The Best Japanese Knives to Buy in 2022

Japanese knives are often coveted for their sharp blades, elegant design, convenient grips, and lots of amazing features. Unlike traditional knives, their blades are thin which is why they are prone to breakage or damage if you don’t give them the care they need.

This means they are not a good choice for clumsy chefs as the knives need proper care while handling. However, when you choose the best Japanese knives, you can enjoy their precise cuts, multipurpose features, and awesome presentation.

So, if you are in search of the best Japanese knives in 2022, the same ones you see in a 5-star sushi restaurant; then don’t worry, I have got you covered. Today I have enlisted some top Japanese knives that have become so popular around the world, including in Australia. These knives are integral, durable, sturdy, and of course long-lasting.

The Best Japanese Knives in 2022: Overview

Let’s find out what are the best Japanese knives that are winning the hearts of most people in Australia in 2022:

  • Huusk Knives
  • Shun Classic 8
  • Quantum 1 Series 7” Santoku Knife
  • Kuma 8-inch Chef Knife
  • Quantum 1 Series 7” Nakiri Knife

Discover some amazing features and qualities of these best Japanese knives that make them an ideal choice for every home.

Huusk Knives:

Finding a Japanese knife with a sharp blade, elegant design, comfortable grip is no longer difficult. You can simply count on Huusk knives that have won the trust of thousands of people in Australia due to their impeccable features and qualities.

The knives are resistant to heat, moisture, and cold, making them an excellent choice for all new and professional chefs. Whether you want to cut hard portions of meat or soft slices of bread, the Huusk knives are multipurpose and deliver top performance.

Due to their qualities, specs, and features, these are referred to as “Samurai Swords” in your kitchen. If you are interested to buy these knives, make sure you read this detailed review of Huusk Knives for complete information about their design and functionality.

Pros and Cons:



Comfortable grip

Limited Stock

Made of high-quality materials


Safe to use


Functional, elegant, and durable


Razor-sharp blade


100% handcrafted



huusk knives

Shun Classic 8:

If you have ever used Shun Classic 8 knives, you must know that these are from the top Japanese knives manufacturers – Shun Kai. Their knives are supremely crafted using world-class technologies and materials.

These knives are absolutely multipurpose and offer great balance and precision. Their blade features VG max core technology with Damascus steel that promises long-lasting edge retention which means you don’t need to keep sharpening the blades every month.

The handle is typically made of water-resistant pakkawood material. It is clean, hygienic, and lasts long. The Shun class knives also deliver perfect balance and dexterity which makes them a favorite choice of every chef in Australia.

Pros and Cons:



Comfortable handle

A bit expensive choice

Best for newbies and professionals


Lightweight and easy to use


Solid grip


Sharp blades for thin and precise cuts


Delivers balance and dexterity


Best for slicing, dicing, and mincing


shun classic 8

Quantum 1 Series 7” Santoku Knife:

Another hit knife on the list is the Quantum 1 series 7 inches Santoku Knife which has won several hearts in Japan, Australia, and all around the world.

The Santoku knife is unique in design, functional, and multipurpose addition to your kitchen. Its name is made for its “three basic purposes” such as cutting vegs, meat, and fish. However, you can include three more in the list such as chopping, slicing, and dicing. The knives feature a great double bevel blade which ranges from 5 to 7 inches long and is usually known by its “sheep’s foot” shaped tip.

There are tons of Santoku knife options to choose from. You can pick the one according to its blade size and other qualities.

Pros and Cons:



A versatile and unique choice

Doesn’t have a pointed tip

Available in several designs and types

Doesn’t feature a smooth surface

Best for chopping, slicing, and dicing


Double bevel sharp blade


Affordable and reliable


Easy to clean and maintain


Functional and multipurpose


Quantum 1 Series 7 inch Santoku Knife

Kuma 8-inch Chef Knife:

In a market full of high-grade Japanese Knives, it’s quite difficult to find the one that suits all needs and purposes. But don’t worry, you don’t have to explore tons of options as Kuma 8-inch chef knife features all the qualities that you need.

Combined with quality and comfort, this durable Kuma knife is everything one can ask for. Once you will use it, you won’t love any other knife due to its style, quality, and lots of interesting features.

Unlike other traditional knives, it delivers paper-thin cuts and has lasting edge retention blades. These are also quite lightweight, small, and comfortable to hold.

Available in silver and black colors, Kuma Knives are a stunning addition to every kitchen. Plus, they are the favorite of all new and professional chefs.

Pros and Cons:



Small, lightweight, and compact

You may need to sharpen it very often

Multipurpose and elegant design


Paper-thin and precise cuts


A durable and reliable choice


Smooth blade, pointed tip


Ergonomic grip


Kuma 8-inch Chef knife

Quantum 1 Series 7” Nakiri Knife:

Unlike other knives on the list, this chef-favorite Nakiri knife features a large and rectangular blade that gives sharp cuts. This is a unique double bevel knife with a tall and thin blade that can be used for every task including chopping, mincing, and slicing.

As it doesn’t feature sharp tips like other knives, it is not ideal for precise cutting tasks. However, it can chop food easily and quickly. This Nakiri knife is best for people who love to cook vegetables.

Pros and Cons:



Razor-sharp edge

Not a multipurpose choice

Swift, sharp, and clean choice


Affordable and reliable


Pakkawood handle grip


Best for mundane tasks


Elegant and functional design


Quantum 1 Series 7” Nakiri Knife


Expertly handcrafted, elegantly designed, and perfectly balanced Japanese knives have become a favorite choice of every chef in Australia. The above-mentioned options are tried and tested by many users and chefs and rated 5 stars due to their awesome features and functionalities.

However, if you want the best choice among all that lasts for years and deliver excellence in every task, then I would recommend you to try Huusk knives. They have been popular for their sharp and precise cuts and unique design.

Moreover, they also received the highest appreciation and feedback among other knives on the list. So, let’s use them for a seamless cooking experience and make your kitchen tasks easier every day.