for you. That’s easy. You can choose your desired files and add them to another device like a tablet or PC.

It’s a safe storage backup solution that you can take anywhere. The best feature of the device is, it doesn’t transfer multiple copies of files. It will help maximize the space by saving only one relevant copy.

Pros and Cons of Photo Stick Mobile:
  • Easy to use and very simple device
  • Stores thousands of photos and videos
  • Automatically locate files
  • Compatible with different phones and tablet devices
  • Affordable, safe, and reliable
  • May not be found in retail stores

You can check its functionality and features in this detailed Photo stick mobile review before buying.

photo stick mobile

  1. The Photo stick:

The Photo stick offers you an effortless solution to generate multiple backups of your photos and videos. The features of this incredible device deserve a great round of applause.

It stores more than 60,000 photos conveniently without creating multiple copies. It comes with three storage solutions and offers fast transfer without causing any issues.

Read how photo stick gadget works and what makes them special from others.

Pros and Cons of Photo Stick:
  • Custom interface
  • Duplicate removal
  • Easy to use
  • 100% safe and effective
  • Great memory
  • Saves time and effort
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Often gives some compatibility issues.


  1. Picture Keeper:

Picture keeper is also a smart data backup solution that keeps track of your digital files and helps keep photos, videos, and other files safe & protected. It is pretty straightforward to set up and use.

It works efficiently with Mac or PC and offers the same set of features and menu. You can use this portable device offline and it also deletes multiple copies to save storage space. Moreover, you can get instant backup with this smart gadget.

Pros and Cons of Picture Keeper:
  • Secure and tested
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Best for personal and professional use
  • No data duplication
  • Hard to store large files due to space issues.

Picture Keeper

  1. ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile:

If you are troubled with having lots of USBs for various devices, then don’t worry. ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile 128 GB is here to help. It is also the best photo stick device as it features 4 ports Type C, micro-USB, USB 3.0, and iOS. It’s just like an all-in-one solution for both your mobile and PC.

It works by installing the Y-disk app and is very easy to use. All you need to do is, plug and play. You can even watch a movie on the flash drive of 128 GB.

Pros and Cons of Anyoug USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile:
  • Huge storage for large files
  • Reliable and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Connect multiple devices at a time
  • Easy to do multiple tasks such as file transfer, social media sharing, etc.
  • Not tried and tested by many!

ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile

  1. Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive 256GB:

Due to its exquisite design, USB2.0 interface, and high-speed transfer, the Wansenda Micro USB flash drive is also a favorite solution of many people who need secure storage for their photos, videos, and files.

It contains 2 USB port designs, a 360-degree rotating feature, and a fashionable appearance which makes it the best photo stick device. Its multi-format compatibility further makes it an ideal choice for people who want to store data in AI, PDF, or Jpeg form.

Pros and Cons of Wansenda Micro USB Flash:
  • Easy to operate
  • Instant plug and play
  • Comes with micro-USB and USB 3.0
  • Storage huge amount of data as it features 256 GB
  • Fewer details are mentioned in the instructions manual.

Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive

What’s Your Choice?

After reading the detailed review of these best photo stick devices, I hope that now you can easily make a choice. However, according to my experience and recommendation, the Photo Stick and the Photo Stick mobile are probably the best solutions that are tried and tested by thousands of people and never received a single complaint so far.

They offer more reliability and flexibility without having to spend tons of money. So if you want huge storage solutions with other benefits and perks, make sure you choose these options as they are also affordable for every budget and need.