OlumiRing Review – Is This the Most Versatile Mini Ring Light?

Have you ever felt during a video call that you could look better and fresh with a little bit of extra light?

If yes, then putting on a lot of makeup to look radiant is probably not an ideal solution. Now you can look stunning, fresh, and bright on the camera anytime, anywhere using a small OlumiRing device which is currently considered the top-grade LED lighting solution invented by a startup Oluminate – based in New York.

Inspired by Covid19 when everything turned upside down and people started to work from home, the startup sold thousands of units in the first few days.

Today, every photographer, educator, content creator, and makeup artist love this OlumiRing. Let’s find out what is it, what makes it special, and how it works.

What is OlumiRing?

OlumiRing is a compact mini-LED ring light that allows you to look 10x better on camera as it can make your photos brighter while giving a professional and glowing touch to your face with just a single click of a button. The equipment is ideal for selfies, video calls, content creation, or anything that involves the use of a camera.

You can use this small mini-light on your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet. The product comes with a small clip-on. You need to attach it to your device wherever you want and press the button. It will start working and make you look brighter, fresher, and fairer.

OlumiRing is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which makes it a great travel-friendly solution as well. The device can also be charged while being used, which means it comes with an unlimited runtime.

What is OlumiRing

How Does this Mini Ring Light Work?

There is no rocket science behind the functionality of this OlumiRing light. It is also very simple to use just like any other mini light you use. All you need to do is, press a button, and it will instantly light up your face. The device doesn’t need any installation and it will start working straight out of the box.

The device comes in a solid distinctive shape that offers 360-degree coverage as well as brightens up your videos and photos from every angle. This makes the lighting effects as natural as possible. While using the OlumiRing, you will feel much more confident in front of a camera and can express yourself to the fullest.

How Does this Mini Ring Light Work

Some Incredible Uses of this Multipurpose Gadget:

Without any doubt, the OlumiRing is a multipurpose gadget that can be used in several activities. Some of them are:

  • Content creation: If you are a content creator and create videos for Tiktok, YouTube, or Instagram, then this is the best handy device that helps you look fresher and better from all aspects.
  • Video conferencing: It seems like a perfect tool for video conferencing. It makes you look more professional, and confident and sets a great tone for meetings.
  • Additional lighting: The device can brighten up any darker space. You can also use it as a makeup light or use it as a nightlight if your place is not well-lit.
  • Photography: Photographers can use this light for adding incredible touch to the background. It improves the quality of photos and videos.

Some Incredible Uses of this Multipurpose

Features and Benefits of OlumiRing:

Planning to buy OlumiRing? Make sure you read all the essential features and benefits so you could make the most of your investment.

  • Softening Diffuser:

This is a built-in feature of OlumiRing which prevent any eye strain caused by excessive light. It works like HD lighting for various needs.

  • Rechargeable Battery:

The product comes with a rechargeable battery. It can last up to one hour after being fully charged.

  • 40 LED Bulbs:

The OlumiRing features 40 LED bulbs that combine 20 warm, cool white bulbs as well as 20 warm white bulbs that give a highly bright camera and video experience.

  • Soft Internal Lining:

There is a soft silicon rubber beneath which is quite durable and long-lasting.

  • Built-in Clip:

It comes with a built-in clip design that can be firmly attached to any device.

  • 3 Power Modes:

It has three power modes through which you can manage the white light. Click once to enjoy full white power. Click twice for cooler white LEDs. And click thrice for a warm white LED.

  • Different Colors:

The light is available in three different colors. White, Jet black, and pink armor.

Features and Benefits of OlumiRing

Pros and Cons of OlumiRing:



Adjustable lighting modes

Only available on official website

Works on every smart device


Portable, compact, lightweight


High-quality materials, built to last


Protective material that prevents damage


Runtime 1-2 hours, after full charge


Cable included for charging


Top Reviews Shared by Content Creators and Other Users:

According to different content creators and other users:

“Very friendly and helpful customer service support. Product functions well and is durable.”

“Great quality and great product.”

“Terrific price.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we clip the OlumiRing over the phone case?

Yes, we can. The ring can easily fit over any kind of phone case. However, if the case is extra thick and bulky, then there would be some difficulty in firmly attaching the clip.

  1. How long will the battery run?

The battery will run for 1-2 hours maximum if the OlumiRing is fully charged.

  1. Does the OlumiRing obstruct my face ID while unlocking my phone?

No. The ring doesn’t cover or obstruct your face ID while unlocking the phone. You can use your phone easily while the ring is on.

  1. What is the price of OlumiRing?

The price of one OlumiRing is $24.99, three OlumiRings for $24.99, and five OlumiRings for $17.99.

Final Verdict:

Nothing can make content creators and YouTubers as happy as this OlumiRing. This is probably one of the best gifts for them. This unique LED mini ring light can simply change your life and the way you create content. Unlike other lighting options, it is a sophisticated, durable, flexible, and reliable option that is made of high-quality materials.

On top of that, your purchase will be backed by a 30-days of guarantee so you can buy this amazing product with full confidence. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it and get a full refund.