Copper Protector Review – Does it Help Avoid Contact with Germs?

Unfortunately, the world is full of hidden dangers, diseases, and illnesses.

Especially after the pandemic, sometimes I fear going out in public as my anxiety kicks in after accidentally touching an object I am not supposed to.

But the worst part is, we cannot avoid touching the objects as we have to walk through doors and examine different things outside including the workplace and shopping malls.

Imagine, you are going out but not touching the door knobs as you are the biggest germophobe and couldn’t control your anxiety after touching them.

Isn’t it annoying?

Wearing gloves or using hand sanitizers can protect you to some extent only. So, I never rely 100% on those things.

Well, that really irritates me. So, I decided to find a product that can help me keep away from coming into contact with these germs. And luckily, my search ended at Copper Protector.

Copper is known to kill all the harmful viruses and bacteria from the source. I also thought to give it a shot once. And once I used it, I really admired the way it works and helped me stay out of the germs.

Let’s find out how it works, what are its features, and the pros & cons in this detailed review.

What is the Copper Protector?

The Copper Protector is an innovative tool that keeps you and your children safe from picking up several harmful and unwanted germs. The product comprises 99.9% copper, which is antimicrobial in nature.

Copper antimicrobial tools are effective enough in killing and reducing bacteria transmission, viruses, germs, and other microbes that make you sick and affect your health.

However, after using this copper antimicrobial tool, you can simply avoid touching areas and surfaces that have layers of viruses. In this way, you can keep yourself safe outside in the public. The product is small and compact. This means you can easily keep it in your purse or a pocket so that you can use it anytime when you have to touch the door, open the window, or touch some products on a shelf.

What is the Copper Protector

How Does the Aviano Copper Protector Work?

The product is designed to protect you from unwanted germs and infection as it features antimicrobial copper which efficiently kills all the bacteria and viruses when you come into contact with them. By utilizing the tool, you can also reach high-touch areas that are not in the reach of your arms – without even touching them.

The product releases copper ions that react with the RNA and DNA of the germs. After that, they kill them without any external help. These copper ions always work as a lethal and dangerous dose for the membrane of those germs that damage the viruses.

When the product gets disinfected after the use, it starts to disinfect on its own and gives you a clear handle for the next time used. As a result, you will be free from infections and germs.

How Does the Aviano Copper Protector Work

Some Key Features That Amazed Me About the Copper Protector:

Tons of features make the product unique from others. When I used it, I got amazed by all of the features as they are just super brilliant. See for yourself.

  • It’s Self-Sanitizing:

Unlike other products available in the market, this copper protector is self-sanitizing. It doesn’t allow germs and bacteria to settle on the surface and cause more damage. Germs won’t live long on the copper as it automatically deactivates them from inside and prevents the spread of illness.

  • 99.9% Copper:

The best feature of the product is, that its copper key contains 99.9% copper which is natural antimicrobial metal. It helps avoid contact with microbial surfaces and prevents exposure to different types of germs. The copper doesn’t allow the germs to reproduce and damage their DNA.

  • Door-Friendly:

The design of this product makes it look like a simple key that has extra pieces with a hook that can be easily used to open doors that have handles like doors to your office or shopping mall.

  • Keychain Ready:

The product comes with a small loop that allows you to attach the Copper Protector to your bag, keys, or anything. When you attach it with your purse or keys, you can easily have it available for use whenever required.

  • Durable:

Another awesome feature of the product is, that it doesn’t wear out quickly, like traditional materials. It also won’t split or erode which makes copper the most recommended metal for plumbing.

Key Features

Pros and Cons of Copper Protector:



Unique hanging design

Can be only purchased online

Safe and easy to carry

Key can be difficult to use when its new

Made of 99.9% of copper


Small, compact, and lightweight


Attachable to pants, purse, keys, etc


Long-lasting and durable


Anxiety free product


What Makes the Product Different from Competitors?

The copper protector is currently the best product available in the market that keeps you safe from germs in the public. Some of the designs are created differently. Brass, which is an alloy of copper, is another material commonly used for their creation.  

It is quite easy to use tool with different shapes according to the size and shape of every user’s hand. However, the functionality and performance of this tool are what sets it apart from others.

Price of the Copper Protector:

If you want to keep germs at bay, then you can buy this tool in different packages. When you choose larger packages, the price may increase per unit. However, most users prefer the single copper protector tool which is only available for $24.

Conclusion: Should You Trust the Tool?

After using the product a few more times, I think yes! I can fully trust the product. It comes with touch screen buttons which ensure that you will be safe and healthy.

It is also a quality product that lasts for a lifetime. So why not invest in something that is purely designed for your good health and safety?

Order the tool online from their official website where you can get the original product at discounts and 30 days of a money-back guarantee.