Bondic vs Spectroseal – A Comprehensive Comparison

We all use glue and instant adhesives to mend things and stick them together. I just love the idea of glue and its ability to transform things in a previous shape.

However, using glue has lots of disadvantages as well. First, it sticks with your fingers and causes irritation. And second, it is not durable. The bond can be broken anytime!

Therefore, after the advancement of liquid welders like Bondic and Spectroseal, we all just felt so much relieved. Reason? These products offer permanent bonding, they are durable, 100% safe, and effective to use.

Yes, that’s true. Bondic and Spectroseal are two highly popular products available today that work as instant adhesives. If you have ever used them, you must know how beneficial they are. But if you are still in the process of choosing the best welder tool, then this Bondic vs Spectroseal comparison may guide you well.

Let’s find out what are these tools, how they help fix things, and what’s the better choice among them.

What is Bondic?

Bondic is the most popular and frequently used liquid welding tool that can fix, build, and mend things in the same shape as they were before. Unlike your traditional glue, it also works as a sealant and fills gaps. It’s extremely safe to use as it doesn’t stick with your fingers or cause allergies. It operates with UV light that helps form durable bonds.

That’s the reason, many people love to choose Bondic for fixing broken items at home, but sadly not for broken hearts!

Want to see how it functions and makes things better? Check out this Bondic review and learn why people love it more than other welding tools.

what is bondic

What is Spectroseal?

Spectroseal is a pen-like tool that works as glue but it features UV light like Bondic which helps make bonds between two broken items. It can help fix toys, glasses, wires, pipes, and almost everything you can name. The best thing about this glue pen is, its bonding is very solid and durable. That’s why it is the best welding tool available in the market today. It is easy to carry, compact, and probably the most lightweight welding tool.

You can insulate, fix two items, mend broken glasses, and almost everything with this smartest glue pen.

what is spectroseal

Bondic vs Spectroseal – Let’s Compare the Two:

Let’s find out some common differences between the two products to make an informed decision.

Product details Bondic Spectroseal
Operates with UV light Yes Yes
Support materials Glass, wood, plastic, etc. Glass, wood, plastic, etc.
Resist against oil, water Yes No
Resilient Yes No
Drying time 4 seconds 5 seconds
Affordable Yes Yes
User-friendly Yes Yes
Safe to use Yes Yes

Important Characteristics of Bondic:

Fixing things is no longer difficult with Bondic. Let’s check out some of its important characteristics in Bondic vs Spectroseal comparison that make Bondic a special welding tool than others.

  • Durable:

Once you mend things with Bondic, they won’t break ever. In fact, get into their previous shape in seconds.

  • Non-Toxic:

Bondic is very safe to use. It is non-toxic and doesn’t stick with your fingers and causes irritation.

  • Not Messy:

Unlike glue, it doesn’t create any mess. It’s a clean and tidy solution because it never spills.

  • Sand the items:

Once you fix things with Bondic, you can even sand or paint them so they look inconspicuous.

  • Waterproof and Heat Resistant:

The product is completely waterproof and heat resistant. You can use it on the items if they are wet or exposed to heat.

Characteristics of Bondic

Mechanism to Use Bondic:

Its mechanism is very simple and easy to apply, even for kids.

  • Clean the items that are cracked and need to mend, and make their surface smooth
  • Apply Bondic on the cracked part of the object
  • Once applied, expose the item to the UV light for perfect bonding
  • Use the sander to give its shape smooth and untouched.

Mechanism to Use Bondic

Important Characteristics of Spectroseal:

Now its time to learn some important characteristics of Spectroseal in this detailed Bondic vs Spectroseal comparison.

  • Exceptional quality:

Spectroseal is made of exceptional quality materials that make it an ideal product for bonding.

  • Fast and Quick:

Spectroseal mends things quickly in only 5 seconds.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Since its very compact and lightweight, you can simply use it for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Solvent-free:

Spectroseal features a solvent-free formula, which means it won’t get dry if not used for years.

  • Supports Every Material:

It efficiently works on almost every material including glass, ceramics, plastic, wood, and others.

Characteristics of Spectroseal

Mechanism to Use Spectroseal:

If you are curious to know how to apply Spectroseal, then have a look at its mechanism which is also very easy to implement.

  • Apply the liquid polymer to the object you need to fix. Make sure its surface is clean and free from oil or water.
  • Once you applied the Spectroseal, expose the object to UV light. It’s important to expose all the areas of the object to the light for proper bonding.
  • After you are finished, you can also consider grinding or painting to cover the mended area.

mechanism to use spectroseal

Bondic vs Spectroseal – Some Big Differences Found:

Now that you observed some similarities and differences between the two products in this Bondic vs Spectroseal comparison, let’s find out the things that differentiate them.

  • Spectroseal is a small item. This means it is not perfect for fixing larger things. However, Bondic can even fix laptops and many other big objects as well.
  • Bondic is frequently available. But Spectroseal is limited in stock.
  • You can buy Spectroseal from the official website only. However, Bondic is available everywhere (but it is recommended to buy from the original website).
  • Bondic can fix everything. But Spectroseal is not much excellent in fixing various materials.

Bondic or Spectroseal? Majority’s Favorite?

I have covered every point in this Bondic vs Spectroseal comparison so that you can understand what’s the better product for your everyday use.

According to majority’s choice, Bondic is better than Spectroseal. Bondic is more durable, easy to use, safe, and can fix every small and big object. Therefore, Bondic can be used in the long run. However, Spectroseal can be considered for curing specific materials and small objects.