Lumenology Review – Must Read this Guide Before You Buy

Knowing that your neighborhood is not safe, especially when its night makes you feel very uncomfortable and fearful. You cannot even step outside your home without safety precautions.

Relying on electricians for fixing your flicking light bulbs is also not a safe option as they can go dim anytime and leave you in the dark.

So, I think illumination in your home or property is an extremely essential thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted; after all, it has to secure your home and neighborhood.

Lumenology portable LED motion light looks like a solution to this problem. it comes with lots of features and detects any movement around your house and neighborhood.

But how does it work? What do you need to know before buying? And what are its features? Learn everything in this detailed Lumenology review.

What is Lumenology?

Lumenology is one of the portable, easiest, and wireless motion-sensing lighting solutions that offer a mighty 148 Lumens from a high-luminance white LED bulb.

You can install this small light anywhere as it comes with a flexible tripod or magnetic base. It further has an IP43 Water Resistant rating which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

It also provides a 13ft detectable range as well as a 100-degree field-of-view. This means it can easily detect motion even when the surroundings are dark and insecure. You can choose from 2 different modes. A 30-second auto shut-off and always-on. It also needs (3) AA batteries to operate.

what is lumenology

Some Technical Specs of Lumenology:

  • Dimensions = 3.5″ x 3.75″ x 4.25″
  • LED Battery = 3x AA Alkaline
  • Stay on mode = Approx. 7 Hours
  • Light sensor mode = Night Only
  • Bulb = High-Luminance White
  • Brightness = 148 Lm
  • Verified to be water-resistant
  • Beam distance = 62 feet

How to Install Lumenology LED Motion Light?

When it comes to installing or mounting Lumenology light, you have two easy options:

  • For Flat Surfaces: It comes with a built-in magnetthat helps attach the instrument directly to a metal surface. Or in other cases, you can attach the included metal plate to a surface with one screw. 
  • For Non-flat Surfaces: In the case of non-flat surfaces, you need to wrap the tripod legs around any object where you want to mount it. Now it could be a tree, BBQ grill handles, or anything. You need to use the tripod legs so the light can stand up straight.

Attach the light anywhere you want. Turn it on, and you are all set to enjoy illuminated and secure surroundings.

How to Install Lumenology

Important Features to Keep in Mind:

Thousands of people trust Lumenology due to its amazing features. If you want to buy it for your outdoors, do not forget to check some of its important features first.

  • Professional Lighting;

This is wireless professional lighting that eliminates the costs and needs of an electrician. Just unpack the product, add batteries, and install it anywhere you want.

  • Bright but Not Blind:

It comes with a high-luminance white LED bulb that is good enough to light up any space and does not hurt your eyes with extra shocking effects of light.

  • Mount it in Seconds:

Unlike traditional lights, you can easily mount this Lumenology light in seconds whether you want to attach it on flat surfaces or non-flat ones.

  • Compact and Lightweight:

Lumenology is a portable, compact, lightweight, and wireless LED light that is best for camping, road trips, vacations, or emergencies.

  • More Security and Peace of Mind:

This bright motion-sensing light helps you keep your home and neighborhood safe by deterring prowlers. You can either install it on your garage, entryway, yard or anywhere around your home for maximized security and peace of mind.

  • Durable and Water Resistant:

Thanks to its durable design and IP43-certified water resistance properties, the light can easily withstand any weather condition.

Important Features

Pros and Cons of Lumenology:



Easy to install

Limited supply in the market

Extra secure and safe


Reasonable and reliable


Compatible and portable




Can be installed anywhere


Works on very low voltage


Do not run on electricity


According to Customers:

“I got this device to illuminate my stairs and desk. It was effortless to install, and it works as advertised. I was a little skeptical before ordering, but I am glad I bought it.” Donna, 27.

“I have been looking for a light to put on my porch stairs for a while. A friend recommended Lumenology. I got it, and I am amazed at the result. How can such a small device lighten everywhere? I will be ordering more.” April, 35.

What’s the Price of Lumenology Light?

The actual price mentioned on the official website of Lumenology is $39.99. But if you order multiple kits, you can enjoy different exciting discounts.

  • One kit = $39.99
  • Three kits = $99.98
  • Five kits = $149.97
  • Eight kits = $199.96

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is that light strong enough to replace my traditional wired light?

Yes! Lumenology is much brighter than you might expect – at 148 lumens it can provide crystal clear light for up to 40 feet away. That’s large enough to light up any space you would normally use a traditional light bulb for.

  1. Does its battery last a long time?

Yes, it runs on durable 3 AA batteries that can easily last one year with only a single charge. It comes with smart motion sensor technology that easily conserves power without even sacrificing high-quality light and brightness.

  1. Is it best for the outdoors?

Yes, it is. It features IP43 water resistance properties which means you can use it in rain or even snow.

  1. Can I also use it in my car?

Yes, why not. It is a battery-powered light, which makes it a great companion in your car.

Conclusion: Is it Worth Your Investment?

Lumenology is a top-notch motion-detecting LED light that comes with amazing features. It is a reliable, flexible, and durable choice. You can mount it permanently on your choice of location and it will deliver excellent results beyond your expectations.

So, if you want to illuminate your surroundings reasonably, I think nothing is better than Lumenology. As advertised, it is an excellent investment and gives great value for your money.