Shadow X Drone Review 2022 – Does it Work or a Scam?

Have you ever thought of flying a drone?

Well, I know most people will say “yes” because it’s definitely something worth remembering. But other than flying a drone for entertainment purposes, there are lots of amazing things you can do with them.

Especially if you are a photographer, YouTuber, or Influencer who simply wants to have some fun, then you probably need a drone that lets you fly with ease and comfort; and allow you to shoot stunning photos and videos.

But the sad part is that, most drones are expensive and difficult to operate. However, if you want a less expensive drone that gives you an amazing experience then Shadow X Drone is definitely the right product to get your hands on.

It is created from high-grade materials and guarantees great satisfaction.

However, there are still many people who wonder if it really works or is just a scam? If you also have any doubts, then check out this detailed review of Shadow X Drone and find out how it works and what are its features.

What is the Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X drone is also called the “XPRO Drone”. It is easy to use, lightweight, portable, and foldable drone that comes in a unique and sleek design.

The product is made of high-grade durable materials. It is a three-speed drone that has a 720p world-class camera as well as a 120-degree viewing range.

If you are keen to enjoy the life of a pilot, then I bet this innovative Shadow X Drone is a wonderful product to try today. Even if you are a photographer and trying to capture some wildlife pictures or nature photographs then this high-quality Drone easily fits your requirements.

This little giant can help you take aerial shots as the product is extremely powerful and compact.

What is the Shadow X Drone

Technical Specs of Shadow X Drone:

If you are interested to buy this drone, you must love to explore some technical specs and features of this product.

  • 21 minutes of fly-time
  • Slo-mo mode
  • Panorama mode
  • Lightweight
  • Records video at 120FPS
  • 720 pixels high-resolution camera
  • Gravity sensors
  • Durable construction
  • Foldable design
  • Available in black and turquoise colors
  • Charging time = 70 minutes
  • Cordless control
  • Battery life = 68 minutes

How Does this Drone Work?

Shadow X Drone is easy to handle and works efficiently.

You don’t have to study any detailed guide or tutorials to operate the Shadow X Drone. You simply need to charge your Shadow X Drone. Place the battery inside the drone and connect it to the cable. Once it’s charged, you can easily start it with the transmitter available in the package. That’s it!

The product is versatile, affordable, durable, reliable, and easy to use which makes it an exceptional choice for all. People don’t want to buy a technical device that needs some tough engineering skills. When you will use this drone, you will love its ease of operations.

How Does this Drone Work

What Makes the Product So Special?

Shadow X Drone comes with plenty of amazing features and benefits that make it a top-tier product. it is intended for simple and hassle-free flying. You can either fly it inside or record your favorite shots while traveling anywhere.

There are further elements that make the drone special among others.

  • It goes farther and faster at a speed of more than 19 meters per second with a distance of 4 km.
  • It is simple to control even for newbies.
  • It has a pre-customized camera that includes boomerang and asteroid which helps you take professional-quality footage with a single click.

What Makes the Product So Special

Key Features of Shadow X Drone:

Shadow X Drone is one of the most powerful drones available for photography. Its unique and elegant design makes it an excellent choice for all drone lovers. Have a look at its features before buying Shadow X Drone.

  • Portable:

The Shadow X Drone is fully portable, sleek, and ergonomic. It comes in a foldable design so you can easily pack it in your backpack or suitcase.

  • Advanced Stability:

Shadow X Drone utilizes advanced stability that guarantees simple control. Due to its stability algorithm, you can simply keep it stable in even breezy conditions.

  • Gravity Sensor:

The Shadow X Drone features a gravity sensor that prevents it from being jammed by different hurdles and obstacles and ensures smooth landing safely and quickly.

  • HD Photos and Videos:

At only 120 frames per second, the Shadow X Drone can capture HD photos and videos with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

  • Slo-mo Mode:

By using the slow-motion video mode, users can easily record footage of moving things which definitely opens up an array of possibilities for your photography projects.

  • Increased Flying Time:

You can enjoy a minimum flight time of 15 minutes with this high-quality drone, thanks to its high-quality battery.

Key Features of Shadow X Drone

Pros and Cons of Shadow X Drone:



Extremely stable

Camera quality is not so extraordinary

Easy to operate even for newbies


Reliable, durable, and affordable


High-quality photos and videos


More than 15 minutes of video


More than 80 meters range


Lightweight and compact


High battery life


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we fine-tune the balance of the Shadow X Drone?

Yes, you can. It has a fine-tune button that can be used to set the alignment of the balance by pressing it once.

  1. What comes in the package?

It comes with a sleek package that contains:

  • Coated storage bag for dust prevention
  • A 4 spare propeller blade for replacement
  • USB cable
  • 7v battery
  • Screwdriver for fixing propellers
  1. Where can I buy the product?

Its recommended buying the product from the official website of Shadow X Drone if you want to enjoy the discounts and 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. What’s the price of the Shadow X Drone?

The Shadow X Drone is currently available with a 60% discount. This means you can buy it only for $89.99. However, you can also buy bundle packs based on your needs.

Final Thoughts: Is that a Scam?

The Shadow X Drone is considered trustable and reliable because of its amazing features and qualities. The product has 3749 positive reviews on the official website, which means it is 100% authentic, and not a scam.

So, if you are looking to buy a multi-functional and durable drone to enhance your photography, then Shadow X Drone is probably the best purchase you can ever make!