Ulla Hydration Alert Review – Does it Help Stay Hydrated?

We all know that our body is composed of 80% of water. Our moms, teachers, and dieticians always recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. It normalizes our blood pressure and helps us stay fit & healthy.

But did you know 75% of people still do not drink enough amount of water every day? We ignore this cliché and often forget that our body can’t function normally if it’s dehydrated. I mean there is already a lot going on in our lives so it gets quite difficult to keep track of our regular water intake.  Right?

Fortunately, you don’t have to stress about it. There is a gadget called Ulla smart hydration that gives you everyday hydration reminders and reminds you to fill up your bottle with a regular dose of water.  

So, if you want to drink plenty of water but often forget when to take it, then Ulla can help. Read the article till the end and learn how Ulla works and what are its features.

What is Ulla Hydration Alert?

Ulla hydration alert is a smart gadget invented for your water bottle. This compact device sends you reminders and helps drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you forget to drink water during busy hours, the device will send timed drinking reminders so you never stay dehydrated at your work. As a result, you start to look healthy and feel healthy.

Ulla smart hydration is a fully-automated device. You can attach it to any water bottle, mug, glass, jar, or anything. It comes with a lot of sensors that measure how much water your body should take. The device also features an LED light that flashes to remind you if you forget to drink water. It will only work when its sensors notice that you are nearby.

This means it won’t keep you reminded if it senses that you are not in a room. It automatically stops sending reminders once it senses that you are drinking water timely.

What is Ulla Hydration Alert

How Does Ulla Hydration Work?

Ulla hydration features high-tech motion as well as some tilt sensors that help track how much water you drink throughout the day. According to the data, Ulla sends a daily notification and keeps a check if you are drinking the required amount of water. It will automatically remind you when it’s time to drink water. It has tilt sensors that verify if you are drinking water in a bottle or a glass.

The goal of this smart gadget is to make you feel healthier. You can enjoy tons of health benefits that are associated with drinking plenty of water each day. According to recent studies, hydrated people can successfully maintain a good weight.

How Does Ulla Hydration Work

How to Use this Device?

Ulla hydration alert is very easy to use.

You need to wrap the Ulla band around the glass or a bottle and then clip the narrow end of the device facing down.

After that, it will be ready to track your drinking habits. For example, if you have not taken water in 30 minutes, the sensors will blink. As long as the drink registers on its sensors, the Ulla gadget will stop blinking. If you are taking water regularly, then Ulla will never flash.

Ulla also works with a straw. Once you tilt the vessel or bottle while using the straw, the device should recognize the movement and then register it as a drink.

Key Features and Benefits of Ulla:

Ulla hydration alert comes with a lot of incredible features and benefits. Some of them are:

  • Send Smart Alerts:

Ulla doesn’t connect with your phone or have any wireless functionality. It only lights up to notify us that it’s time to drink water. 

  • Track Drinking Habits:

Ulla smart hydration comes with sensors that detect tilt and motion. These sensors track your drinking habits and send automatic alerts when it’s time to drink water.

  • Works with All types of Drinking Vessels:

The smart gadget works with almost every type of drinking vessel. You can attach it to a glass, mug, jug, water bottle, or anything.

  • Light and Temperature Sensors:

It also comes with light and temperature sensors that can even detect the temperature of your bottle or mug and give you an idea about the temperature of the water inside.

  • Replaceable Battery:

The best part about using Ulla is, that it comes with long-lasting replaceable batteries. Each battery lasts nearly 6 months.

Key Features and Benefits of Ulla

Pros and Cons of Ulla Hydration Alert:



Small, compact, lightweight

Detach from the drinking vessel

Comes with different sensors


Helps stay fit & healthy


Helps develop proper drinking habits


Sends automatic reminders


Durable battery


Eco-friendly solution


Fits any container


Silent blinking LEDs


Easy to carry


Here’s What People Think About Ulla:

According to one customer Sisi h:

“I’ve been a coffee drinker for years. I love it so much that I have preferred it over water—which is not healthy. Good thing my friend recommended this Ulla water bottle reminder. Its mechanism is both simple and functional, which is what technology should be. Now, I get to balance my love for coffee with enough water hydration.”

Ali Y, also used Ulla and that’s what he thinks:

“I’ve been using this water reminder for almost nine months now. The battery hasn’t run out! It’s so impressive that I don’t have to spend on batteries constantly.”

Conclusion: Is Ulla a Right Gadget that Helps Stay Hydrated?

Ulla Hydration Alert claims to be the gadget that helps people stay hydrated by sending them regular reminders. It operates with durable batteries, lightweight, and compact solutions, and fits every container.

According to the real manufacturers of Ulla, you can drink 3x more water with this smart gadget. That’s the reason, the device has been used by 280,000 people in more than 160 countries today.

The best part about using Ulla is, that it is very affordable for almost every person. You can purchase it for $27.99 only. However, you can also buy bundles of 3,5, and 10 Ulla’s.

So, next time don’t get duped into buying some expensive water bottles with non-reliable sensors. Try Ulla and stay healthy and hydrated!