Kelvin Tools Review – Are These 17-in-1 Multi Tools Worth Purchasing?

Have you ever wished that you had pliers or screwdrivers to do some general home repairs? Or do you always find yourself wasting time looking out for required tools instead of getting your job done?

Whatever the case is, you always need some handy tools at home so you can fix things on your own instead of calling professionals for help. By carrying handy tools at home, I didn’t mean that you have to carry that bulky toolbox everywhere you go.

It looks so inconvenient to carry the heavy tools with you while traveling and lugging around the big box with other items.

Isn’t it easy to carry one multi-tool that comes with 17 other tools? Well, I am talking about the Kelvin 17 device which is commonly known as Kelvin Tools.

The device features 17 useful tools in one simple gadget. Whether you need to crack the ice on your windshield or just need to punch a nail into the bedroom wall. These tools come in handy and solve your every problem quickly.

Let’s find out more about Kelvin tools in this detailed review.

What are Kelvin 17 Multi Tools?

Kelvin17 Multi-Tool is an innovative household device that comes with all the basic tools you need for handling common household projects. By using this single gadget, you can manage several tasks from making quick fixes to DIY installations and many more.

Especially if you are living in a flat, dorm room, or RV, then this is an excellent choice to consider. It is equipped with an efficient snap-action screwdriver that can be used to fix small problems in your home without having to search for countless tools.

Kelvin tools are also great for any DIYer, outdoor enthusiast, or handyman. It is made of steel alloy as well as military-grade plastics, which makes it durable, lightweight, and reliable.

What are Kelvin 17 Multi Tools

The 17 Tools Included in Kelvin Tool Gadget:

Here is a list of all the 17 tools included in the Kelvin toolbox:

  • 1 – Carbon steel hammer
  • 2 – Liquid level
  • 3 – LED flashlight
  • 4 – 3-foot supple tape measure
  • 5 – Flip action screwdriver with 90-degree locking
  • 6-7 – and 8 – 3 x extra Phillips head bits
  • 9-10, and 11 – 3 x flathead bits
  • 12-13, and 14 – 3 x Allen key bits
  • 15-16, and 17 – 3 x Torx bits

These are the tools that should be a part of every house. It feels best to have a tool that can fix almost anything without having to spend tons of money on single tools available.

The 17 Tools Included in Kelvin Tool Box

How Does the Tools Work?

Kelvin17 is primarily your all-in-one tool that has the capacity to handle any job. The 17 tools that I mentioned above can help you do anything from fixing a door in your house to handing a picture on the wall.

It is equipped with a hammer, screwdriver bits, and much more. This makes the tool one-stop solution for every need.

You can open the device and it will reveal all the 17 tools you need. It is usually about the size of a Swiss Army knife. Just flip open the device, and select any tool you need to complete the job.

How Does the tools Work

Features and Benefits of Kelvin 17 Tools:

Kelvin tools come with plenty of amazing features and benefits that make it a wonderful product to use.

  • 17 Tools in One Portable Gadget:

The biggest benefit of using this tool is, that you can have 17 other tools packed in a single gadget that can be used for handling different household projects. The common tools include a flashlight, screwdriver, carbon-steel hammer, bits, and many more.

  • Available in Plenty of Colors;

This multi-tool gadget comes in different amazing colors such as pink, black, blue, and red. You can even buy all the tools in your desired color.

  • Magnetic Driver:

The tools come with a magnetic driver which helps you to secure the bits. But if you want to disconnect it, you need to press down on the group’s top.

  • CR2032 Battery:

Kelvin tools also come with a CR2032 battery, as the tools in your package need a battery to run such as the LED light. This will give power to the LED light and is quite easy to handle.

  • Easy to Use:

Kelvin tool is an easy-to-use gadget. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use the tools. Just unlock the gadget and use the tools you need.

  • Small, Compact, and Lightweight:

The tools are very easy to carry as they are small, compact, and lightweight. You can easily carry them in your car or truck while traveling.

Features and Benefits of Kelvin 17 Tools

Pros and Cons of Kelvin Tools:



Reliable, easy to use, and safe

No wrench included, which is very useful

17 tools in a single gadget

No instructions available with a package

Made of premium materials


High-quality and long-lasting


Lightweight and compact


Ergonomic design & construction


Versatile choice


Perfect gift for DIYers


Affordable and easy to carry


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is this tool for?

Kelvin tools are best for almost everyone. They can help you fix minor to major household projects. Though the tool is ideal for contractors, mechanics, engineers, handymen, DIYers, college students, motorcycle riders, and others.

  1. What tasks can we do with Kelvin Tools?

There is a wide range of tasks that can be done with Kelvin tools such as, fixing broken appliances, assembling furniture, tightening screws, installing a picture on a wall, installing household items, and many more.

  1. Isn’t it more affordable to buy 17 tools separately than to buy one expensive gadget?

Kelvin 17 tools cost the same as buying 17 tools separately. That’s the reason, buying one compact and reliable tool is a better choice than carrying different tools in a bulky box.

  1. Where can I buy Kelvin Tools? And what’s the price?

Well, Kelvin tools are made by the Kelvin manufacturing company. It is recommended to visit their official website to buy the tool. Their price is quite reasonable. You can buy them for only $24.99.

Is it Worth Purchasing?

According to my opinion and feedback shared by users, Kelvin 17 multi-tools is an essential product to buy. You can manage general tasks at home easily without having to find out different tools in a box. Moreover, its price is also much affordable and the product is made of high-quality materials, which further make it an ideal solution for DIYers and related people. So, yes! It’s worth purchasing and maybe a good long-term investment.