Album Saver vs Photo Stick – Detailed Comparison Guide

Millions of beautiful memories… lost forever!!

Sadly, I experienced this bad incident recently when I was playing solitaire on my PC and suddenly my screen turned black. I was afraid to do anything to avoid more harm.

So, I desperately called a computer technician who inquired if I have backed up my data or not? Unfortunately, I had to say No, because I never spent a minute to back up my photos or anything!!

Well, that was a very unfortunate incident in my life when I lost all my precious memories all of a sudden. To avoid this to happen again, I searched for the solutions to easily back up my data in one place. Instead of buying unlimited flash drives that come with limited features, I decided to choose Album saver and Photo Stick. I heard a lot about these devices before, so I thought why not give them a try?

I used both of these devices. It’s hard to say what delivers better performance. But for people who want to choose the best option, this detailed comparison of Album Saver vs Photo Stick may prove beneficial. Let’s find out what device is right to back up your data for the long term.

Album Saver vs Photo Stick – Comparison Table:


Photo Stick

Album Saver

Reliable and safe


Not much

Data backup


Takes a few days

Activation key

Doesn’t require

Doesn’t require

Easy to use



Detect automatically






Group files by type



Create thumbnails



What is Photo Stick?

If you are looking for a device that stores all your photos and videos safely in one place, then Photo Stick is probably the best device to choose. It stores your valuable information safely and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious memories again. The device is flexible for almost all types of computers and Mac PCs.

You can copy all your files and back them up with a single click. It will transfer your files easily and automatically from one device to another.

It will do all the tedious work for you. So, you don’t need to scan your documents or sort them out based on their names or types.

What is Photo Stick

How to Use Photo Stick?

Photo Stick device is very easy to use. Follow the steps below to avoid any confusion:

  • Plug the photo stick into the USB port of your computer
  • After inserting it, a window will pop up and you will need to begin further
  • Run the program “thePhotStick.exe”
  • Once installed, launch the application.

How to Use Photo Stick

Key Features of Photo Stick:

Some important features of Photo Stick are:

  • Automatically detects your photos and videos
  • Compact, lightweight, and small
  • It removes duplicate files, which saves space
  • Flexible for almost every computer
  • A wireless device, you can use it anywhere
  • Instant backup, even in minutes
  • Doesn’t need any activation key to run
  • 100% safe and effective solution.

Key Features of Photo Stick

Pros and Cons of Photo Stick:



Transfer data very quickly

Some features are hard to understand

You can select photos of your choice

Sometimes put photos randomly

Available in different sizes


Enough storage space


Easy to operate


Compact and lightweight


What is Album Saver?

Album Saver is a type of USB storage device that stores tons of photos and videos in one place. This compact and portable solution is easy to carry anywhere. You can easily download your photos and videos for digital storage.

When you put your images on Album Saver, you don’t have to worry about your data loss when your system crashes. This intelligent device comes with a lifetime of guarantee and efficient storage for all the bigger files you want to save.

what is album saver

How Does Album Saver Work?

Album Save allows you to save your favorite photos and videos automatically with one click. The devices use smart automatic software that finds out your data and then downloads it to your stick. You can save enough time and memory by keeping all your stuff safely at one place.

Key Features of Album Saver:

If you are planning to buy Album Saver, make sure you learn everything about its features first.

  • Detect duplicate files on your PC
  • Easy to operate, even for children
  • Compact and portable solution
  • Share and transfer files in minutes
  • Doesn’t occupy space in your drive
  • Store more than 70,000 photos and videos
  • Support almost every computer.

Key Features of Album Saver

Pros and Cons of Album Saver:



Turn physical photos into digital images

Available at the official website only

Detect duplicate files

Limited stock available

Enormous space


Organize data


Very easy to use


Flexible solution


Photo Stick or Album Saver? What’s the Better Option?

Photo stick and Album Saver, both of these devices are excellent in functionality and performance. However, when it comes to choosing the best device in this Album Saver vs Photo Stick review, I would recommend you to go for Photo Stick.


Because Photo Stick is a more reliable and safe option. It automatically detects your photos and removes the duplicates so you can save enough memory and space.

Another thing that makes Photo Stick a better choice is it comes with AI programming. This makes it easy to operate and transfer things more quickly than Album Saver. Photo Stick is also trusted by thousands of customers, whereas Album Saver is quite less in popularity. So, if you want a more reliable, flexible, and safe solution, Photo Stick is probably the right choice.


In today’s Album Saver vs Photo Stick comparison, we have learned that it’s very important to back up your data using some effective devices that keep everything in one place safely. Photo Stick and Album Saver are quite efficient in functionality; however, some features make Photo Stick a more reliable choice than Album Saver.

So, if you are confused about where to backup your photos and videos but unsure about choosing the right device, then it’s better to opt for Photo Stick which comes with unlimited features and benefits. The device is very affordable and easily available on online platforms. Though it is recommended to visit the official website of Photo Stick so you can enjoy recent deals and discounts.