ODii Review 2022 – Is that the Best 3-in-1 Grabber Gadget?

Unluckily, I have always been a victim of losing things to some tighter spaces where it’s quite hard to reach. Not only that but dropping objects and being unable to pick them up is also pretty infuriating for me (and I am sure for you too). However, this is something very simple but very frustrating as well.

To make things easier, you need a grabbing tool so that you can easily pick objects that fall under beds, sofas, tables, and other things. By using tools like these, you can save your precious items like keys, chargers, and other things from being lost.

That’s why, many people trust the abilities of ODii grab-it-gadget that helps you reach narrower places with its claws, flashlight, and long-lasting battery.

So, before you invest your hard-earned money on this grabber gadget, let’s find out everything in detail in this ODii review.

What is ODii?

When you first hear the name “ODii”, you might not judge anything about the tool and it seems a little odd because it actually has no meaning. But when you say ODii grabber gadget, you can easily get an idea about what this tool can do for you.

ODii is an innovative pick-up tool that is designed specifically for retrieving objects from some tighter spaces where your hands can’t reach. It is a small, compact, and powerful tool that comes with unlimited functionalities that make your tasks easier.

The best thing about this grabber tool is, that it can fit anywhere you want to.

what is odii

What Problems Does the ODii Tool Solve?

By using this innovative product, you can easily grab items that are hard to reach without even bending over or standing on a chair. You can pick items from small spaces where your hands do not fit.

  • Car: Sometimes small items like coins, cards, and food easily fall between the car seat. You can pick them using the ODii grabber.
  • Home: Items that fall under beds, sofas, or other heavy items. Or sometimes your hands cannot reach up to the fridge or cabinets. You can use ODii to easily pick them up.
  • Work: ODii is also useful in workplaces, especially when items fall beneath the chairs or desks.

What Problems Does the ODii Tool Solve

Salient Features of ODii Pick-up Gadget:

If you are planning to buy ODii, it’s better to learn all its salient features first.

  • Magnet:

The ODii gadget has 23 inches wide detachable magnet that can easily attract dropped metal items like coins, keys, and several metallic objects. Its magnet is powerful enough to attract fallen objects and hold them tighter in place.

  • LED Flashlight:

The tool also comprises an LED flashlight so you can easily pick items that are stuck under the fridge, cupboard, sofas, or places where lights cannot reach.

  • Extendable Claws:

The ODii gadget features claws that protrude from the safety vent. These claws are very large and powerful and can easily grab multiple small items securely. You can pick up any fallen object with these claws and monitor how they securely grab the item until you reach them.

  • Lift up to 10 lbs. Weight:

Well, the tool may look small and compact but it is powerful enough to lift 10 lbs. weight easily – which is ultimately a great strength.

Salient Features of ODii

How to Use ODii Grabber?

ODii grabber is very easy to use. its design is so simple that everyone from an elderly person to a kid can easily use it. the tool comprises a handle at the top with a plunger inside. You can grab the tool by its handle and then pull its plunger so you can easily control the claws that always remain in the open position.

What Makes ODii Unique from Other Solutions?

ODii is a unique and innovative gadget that works differently from other solutions as it is a 3-in-1 tool.

It is lightweight and features an extra-strong grip that differentiates it from other tools. The tool is versatile and has a detachable magnet which further makes grabbing easy.

  • It features a bright flashlight so you can search dropped items even in the narrow spaces where lights cannot reach.
  • It comes with strong magnets which can easily pick up small items like keys, coins, food, and other things.
  • You can easily fit the tool into narrow spaces that your hands cannot reach.
  • Moreover, it is capable to hold larger items up to 10 pounds.

What Makes ODii Unique

Pros and Cons of ODii:



Lightweight, compact, small

Cannot pick up more than 10 pounds

Perfect for tighter spaces

The claws can unscrew while you use it

Shrinks down for easy storage


23 – inch magnet


Easy to use even for kids or elderly




Made of durable materials


What Do the Customers Say About ODii?

Currently, more than 60,000 ODii gadgets have been sold. People are very happy about its functionality and results.

“It was me who brought in the sample. I loved it the moment I saw it. My car, my home, and my office desk have ODii ultimate grab-it gadget as of now. I may get even more.” Ruby

“I instantly wanted one as soon as I saw it. I’m very clumsy in the laundry room and I lose socks, and underwear all the time behind the dyer. This ODii grab it gadget has saved me lots of arguments with my wife.” Robert

“I bought one to put in my car because I drop stuff in between or under seats all the time. This works as described and has been very useful. I’m amazed by how strong the grip was. Able to pick up heavy objects.” Simple Life

Should You Buy the ODii Grabber?

Yes, ODii is a reliable tool to grab items that are beyond your reach. You can practically retrieve all the small items that drop or are struck between car seats, sofas, tables, cupboards, and other heavy objects.

Due to its plenty of amazing features, more than 60,000 ODii tools are sold which makes the product 100% reliable and effective. If you want to buy it, visit the official website of ODii and place your order with 30-days money-back guarantee.