FitTrack Dara Smart Scale Review – Read Everything About this World’s Smartest Scale

Can an ordinary scale help measure your body composition? Well, it’s hard to believe but there is actually a device that is not “ordinary” and gives you detailed insights about your weight and different health compositions. Yes, I am talking about FitTrack Dara Smart Scale which has currently taken the internet by storm due to its amazing features and benefits.

When you will use the device for the first time, you may feel like it’s a regular weight scale that measures your weight. However, you will soon realize that this device is different than an ordinary weight scale that comes with limited functionalities.

The device helps track 17 different metrics and is considered one of the safest tools for evaluating health and body mass. So, whether you are fat, skinny, tall, healthy, or weak, you can leverage the benefits of the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale and keep an eye on what’s happening in your body.

Let’s read everything in this detailed review and find out what makes this device a bit special.

What is FitTrack?

FitTrack is a new company that has launched the Dara Smart Scale in 2019 and since then it has become the favorite technology of all the health-conscious people as it is used by more than 500,000 individuals already.

When you step onto this fitness tracking device, it will immediately send a strong electrical signal through the body. (don’t worry you won’t feel them.)

Based on the technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, the device operates while measuring the resistance of different tissues and water in your body.

According to the algorithm, the FitTrack can estimate multiple health metrics which also include the fat percentage in your body, your bone density, water composition as well as muscle composition.

What is FitTrack

The Smart Device Tracks 17 Health and Body Measurements:

By sending a small electrical pulse signal, the Dara FitTrack can easily track 17 health and body measurements such as:

  1. Weight
  2. Body water
  3. Bone mass
  4. Protein rate
  5. Body mass index
  6. Body fat percentage
  7. Subcutaneous fat
  8. Standard weight
  9. Fat mass
  10. Weight without fat
  11. Muscle mass
  12. Viscelar fat index
  13. Metabolic age
  14. Protein mass
  15. Basal metabolic rate
  16. Weight control
  17. Muscle rate

17 Health and Body Measurements

How Does FitTrack Scale Work?

The FitTrack Dara smart scale helps measure the weight of your body without visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, as well as different body composition metrics while synchronizing all the information into the app that records the results and helps you track everything at the comfort of your home.

The electronic signals of the body get instantly relayed to its fittrack pro app the moment you stand on the smart scale device.

If you have ever used any smart scale device for measuring weight, then you won’t experience any problem since the device follows the same method.

All you need to do is, stand onto the device with bare feet and you will get the reading with other details on your smartphone via an app.

When you stand on the scale, the low-grade electronic signal will be sent from 4 different metal electrodes. After that these signals will pass through the water in your body and then utilize the amount of resistance so they can calculate several body metrics you want to know.

How Does FitTrack Scale Work

FitTrack Specifications:

  • Weight limit = 5kg to 180 kg, 111 lbs to 396 lbs
  • Allows more than eight users
  • Features high precious gauge sensor system
  • Bioelectric impedance analysis BIA technology
  • Weight unit = Kgs, Lb.

Some Standout Features of FitTrack Dara Smart Scale Device:

The device doesn’t only help you measure your weight, but it also helps understand a lot of amazing factors. So before buying this smart fitness tracking device, make sure you read all the features carefully.

  • 100% Safe:

Due to electrical signals, many people fear using this device. However, it is 100% safe as it features patented bioimpedance technology.

  • Best for All Body Types:

No matter whether you are fat, skinny, smart, healthy, or weak, the device is perfect for all body types.

  • Compatible with All Platforms:

It is available on all app stores and devices. By using this app, you can measure your health daily, weekly, or monthly and get detailed reports about your health and weight situation.

  • Track Important Composition Data:

By using this device, you don’t have to visit your doctor every month for health and weight checkups. It automatically tracks all the important composition data with an app.

  • Lightweight and Portable:

The device is lightweight, compact, and portable. You can easily carry it inside your bag and track your health and weight anytime, anywhere.

  • Performance and Accuracy:

The device gives 100% accurate results. To check, you need to stand on it 3-4 times and see the results. From your weight to 17 body composition measurements, you will get the same figures.

Standout Features of FitTrack

Pros and Cons of FitTrack:

Pros Cons
Calculate vast metrics easilyBatteries are not included
Very easy to useThe app is not descriptive
100% safe and effective 
Accurate results 
Best for all 
Premium design & construction 
For multiple users 

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What Makes the Device Special than Other Fitness Trackers?

The device comes with three amazing factors that set it apart from other trackers.

  • Multiple Users: The device is best for multiple users. Almost 8 people can use the device for health and weight measurements.
  • Athlete and Infant Mode: It comes with two modes, athlete and infant mode. The athlete mode help provides more specific results and allows athletes to check different indicators. However, infant mode is for kids that come with limited features. You have to stand with your infant on the device and measure the weight.

What Makes the Device Special

Price of FitTrack:

The best part about the device is, that it is affordable for all. You can purchase it for only $49 either from the official website of FitTrack Dara Smart or any online retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to use the FitTrack device?

The device is very simple to use. You need to download the free app. And then stand onto the device’s scale with bare feet. After a few seconds, it gives you 17 health and weight insights.

  1. How accurate is the FitTrack device?

The FitTrack device gives 100% accurate results. It is FDA approved and many people use the device due to its performance and accuracy.

  1. What are the benefits of this FitTrack device?

There are a lot of benefits offered by the FitTrack device such as it is best for 8 people, it delivers 17 different readings about health and weight, you can carry it anywhere because it’s lightweight, and it’s perfect for all body types.

  1. Are smart scale devices worth it?

Yes, especially for those working toward weight loss or weight gain as it can keep you motivated.

Final Verdict:

The FitTrack Dara Smart Scale device claims to be the most innovative and accurate fitness tracker solution that gives perfect readings about your body fat and muscle fat.

You can track everything about your body and weight with a decent degree of accuracy. So, if you are in search of something that calculates your weight and health quickly and effectively, then the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale device is surely an important addition to your home that can be used by multiple people for various health needs.